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Neighbours Episode 4078 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4078
Australian airdate: 28/08/02
UK airdate: 24/10/02
UK Gold: 20/07/06
Writer: John Davies
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Ray Milsome: Tom Meadmore
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
- "Fall Down" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jamie
- Nina telling Summer that Ray's asked her out
- Karl telling Susan that she's his life and he wants her back
- Harold admitting to reading the letter - Lou asks if he still has feelings for Rosie
Harold admits that once upon a time he did have feelings for Rosie, but now they're friends, just friends, and he's not going to do anything to change that. Lou thanks him and admits that he cares deeply about Rosie and he wants to make their relationship work. After Lou's gone off to meet Rosie the look on Harold's face betrays his real feelings.
Summer's doing Nina's make up.
NINA: Who am I supposed to be?
SUMMER: The posh one.
If that's a veiled reference to the Spice Girls, it's a mean one. Nina/Delta can actually sing and had hit solo records...
Summer asks if the Emmys and the Grammys were on the same night, she's winning awards at both, which would she go to and who would be her dream date? Nina picks the Emmys and Robbie Williams. Summer goes to apply some lipstick but Nina protests - it's foul.
SUMMER: The 80s are back.
NINA: You weren't even alive in the 80s.
I was. Fashion sucked.
Summer gets her to mock her Grammy speech which she would give via satellite which is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Ray and Nina's mortified at him seeing her like that. Ray works out that there's no housewarming party but it doesn't stop her liberating him of the chocolates he brought. Ray gives Nina his phone number and invites her to a picnic tomorrow and he's not taking no for an answer.
When he's gone, Nina turns on Summer.
NINA: You are going to have to get me out of this.
NINA: Because you got me into it!
Nina then sees her reflection and Summer's handiwork. The 80s are so back...
Lou's Place
Susan's chosen Tim as her lawyer and thanks him for treating her as her - everyone else just patronises her. Tim gets straight into it; he will follow her instructions but advises her that she's entitled to a lot more. He points out that she's out of touch with today and makes her realise that her new life will cost money.
TIM: You want to start a new life, but it should not be at the expense, the financial expense of the old one.
He agrees to take her case, but only if she lets him do his job, and that's to get her a fair settlement.
Harold calls in to see Karl, finding him going over paperwork from the lawyers. Karl's welcome of the distraction and sighs that it's come to this from a slip on the floor. Eager to change the subject, he asks what he can do for Harold. Harold asks him to forget what he said about Rosie yesterday, he doesn't want to do anything to ruin things for Lou and Rosie.
Lou's Place
Lou and Rosie notice Tim and Susan having a conversation and realise that it's not looking good. Lou sighs; the last dinner they'll have there with him as proprietor. He's realised that selling the pub is all he needs so number 30 is safe for now. He goes to get them a couple of drinks, "While they're still on me".
Coffee Shop
Summer's on the phone to Nina, trying to find out if she needs any help or advice in getting ready for her date. From the sounds of things Nina's still unsure.
Rosie's enthusing about her date to Harold and she's feeling very positive about it all now. Harold says that he's very happy for them and Rosie admits that while things were bad for a while it seems to be on the up. She says she has to take Summer to her appointment with Karl, but she leaves Sum at the counter. Which just confuses me. Rosie passes Max on the way out, saying she'll call in later.
Max orders the kind of breakfast my parents would never have let us have as kids; croissants, doughnuts and shortbread. Score!
Ah. It's Rosie's appointment. She's just had a check up and Karl proclaims her in general good health, pending blood test results. Now that Karl's tended to Rosie, it's time to return the favour and she gently enquires as to how he's doing. He initially claims to be fine but she presses further. He says he's been better. The joint asset assessment arrived that morning. Twenty five years of marriage, all down to this.
KARL: It's like having the rug pulled out from under you.
Rosie says it's unfair, he calls it a simple twist of fate. She tries to get him to stay positive.
KARL: I just don't want any of this to be happening.
(At this point I bit my tongue and tried to resist the urge to make a comment about how in eighteen months time things would be very different. Hmph.)
KARL: I want my wife back.
They're all tucking into the "lunch" that Max bought, taking a break from all the packing cases that surround them. Boyd starts to choke on something that he tried to eat all in one go so Max hands him the carton of milk to take a swig from.
This is like the anti-thesis of my family, it really is.
Summer finds a sun hat in a box, claiming she'd been looking for it. Max makes them a deal - they sort out the stuff from Rosie's, he'll do the storage boxes. As Boyd chases Summer out of the living room Max finds a framed photo. I don't know if it's really Stephen and a young boy, or if it's photo shopped, but it's still cute. Younger Max with a little boy on a massive beach ball, outside some house which looks to be in the country. He turns it over...
A week in paradise. Perfect for making another little angel. Love always, Claire
Max looks sadly at the photo.
Harold's back yard
Harold is playing 'Morning has broken' on the tuba when Rosie lets herself in through the gate. She tells him that she's been thinking about the final choir performance and that she's had some ideas she'd like to run past someone. Harold's all chuffed that he chose her and tells her to fire away. She tells him that she thought about starting with "How should I fitly meet thee?", which although a Christmas piece is still lovely. She also suggests that they enter singing, and that everyone come in with them.
When she mentions that Lou's had some good fundraising ideas too, Harold's mood changes. He just about holds it together while Rosie enthuses about Lou's idea of an auction.
