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Neighbours Episode 4079 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4079
Australian airdate: 29/08/2002
UK airdate: 25/10/2002
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Rose Belker: Esme Melville
Summary/Images by: Haley/Jamie
- Michelle and Connor in The Coffee Shop talking about how illiterate he is.
- Susan telling Karl to get a new Lawyer. Karl not wanting a life without Susan.
The Coffee Shop
Drew and Libby are sat at a table with drew asking if "she's" moved into a flat yet. I'm assuming by "she", he meant Susan. Talk of the devil, in she walks. She explains to them about going to see Karl at the surgery because they were suppose to have a meeting with their Lawyers. Karl didn't turn up. *shakes head* She said that when she went to sort it out, Karl had sacked his lawyers and said Susan could take it all. She thinks he has ulterior motives but Libby reckons it sounds just like something her dad would do. Drew gets up to get them a drink and as he does so, bumps into Joe and Steph who are just entering the coffee shop. There seemed to be some tension between Steph and Libby. *Eek* Joe asks Steph if she's going to say hello but she doesn't want to interrupt and carries on with the drink on. Steph seems to be on edge and Joe asks her to settle down until they've seen the barrister.
STEPH: I just wish I had done something to stop Mitch
JOE: Yeah well 20/20 hindsight's a wonderful thing, there was no way you could have known what he would do
STEPH: Ah well the police don't think so. They think I've masterminded this whole thing, y'know. Shaft me and let him get away with it.
JOE: Yeah alright darling.. you know the justice-
STEPH: Yeah I know dad I'm not talking about Justice. As far as I can see, the law has very little to do with justice most of the time. It's just about who can afford the best lawyer.
*sighs* Poor Steph.
Scully Residence
Connor apologises for making a scene in the coffee shop yesterday and so he should! He realised that Michelle was only trying to help and she apologises for embarrassing him. He's sorry and wants another chance AND another lesson to which Michelle is a bit uncertain about. She says she's not a proper teacher, he says he's not a proper student it's all funny stuff. You had to be there. Michelle thinks the whole teaching him to read and write thing isn't cracked up to what it should be, she can't do it properly. She says it's one of the most important things he'll have to do and that she'll be getting him a proper teacher.
This scene was brought to you by the overuse of the word 'proper'.
Number 30
Dee and Toadie are trying to coax PoorBob™ with a duckie. As you do, but he's not having any of it. Toadie doesn't think it's jealousy that's making his behaviour change, he thinks he's sick. Dee think he doesn't love them anymore but Toadies says it's part of PoorBob™'s job description. Toadie now thinks PoorBob™ is bein deliberately defiant to which Dee says he's defiantly jealous. To get proof Dee snuggles up to Toadie and watch PoorBob™ lay down and growl and bark at them. Sorted! Toadie's not convinced he think something stronger should should be done in order to see the green eyed monster in PoorBob™. Cheeky. He pulls her in for a hug and a kiss just as Darcy walks in thinking the dog was barking at him.
Outside No.26
Joe pulls up, just as Connor is walking Harvey. He asks Joe if he's seen the 'Legal Eagle'. He said he spoke to Neil Walden, the QC who got Matt Hancock off. *oor er missus* He says that he basically summed up what Toadie had said about the crown's case. Connor says to Steph that it's good news and she just agrees. Connor walks off with Harvey is tow whilst Steph and Joe make their way into the house. Steph is worried because he said she has to testify and that her entire defence depends on her getting up there and convincing the jury that she's telling the truth. She says if the cops didn't believe her why should they. Joe says it's because she is telling the truth. She gets angry and says she's not hungry and she feels sick and walks into the house.
Number 30
Darcy going through his diary telling Dee who he has to see and when. Dee says when she is available and one day happens to be when she's off but she insists on coming in to work and not spend the day in town with Toadie. He says he understands..LIAR!!
Drew and Lib's place
