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Neighbours Episode 4076 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4076
Australian airdate: 26/08/02
UK airdate: 22/10/02
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Jock McElroy: Stephan Wycisk
Special Guest Appearences by: Jude Bolton, Brett Kirk, Ryan O'Keefe
Summary/Images by: JA
- Michelle asks if she can tutor Connor, he agrees.
- Saxon watches Max look around Number 32.
Number 32
Karl and Libby walk into an empty number 32 to find black paint splashed across the wall. Karl realises that the back door was wide open. Libby suggests that Max didn't lock up properly after he inspected the place. Karl looks frustrated.
Number 26
Michelle and Connor is sitting at the Kitchen table, Connor is struggling to read 'The Big Brave Dragon'
Connor excuses himself, and Michelle expresses her frustration to Joe, she says that she thinks that it won't take long for Connor to get the hang of it, She says that the hard part will be to get Connor to believe that he can actually do it. Joe tells her to remember that it could take a while, but Michelle disagrees.
Number 24
Harold is on the phone to Lou, as Drew fixes the washing machine in the background. I'd break mine every week, if Drew was coming over to (fix it!)
Harold is heard on the phone trying to persuade Lou to speak to Rosie, but he sounds reluctant.
Saxon walks in the back door and looks suspiciously at Drew.
SAXON: What are you doing here?
DREW: Rehearsing a dance routine for the next Ramsay Street party!
Number 26
Connor and Michelle are still practising his reading, Connor is getting frustrated and suggests a break, but Michelle tries to push him on. Connor gets some ice cream, Michelle asks him what kind of ice cream he is having, he says he can't see into the tub yet. She tells him to read it from the label. She tells him it 'starts with V for Very'
When Connor doesn't play along Michelle's frustration is evident.
Lou's Place
Drew, Libby, Toadie and Dee are sitting at a table, Dee and Toadie are sitting closely together gazing lovingly into each others arms. *wub*
LIBBY: We were just laughing at how long these two danced around each other
DEE: Yes, before we realised that we were both doing the same dance.
TOADIE: Kind of, it was like two steps forward, shuffle a bit, two to the side, shuffle a bit, but we ended up in the same place.
DREW: Incredible
TOADIE: (to laughter from the rest) I happen to be an incredible catch Drew
DEE: And gorgeous too.
Dee's phone rings
TOADIE: I also do a passable job in wit, charm and erm moonlight gymnastics.
Dee tells the others that she has a massage job for the football team the Sydney Swans. Libby and Drew tease Toadie about how tall and gorgeous the players are, but Toadie refuses to accept the bait. He tells them that Dee reckons that he is gorgeous. She sighs lovingly and gives him a hug.
Number 22
Libby comes off the phone to Susan. Karl asks how she is?
Libby tells him that she is bored, and is going to the library to read old newspapers to see what has happened in the world.
Karl comments that it is strange that she will be reading ten year old newspapers as if for the first time.
The three go into the lounge and Drew tells Karl that he saw Saxon at Harold's the previous night, and he had black paint on his hands, and he also asks if he still has a key to Mal's house. Drew doesn't want to jump to conclusions, but Libby says that it has to be him. Karl says that he will look into it and have a word with Harold.
In The Street
Toadie is carrying Dee's massage equipment into the street, she is insisting she can get a cab, but Toadie says that a cab will cost her half a days wages, and he wants to give her a lift.
As Libby, Drew, Karl and Ben come into the street Lib asks if there is any room for her, but Dee says that 'today's pleasures are solely mine'
As Libby tells Karl that Dee is going to be spending the day massaging footballers, Karl and Drew again tease Toadie about Dee spending the day with other men. As Toadie shows signs of aggravation he gets in the car, shooting evil looks at the three in the street, it looks as though paranoia may be setting in.
Number 24
Karl is relaying his suspicions about Saxon to Harold. Harold insists that Saxon is a very sensitive and private boy, and that he is still grieving. Harold says that he will deal with it, but as Saxon emerges from his room Karl launches straight in and tells him that there was someone over at his old house and had splashed paint all over the wall.
Saxon says that he knows nothing about it.
SAXON: You think I did it?
KARL: No, no. I'm not accusing you. It's just that Drew said last night that you had paint on your hands.
SAXON: Paint? I don't think so?
HAROLD: Are you sure?
SAXON: I had some BLACK grease on my hands after changing my bike chain
KARL: I see
SAXON: Hope you find who did it Dr Kennedy, see you later Harold.
As Saxon leaves, Harold tells Karl that it was a plausible excuse.
A bit too plausible says Karl, as he tells Harold that he didn't mention that the paint was black. Harold confides that he knows that he was lying.
Karl tells him that he is a good boy, and that he would hate to see things develop into something that he couldn't control. As the eerie music plays, Harold looks concerned, perhaps realising that he has quite a task ahead of him with Saxon.
A Health Club
As a group of fit footie players are using the gym, Toadie walks in with Dee's massage table, awkwardly tripping over things on the way. He says that he is with Dee. When Dee walks in and the footballer's see her they fall over themselves to introduce themselves to her. Toadie obviously feeling threatened doesn't like the attention that Dee is getting from then. He tells Dee that he will wait in the car for him. She says no, it's going to be a really long day and she will give him a call when she is finished. As she kisses him on the cheek Toadie reluctantly leaves, looking over his shoulder the whole time as he does, obviously uneasy that his gorgeous girlfriend is going to be spending the whole day with a bunch of footballers.