Max comes in with another box of stuff, telling Summer to get on with moving her stuff. Realistically, she'd be unpacking her stuff in her room, but seeing as the door to her room seems to lead into the freezer in the kitchen, maybe I can forgive her. Summer find her scrapbook from when she was five, deciding to keep it as it's "good to remember your childhood". Further digging in the box finds the photo from earlier. It's now packed away in Styrofoam so guess Max didn't think it depicted paradise anymore. Boyd jokes that it was the last summer holiday he had without a little sister to annoy him.
Summer puts the photo up on the wall and asks Max what he thinks. He's taken aback, saying he's not too sure about the position. He quickly tells the kids to get back to work on unpacking before walking out, leaving Summer taken aback at his attitude. Reluctantly she takes the photo down.
Lassiters' Park
Ray sets out the picnic while Nina watches nervously from the tree line. Her attempts to sneak down fail when she slips. Ray asks what she was doing and she claims to have been looking for her earring. When he points out she's got two in, she covers by saying she always carries a spare.
My brother reckons that socks should be sold in threes because then when the Washing Machine Monster eats one, you'll have a spare.
Jam sandwiches, cakes, lemonade... Rosie asks who the party is for before giving Max a serve for serving it up for lunch. She's less than impressed with the breakfast before declaring that the kids will be toothless by the time they're 21.
MAX: I had a feeling you'd disapprove.
ROSIE: Well trust that feeling and buy some fruit.
Rosie asks how he's going with them and once again shows she's not daft by seeing through the dismissive answer. Max says he's getting there, he'd forgotten how full on they are together.
MAX: Just feel like I've missed out on so much.
ROSIE: Well you have.
Not pulling any punches today then, Reverend?
She says that he'll get there, Max replies that they're great kids... He sees Claire in them. He thanks Rosie for what she's done for them and she tells him that having them in his life will bring him more than he could ever describe.
Lassiter's Park
Ray is making small talk, asking Nina if she likes studying. Ah, you can see it coming a mile off. He thinks she's at Uni, she thinks he's taking an interest in her school life. If this were real life he'd be asking about modules and lectures and degrees like any other guy I dated asked me when I was at Uni.
He opens the champers and offers her a glass, which being the good underage girl that she is, declines. When he reaches over to get something she flinches a little, thinking he was going to touch her leg. He laughs, saying that she's acting like a nervous schoolgirl. Apparently that's enough for him to twig that she is at school and angrily calls an end to the date. Mate, if you're stupid enough to take the word of a seven year old girl without double checking the facts first, I'd say it's on you.
Max puts the photo up on the wall where Summer suggested. Rosie comes in with a more healthier lunch, Summer with a bowl of fruit. Boyd notices the photo on the wall and Rosie's quietly proud of her son.
Lou's Place
Tim checks his watch and announces that they've moved from "fashionably late to outright rude". Susan wonders if they can just not turn up but Tim points out it's in Karl's best interests to get this sorted out quickly too.
Susan's still having doubts about putting in a claim for an equal share of a marriage she can't remember. Tim rationally points out that having no memory of it doesn't change the fact that it happened and that the law doesn't make provisions for lack of memory. She's still not happy though. Tim bluntly points out that he's not concerned with her feelings, just her legal entitlement. He says that the new life she wants will cost money and that over time she will come to see that he's right.
His phone rings and he takes a one way call with someone. He's not impressed with the caller and when he hangs up he tells Susan that Karl's sacked his lawyers and they won't be coming.
In the pub office, Lou's on the phone to his buyer. He's pulling out of the sale, claiming something about a tax bill. Lou calls him on it, wondering if the adverse publicity has anything to do with it. When Lou states that they had a deal the word lawyer is thrown into the conversation. Lou angrily calls the deal off and hangs up the phone.
Susan calls in to see Karl and they go to talk. She's angry at him cancelling the meeting; he says he wasn't happy with his legal advice.
SUSAN: Right. Do you need more time?
KARL: Yes.
SUSAN: Fine. Then we should re-schedule. Soon. Do you need a new lawyer?
KARL: I don't need time for that.
SUSAN: Then for what?
KARL: I need time to get used to the idea that I don't have a wife anymore. That Susan Kennedy, my Susan, doesn't exist anymore.
SUSAN: This is not easy for me either, Karl.
KARL: Yes I know that.
SUSAN: Then why can't you respect my wishes and help me to move on?
KARL: Because I don't want to move on. I don't know where I'm moving on to and I don't wanna know, not if it's without you. Can't you wait? At least twelve months, legally we have to wait that long.
SUSAN: No, no, I want it all sorted out now, at least I want the procedures in place...
KARL: Your memory might return! We had a good life, you know. A very good life together.
His pleasing is not working.
SUSAN: Get a new lawyer, Karl.
He sighs and goes to sit back down, completely defeated.
KARL: I don't want any of it.
SUSAN: What?
KARL: Half of what I have with you is half a life.
SUSAN: What are you saying?
KARL: I'm saying you take it, take it all. I don't want any of it, not if it's without you.
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Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4078
Lou Carpenter

Nina Tucker, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4078
Nina Tucker, Summer Hoyland

Ray Milsome, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4078
Ray Milsome, Nina Tucker

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4078
Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4078
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4078
Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4078
Summer Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Nina Tucker, Ray Milsome in Neighbours Episode 4078
Nina Tucker, Ray Milsome

Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4078
Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Nina Tucker, Ray Milsome in Neighbours Episode 4078
Nina Tucker, Ray Milsome

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 4078
Tim Collins

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4078
Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4078
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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