Lib asks Susan if she's thought about what she's going to do with the house. Lib says Susan could sell it, or rent it out but living in it would be the cheapest option, but if her heart is set on the flat... Susan thinks Karl giving her is crazy and he just can't do that. She says its ridiculous he cant not have anywhere to live and end up on a mountain. Lib says he'll manage he's resourceful.
SUSAN: He's deliberately turning himself into a charity case
LIBBY: I'm sure he knows what he is doing.
There's a knock at the door. It's Michelle. Not my shell as in I have a shell that is mine, I mean Michelle Scully. She wants to know if Libby would be able to help her with teaching Connor, after a recommendation form Boyd. Lib says that being a Mentor is a far cry from teaching reading skills. Michelle explains that Connor needs someone who he's familiar with and Lib's the closest to that and begs her to do it.
Lou's Garage
Connor walks up to Drew, who has his head under a bonnet and, and closes it on him. Just kidding. He splurts out lots of engine/car jargon to which Drew is very impressed and Connor saying there's not much he doesn't know about the particular car Drew is working on. They make small talk whilst Connor confesses that the only reason his is out is to have some time off from Michelle. How nice of him. He says that's she's worrying too much and making a big deal of things. Drew thinks maybe Michelle is doing what she thinks is best.
CONNOR: But like I say, you can lead a horse to the water. You can't make them drink it.
DREW: My old man used to say, you measure a man by how he deals with his problems, not how he enjoys his weekends..
CONNOR: Never heard that one before
DREW: I think he made it up
Thought I'd never heard that one before. They make some more small talk about Drew's family with Connor asking if Libby is still doing that mentor thingo.
The Surgery
DARCY: OK Mrs Belker, nice big breaths
MRS BELKER: (shouts) What?!
DARCY: (shouts) Nice. Big. Breaths
MRS BELKER: I've heard about you, I just though it was gossip!
LOL!! Mrs Belker would like Darcy to keep his opinion of her *ahem* "assets" to himself. Dee says that Mrs B should be wearing her hearing aid, which would explain some things. You reckon. Darcy has to repeat himself a couple of times when asking why she isn't wearing it. She says it's in the shop but they're only for old people and Mrs B is a young whipper snapper of a woman. Rose suggests to Dee that she should keep a bucket of water in the office as men are all the same. Alley cats. Darcy says she's as deaf as a bat but fighting fit. Rose is off her rocker, she says she won't mention to her Arthur about Darcy's indiscretion as he tends to be a tiger when he's jealous. Dee hides back her laughter.
Ramsay Street
Steph is trying to fix her dad's car as Drew walks over offering a hand... (Get ready Stew™ shippers) *ahem* He says she looked a bit stressed out at the coffee shop. She said she had an appointment with the barrister and Joe seems to think it went well. Drew says he's sorry for what has happened and so is Steph. She says it wasn't Lib's fault and that she only has herself to blame. Drew thinks Mitch Foster is the one to blame and Steph agrees. She appreciates what he's doing but doesn't want to cause anymore trouble for him and Libby. He says he's only offering an old mate *sigh* a hand with her old man's car. He offers her a drink, thinking Libby would get mad she says no but he says she's out with Susan so Steph's like "Ah what the heck" YAY! STEW™!! *ahem*
Drew and Libs place
They walk into the house and Uh-oh. Lib's there. He explains Steph just popped over for a cold one. Oh really. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife until Steph announces she's has to go. Lib calls her back and apologising and they both hug and apologise and say they've missed each other. Awww...Drew tells Lib that Steph saw the barrister and it went well and then the penny drops with Steph and she realises that Drew has set them up to which he confesses. Lib says if there is anything either of them can do for her then she is to ask. Steph says they've not yet caught Mitch and Lib says he cant stay hiding forever and he doesn't strike her as the man in the bush type either. Steph then remembers about Mitch saying about some place in the bush that he has been complaining about. That's it Steph, get there quicker! AHA! That's where he is!
Scully Residence
Steph is telling Joe about the place where Mitch could be. She knows where it is and how to get there. She really wants to go and find him. Joe insists that they phone the police and let them find him. Steph is reluctant but caves in to her dad.
Outside Lou's Place
