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Neighbours Episode 4075 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4075
Australian airdate: 23/08/02
UK airdate: 21/10/02
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Iris Wade: Judy Johnson
Max Hoyland: Stephen Lovatt (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
Darcy telling Karl he's fine with Dee being his chaperone
Ramsay Street
Dee catches up with Saxon who is speedily on his way to school, eager to get to 'Design Tech' (aka 'Woodwork'). Dee thinks now that Saxon's dad is back in town Saxon won't have to worry about school projects since he'll be leaving Erinsborough soon. That would be a no, Dee. Saxon tells us he's going to stay on with Harold for a while and use the cash from his mum's will to scout around for a place to stay. Dee apologises for saying the wrong thing but Saxon's fine - his dad isn't used to having kids around anyway. Buttoning up his collar for him, motherly Dee tells Saxon he'll have time for that dinner date with her now. Saxon pretends he'll have to "check his schedule" but can't resist the Bliss, running off to tinker with his woodwork...
Coffee Shop
Tiny Summer! Mushroom Head Boyd! They're having lunch with their newly returned father, one Maximus Hoylandus. Max asks the kids what they want to do after scoffing brekkie - immediately suggesting going to the special cinemas where they wait on you. Okay, garbage guts. The kids are cool to do anything though, they're just happy to be spending time with Max.
Karl says a hello to Drew, Lib and Ben at another table, declining the offer of a coffee as he hasn't "got time to scratch [himself] at the moment". Lovely. Karl whines and moans about being run off his feet fixing up Mal's house (Number 32) for new tenants. Max's ears perk up at the mention of an available house. Lib offers to help her dear old dad out.
KARL: You're an absolute angel. The last thing I want to worry about is whether the paint's the right... foong schwoi or something.
LIBBY: (laughing) I think it's 'feng shui', dad.
Karl leaves as Drew yells out for another flat white, quickly excusing himself from Lib for a moment. Max continues to chow down, looking quite pleased.
Lassiter's Complex
Drew catches up to Karl, asking him to tell Lib he doesn't need help with the house anymore. Drew's worried Libby's been pushing herself too much lately and has a lot on her mind (because of something that happened with Steph and the problems Susan and Karl are having - what they are, I can't remember, so go and check out the rest of the summaries!). Karl says he'll have a word with her, apologising for not realising. You know what else you should apologise for, Karl? Buying that FLURO ORANGE SHIRT. Drew and his perfectly coiffed hair understand, but hopes Libby will realise she needs to take a step back for the sake of her own wellbeing.
Dee arrives for her first day of chaperoning, settling herself down in a cosy corner of Darcy's consulting room. "You just go about your daily business, pretend I'm not even here." Darcy looks agitated and nervous, even more so when Dee asks how Darcy's going to explain her presence to all his patients. Darcy believes Dee being there will be adequate enough explanation. Righto.
Scully House
Lyn's manically scrubbing the coffee table clean, positively livid when someone dare interrupt her by knocking on the door! It's Susan, wanting advice but wondering if now's not a good time. Lyn (running her gloved, cleaning product-covered, hand through her hair) ushers her in, "I can give out advice while doing household chores". Susan wants advice of the rental kind: she's looking to set up a flat nearby but doesn't know how to go about it. Heeeey, maybe she and Saxon could be roomies! How conveniently awkward! Suse knows she can't live at the hotel forever, especially once the divorce gets going - the nasty D word getting an odd glance from Lyn, who also looks like she's on the verge of crying. Susan wonders what's up and if she can help in any way. "I really wish you could, I honestly do," Lyn replies. Ohhhh! Light bulb moment here - this is AmnesiaSuse! Right. Sorry. Obviously having my own amnesia moment here. Teary Lyn tells Susan she misses the relationship they used to have. Oo-er. "It's times like this when I really wouldn't mind the old Susan to talk to," sniffs Lyn. Susan looks sad too.
