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Neighbours Episode 4077 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4077
Australian airdate: 27/08/02
UK airdate: 23/10/02
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Roger Garvey: Paul Hampton
Amanda Cooper: Evonne Fletcher
Ray Milsome: Tom Meadmore
Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Harold talks about his feelings for Rosie, Harold suggests Saxon needs to talk about his feelings
Harold and Saxon try unsuccessfully to clean the paint off and Harold reassures him that not only is he going to make sure Saxon's looked after, but his father's also coming down. Saxon points out his father's not at all like Boyd's.
Saxon goes outside just when Roger Garvey arrives, giving Harold a chance to appeal to him to look after Saxon who's hurting so much. His father says he's trying to care for him in the best way he can and Harold leaves them to talk about it.
Roger Garvey says he's relocated his business base to Sydney so if Saxon goes to boarding school during the week they can have most weekends together. Saxon wants to stay with Harold, but after a little discussion, Harold says he doesn't have the emotional or physical strength any more to be a foster parent. Saxon's doubtful but the men convince him to give it a try.Harold and Saxon say goodbye in the street as Saxon and his father will spend the night at Lassiter's. Boyd comes out with his father and also says goodbye, telling Max Saxon's glad to be back with his dad and smiling up at his own father.
Hoylands and Lou
Lou's talking on the phone about the settlement for the pub when Rosie, Max and Boyd come in and are introduced. Rosie's surprised that Max is moving into 32 as soon as that evening, but he reminds her they don't get on when living under the same roof.
Outside, Summer's talking to Nina and asks her about Ray, even offering makeup and hair ideas. She thinks Nina's crazy to have thrown away his phone-number because of her shyness and goes in to talk to him, then gives him the address so he can come to 'her housewarming party'.
Rosie confides in Harold that she found the conversation with Lou/Max very awkward and he confesses that he destroyed the letter. She immediately goes to Lou and explains, so he checks with her that it means they both feel the same. She lets on that Harold intercepted the letter.
Summer's playing brides 'Yes, Drew, I'll marry you' when Boyd comes in. They discuss which rooms she and her father will have and he realises she just wants to be at the front to 'spy on Drew'. He silences her with a little blackmail so for once she doesn't get her own way.
Max is preparing for Nina to baby-sit Summer or 'hang out' as Summer prefers to call it. He's not convinced when she says her bedtime is 11.30 or 12. Harold comes in and they discuss the sadness of Anna's death and Saxon's recent loss. Max feels the paint isn't terrible important considering the situation.
Rosie visits No 32 to see how Max is coping and he says he remembers how to be a father. He doesn't know what he'll do for work and rejects her help, saying he might just invest or start up a business. He says he has 'a good feeling' about the place.
Harold goes to talk to Lou while he's preparing to go out with Rosie. Lou is very cool and becomes even more angry when he finds out Harold not only read the letter but also totally destroyed it, knowing Rosie and his relationship nearly ended over it. He questions him as to why he would do it and demands that he look him in the eye and say all he wants from Rosie is friendship.............
In the pub, Ray leaves Stuart to go to 'the party', just as an attractive girl called Amanda comes to chat. She quizzes him about where he came from, what other work etc and suggests he has 'magic hands'. She keeps asking about Oakey and gives him her number. After he goes out, she takes out a picture of him (from the calendar?)
<<4076 - 4078>>
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