Coffee Shop
Joe is asking Libby's advice about Connor. Joe tells her that Michelle has decided to teach him to read, and Libby says that it is a huge responsibility. She says that she did the same when Billy was dyslexic she tried to do the same, but because she was too close to him he felt embarrassed. Joe comments that it would be easier for him to learn to read from someone who isn't connected to him.
Health Club
Dee is massaging a footie player, who has a VERY fit body. He asks her if she likes football? She says that it is a new found interest, and that she is not a fanatic. The footballer says that he can fix that and offers her some free tickets with drinks afterwards. She says that it would be great, as her boyfriend would love it.
Michelle is home at lunchtime, and keen to push Connor into doing some reading. He definitely looks like he is being pushed into it and sits at the table. Connor reads a paragraph without any help. Michelle is incredibly impressed, and can't wait to tell Joe how smart Connor is. Joe looks reluctant to agree, obviously not entirely happy at the lengths that Michelle is going to teach Connor to read.
Outside at the Coffee Shop
Toadie meets Drew who is still teasing him about Dee getting a taste for the rippling footie star muscles.
Saxon arrives to ask Harold if he needs a hand with the lunches, he declines but says that he wanted to speak to him everyone. Harold says that he is sure that Karl wouldn't have been too annoyed if Saxon had admitted that he had carried out the paint attack on Number 32. Harold tries to impress on him that honesty is an important characteristic, and although he is going through a lot he should always be honest. Saxon, who is obviously being attacked by his guilty conscience, and makes his excuses to leave, telling Harold that he is going to the library.
At the Gym
Dee is chatting to the footballers, as Toadie arrives to pick her up. She introduces him to the footie players, who look scornful when they hear his name is Toadie. Toadie tells them that he used to play football for Erinsborough, but when none of them look impressed there is an awkward and long silence.
Number 26
Joe gives Connor a beer, telling him that he has earned it. He asks how the reading is going. Not entirely convincingly Connor says that it is going well. Joe tells him that he should be doing it for himself and not to impress Michelle, that he should be doing it for his own future. Joe looks uneasy having to be the bearer of such advice, as Connor assures him that he is doing it for the right reasons.
Number 32
Saxon is attempting to clean the black paint from the walls.
When Harold appears Saxon looks as if he has been caught red (or black) handed. He tells Harold that he is trying to clean it off with little success.
SAXON: I don't know why I did it, I am such an idiot.
HAROLD: I think we can find all sorts of reasons of why you did it, it's lying about it that worries me.
SAXON: I guess I didn't want you to think badly of me
HAROLD: Oh Saxon I wouldn't have thought that, if you'd have come to me and told me that you were upset because somebody was moving into yours and your mother's house, I'd have understood that.
SAXON: It's nothing like that
HAROLD: Well why do you think you did it? Look I think you need to start talking about the way that you are feeling
SAXON: There is no need
HAROLD: Listen to me, a terrible tragic thing has happened to you. Now you can stay as you are, hurt, confused, doing silly things because you are hurting. Or you can deal with it, you can face up to those things that you are feeling, because that way you get to move on, now doesn't that make sense?
Saxon faintly nods, and looks as if Harold's advice has got through to him, Harold shows his compassionate side, putting yet another youngster on the right track, he sends Saxon to the garage to get the turps, and tells him that they can sort out the mess here together.
Number 30
Dee is lying on the couch, exhausted after her day of hard work massaging hunky footie players. Dee tells Toadie that the footie player's want her to be their masseuse next time that they are in town, Toadie doesn't look too impressed.
DEE: Would you have a problem with that?
TOADIE: (avoiding the issue) Hey Check it out, Bob has his head stuck in one of Stu's stinky sneakers. What's the go?
DEE: He's a dog! They like shoes.
TOADIE: Yeah, but he's been all over Stu and he hasn't come near me. He's been acting weird all week.
DEE: Maybe he's jealous.
TOADIE: Of what?
DEE: I don't know, apparently guys get jealous.
TOADIE: Only with good reason.
Toadie tries to avoid the issue by shouting Bob, to no avail.
DEE: Were you upset about me massaging those guys?
TOADIE: What guys?
Dee gives him a knowing look.
TOADIE: You mean the muscle bound, good looking footie gods? No why would I be?
DEE: (as she lies on the sofa stroking Toadie's hand) Good you have no reason to be. I'm with you in case you haven't noticed.
TOADIE: Yeah I noticed.
Dee looks lovingly at Toadie as if he is the only man in the world
*mucho wub smilies*
Coffee Shop
As they are sitting at a table Michelle is trying to cajole Connor into reading the menu, he gets frustrated and refuses. She tells him that he has to interpret reading into everyday life so that he will get there faster. She tells him that he is doing so well, as he read the whole paragraph today at lunch. Connor admits that he lied, and that he memorised the paragraph as she read it to him the night before, he says that he doesn't even know the alphabet. As he tells her that he is thick as a brick he gets up and leaves, as Michelle is left looking frustrated and disappointed.
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