Darcy and Dee are joking about Mrs Belker with Dee adding that Mrs B had the most amount of fun she's had in her entire life. Darcy is thankful Dee was there. Toadie walks over and says he thought they were working. Darcy has finished but Dee is still yet to. She has to be at the hospital "Like now!" He asks what they were laughing at to which Dee replies that it was one for Darcy's patients but she can't say due to patient confidentiality. She kisses him goodbye and leaves. Darcy says that Dee is a great girl and Toadie agrees and then Toadie walks away with Darcy chasing after him. Darcy asks him if he's ok with the whole Dee being there thing and Toadie says he is... LIAR! Darcy reckons he seems a bit tense about it. PAH you reckon! Toad says he's cool and they depart.
Drew and Lib's Place
Lib has found a box of things "buried" under the house, containing old lecture notes and the like. Susan asks if Lib did it for her but Lib says it was completely selfish, well for Connor actually. She remembers that Susan once did Adult learning difficulties as part of her uni studies and she wanted to see the notes she had done on them. Susan is trying to persuade Lib to teach Connor. Susan looks at the notes and says that she used to be so enthusiastic and now she wonders where it's gone. Lib says it's still there but its hidden. Poor Suse. She finds an old "The Right Prescription" poster with a note from Karl on the back just as "Free as a river" plays in the background. Lib asks what it is to which Susan says it's nothing and hides it under the pile.
Number 30
Toadie is trying to convince Bob to eat some food, but still Bob refuses. I don't blame him actually. So what if it's from Lassiters 5 * hotel (Hehe) There's somebody at the door. It's Doctor Darcy. He thinks Toadie is suspicious of something going on with Dee because of the reputation he has. He tells Toadie that the reason he went there is to tell him he has nothing to worry about. He explains that Dee and himself are *just* friends and he's hoping that he and Toadie could be good friends too. They shake hands but must say I'm not too convinced.
Drew and Lib's Place
Michelle is round and Lib is explaining that although she's not yet a qualified teacher, she'll do it. She asks Michelle when she wants to start and Michelle says soon. Libby finds out that Michelle is yet to tell Connor. Slapped wrist for Chelle. Connor comes round and explains that he would really like Lib to help him to read. He goes on to say about all the things he'd love to read like comic books and menu's and Lord of th Rings for some reason. He wants to pay her but Lib says no need to she's not a proper teacher but Connor wants to pay her or the deal is off.
Scully Residence
Joe's on the phone to the police saying that Steph has gone to find Mitch but he wants to know if they've found anything. He gets interrupted by a knock at the door and when he opens in gets the shock of his life, thinking it's Steph, it's actually Flick!
In the bush
Steph is poodling along in the car when she comes to a holt outside the place that she thinks Mitch might be. She calls out to him saying she knows he's there but there is no answer. She looks around before going inside. She knocks on the wall. Still no answer. Looking round a room. Nothing. Me thinks Mitch has moved on until she hears something behind her. She turns around and is startled.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4079
Susan Kennedy

Joe Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4079
Joe Scully, Steph Scully

Michelle Scully, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Connor O'Neill

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4079
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Steph Scully, Joe Scully

Dee Bliss, Bob, Toadie Rebecchi, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4079
Dee Bliss, Bob, Toadie Rebecchi, Darcy Tyler

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Drew Kirk

Darcy Tyler, Rose Belker, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4079
Darcy Tyler, Rose Belker, Dee Bliss

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4079
Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4079
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully, Drew Kirk

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4079
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4079
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Michelle Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4079
Michelle Scully, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4079
Steph Scully

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