Darcy is trying to explain to his patient, Mrs Wade, why Dee's in the room but isn't doing a very good job. As soon as he says the words "professional misconduct", Mrs Wade leaps out of her chair like she's just sat on a cactus. Darcy attempts to placate her but Mrs Wade would rather wait for Dr Kennedy outside. Dee gives him the 'it was only one patient, you'll be fine' pep talk but Darcy ain't buying it.
DARCY: Right, so what do you suggest I do? Have them come in here one by one and have them leave in disgust? Or should I go out there and have them leave en masse? Hmm?
Scully House
Susan knows she's not the friend Lyn once had, but she really wants to build a new friendship with her. Lyn feels silly for making it about herself when she's really concerned for Steph.
LYN: Joe and I keep thinking that it can only get better for her, then she goes and gets arrested...
Bwah! Oh, Lynnie. If you only had a crystal ball. Lyn hasn't slept much due to worrying about her daughter (so future Lynnie should really be an insomniac). Susan says it's fine for Lyn to feel weighed down when she's got so much going on in her life. Taking the cleaning products off Lyn, Susan tells her to chill for five minutes; once she starts getting a proper night's sleep, all her other problems will seem easier to solve. Smiling, Lyn reckons the old Susan isn't completely gone like she thought.
Dee's reporting to Karl about all of Darcy's patients... a grand total of one, who lied about her symptoms anyway so she could get the hell out of there. Dee wants to believe it will get better but knows they can't underestimate the power of small town gossip. Karl starts to worry one more cancellation will put Darcy over the edge when Darcy walks in, ears burning. Karl and Dee pretend they were having a normal chat but Darcy snits if they've got something to say about him, to say it to his face. Karl lets him know they were only talking about Dee being chaperone, which causes Darcy's snottiness to fade. He takes Dee back to his office leaving Karl to turn the volume down on his shirt. Seriously, the man looks like a traffic cone.
Number 22
Libby's saddened to learn Susan's serious about renting an apartment, and I keep expecting Paul to hobble down the stairs all, 'GET OUT of my house!'
SUSAN: Hotel life's getting a bit hard to take, Lib. I want to pour milk out of a carton not one of those long-life containers.
No! No more amnesia-inducing milk for you! Susan wonders if Lib was free to come with her and buy some furniture, oh, and a juicer! Lib points out Karl has a juicer, but Susan isn't all that comfortable with the idea of taking it. She gently tells Lib she's asked Karl for a divorce; she has to move on with her life. Lib knows, but thinks Susan and Karl still have to keep in touch for the family's sake. "The whole idea of moving on just isn't that simple, mum."
Coffee Shop
A guitar was playing in the background and I thought we were gonna get 'Free As A River-ed' for a second. Phew. Libby (and Ben) find Drew, Lib bursting with a brilliant idea. Susan needs a flat, Karl needs to get rid of Mal's house; the perfect solution is staring them in the face! Drew wonders if Susan's heard this 'brilliant' plan, but Lib thinks she'll go for it anyway. Bearer of sense and bad news, Drew reminds Lib that her parents still living in the same street probably won't mean they'll get back together. Putting on a happy face, Lib says it'll just be more manageable for everyone, that's all. Drew and his perfect hair know she's lying through her teeth.
Dee's having a chinwag with Darcy, asking if he's okay. He kind of isn't; can't imagine why. Darcy wants to know what Dee thinks the characteristics of being a good doctor are. Dee starts off with "thoroughness, knowledge..." till Darcy cuts her off with a "WRONG!" (not as scarily capitalized however). The correct response is "trustworthiness", something that Darce seems to be lacking lately. No matter how hard Darcy's being on himself though, Dee's not about to let him throw in the towel. "Not everyone's going to be a Mrs Wade..." Sooky Darcy is eventually willing to see how the afternoon goes before he starts pitching towels around.
DARCY: All right, well if it doesn't work out maybe I can go back to my childhood dream. Do you think it's too late for me to become an astronaut?
DEE: (giggling) I never think it's too late for anything, Darcy.
Number 32
Libby is showing Susan around, talking the place up like it's the Queen's palace, not quite noticing the polite apprehension Susan's showing. Susan brings up the apartment she's waiting to hear about in Bennett Street; gently pointing out she can still visit Lib all the time even if she lives a bit further away. Unwilling to let go of her fantasy, Lib smilingly tells Susan that living in #32 is "not exactly like old times, I know, but it's pretty close." And there, Lib, lies the problem.
Max (and his VERY prominent NZ accent, hehe) visit Karl in his office to ask about the rental property he heard was up for grabs.
Out in the reception area, Darcy's next patient arrives: Lynnie! Darcy's surprised Lyn's not seeing Karl, but Lyn replies Darcy was so good helping Joe with his snoring that she hopes he can help her with her insomnia. Happy to be of service, Darcy gets into doctor mode, suggesting Lyn lay off the pills and try more alternative methods like yoga or tai chi. Dee looks happy with Darcy's conduct as he keeps rattling off more things for Lyn to try: walking before bed, warm milk (the drink of evil! Noooo!) or meditation tapes, a few of which he handily has lying around. Darcy gives them to Lyn for a burl.
Number 32
Max, Boyd and Summer walk around the house, Sum bagsing the room with the pink walls. Boyd (and his high voice, hee!) tell Sum she can't do that, and she can't bags the object she found on the shelf either because it belongs to Saxon. While the kids bicker about rooms Max puts in a call on his mobile.
Ramsay Street
Saxon curiously looks on as he sees Max walk out of the house, enquiring about rent prices on the phone. Boyd runs out to tell Max Summer won't leave the house, she likes the pink walls too much. Laughingly telling Boyd to stop interrupting his phone call, Max says he'll get on to it soon, getting back to asking more property questions. Boyd looks across the street to where Saxon is eyeballing them. Ooh, the spiky-haired one doesn't look too happy.
Number 22
Libby's still going on about the house (my, what a fun afternoon those two have had), until Susan finally says they need to have a word. "I'm not moving into Number 32." Susan adds that even if her Bennett Street application isn't successful she'll just continue to look elsewhere. Kindly, Susan sits Lib down, letting her know it would be too strange to stay on in Ramsay Street and be Mal's tenant. Susan knows Libby's upset at the thought of her parents divorcing but it's for the best. Trying not to cry, Lib asks why everything has to change, "I just want things to be like they used to."
LIBBY: I don't know who you are. My mum... my mum would never do this.
SUSAN: Things have changed, Libby. We have to move on. You have to let me do this. Let me find out who I am.
Susan leaves as Lib tries not to crumble into tears.
What a surprise, the Hoylands are eating. Max is on the phone to the oil rigs telling them to send out what they need him to sign and he'll send it back, pronto. Curious, Boyd asks who Max was talking to. Hiding a smile, Max tells him it was someone from the rig; he had to let them know he wasn't coming back.
SUMMER: Why not?
MAX: Well, let's put it this way, Sum. The pink bedroom's yours if you want it.
Max says they're going to be a family again much to the excitement of Boyd and Summer. They'll be moving into Number 32 as soon as they can.
Dee, Darcy and Karl walk in for an after work drink, Darcy happy that the regular patients continued to show him their support. Dee thinks he's handled himself extremely well. The three are having a happy time until Lyn walks in with the local paper, bearer of bad news. On page three the headline screams, 'Local Doctor Disgraced' with a nice big pic of Darcy next to it. 'And I was having such a nice day...' thinks Darcy.
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Dee Bliss, Saxon Garvey in Neighbours Episode 4075
Dee Bliss, Saxon Garvey

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4075
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Max Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4075
Karl Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4075
Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4075
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Iris Wade, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4075
Iris Wade, Darcy Tyler

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4075
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Dee Bliss, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4075
Dee Bliss, Karl Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4075
Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4075
Drew Kirk

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