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Neighbours Episode 4074 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4074 (Max Hoyland arrives)
Australian airdate: 22/08/02
UK airdate: 18/10/02
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ray Milsome: Tom Meadmore
Max Hoyland: Stephen Lovatt
Summary/Images by: Caterina/Karen (Katie)
Darcy is found guilty and prescribed a chaperone.
Harold still has feelings for Rosie.
Harold accidentally nudges the ironing board as he goes to answer the door to Dee, the iron toppling down flat. She's looking for Lou and is surprised to hear that he's not there as the as she's heard that the house is no longer for sale. Shutting the door behind her, Harold is dismayed to see that the iron has fallen, and the Lou's letter to Rosie now has a nice iron shaped burn all over it!
The Coffee Shop
Finishing her last slurp, Summer tells Rosie that she wants another thickshake! Rosie dodges this, and tells her that Boyd and Libby will be back soon. Luckily for Rosie, Summer's attention is diverted by spotting Nina. Summer is soon perched with Nina, who is staring down at a CD. Summer tells her that she loves that song, and Nina agrees, saying that the singer is really pretty. Summer tells Nina that she could be that pretty if she wanted to, but until she stops dressing like a dag it's not going to happen. Nina just about manages not to react, when the door opens and Cameron Hodder waltzes in. Nina goes all starry eyed, while Summer casually chats to him.
The Surgery
Karl is surprised to find Darcy packing up - it appears that Darcy isn't prepared to work with a chaperone. Karl tries to change his mind, they can explain the chaperone as a student or something. Darcy's having none of it but Karl's prepared to stand up for him, work with him and be there for him. Darcy's still having none of it, he's going to retrain as a vet or something.....
The Coffee Shop
It appears that Summer is going to be famous - or so Summer says. Rosie smiles, her smile widening as Boyd and Lib ( carrying Ben) arrive. They can't stay, but before she goes, Lib makes Rosie's day by telling her how well Boyd is doing. Rosie returns the kindness by offering her ear if Libby ever wants to talk, and with that Lib leaves. Rosie asks Boyd if he'd like a milkshake ( as if he'd say no...) and Summer manages to get another one too. They stand up to go to order and the door opens, and a man enters. Both kids launch themselves at him happily, "Dad!!"
Max hugs his kids, as Rosie stares at him, her face a curious mix of shock and surprise.
The Lassiters Complex
Karl and Dee are walking and talking about Darcy. Dee reckons he's not going to be impressed with the chaperone idea and Karl tells her Darcy's talking of leaving. Dee admits that the idea of Darcy leaving is a bit drastic, but when he makes up his mind he really makes up his mind. Karl, however, having seen Dee, has the spark of an idea..... How about her as Darcy's chaperone? Dee looks at him as if to say "YOU WHAT????", but agrees to think about it. Karl tells her not to take too long as Darcy is inside packing right now.
No. 22
Drew arrives home as Lib is feeding Ben. She grins, asking him if he's come to spend time with his glamourous wife, but no, he's just dropping off more paperwork for her to sort. With a grin, she tells him he's just a big old slave driver. Drew tells her to take a break, maybe go over and see Steph. This does not go down too well. She can't right now, she's ah, got to...er...finish feeding Ben, and then put him down for a nap. Yes, that's it. Drew, however, says that Ben looks wide awake. No, no, it's Ben's nap time and - Drew sees straight through her. Steph is her friend, and needs her support at the moment. Lib says that he should go over if he wants, and Drew retreats, telling her he's off back to work and he'll see her later. He leaves, and Libby looks pensive.
The Coffee Shop
Max is dishing out presents to the kids, as Rosie tells him he should have let her know he was coming. Max grins, he was looking for the surprise element, and he got it. More pressie are dished out, and Max looks very happy with himself. Isn't he a good Dad? Rosie examines Summer's new clothes and tells Max that they might be a bit too small, Summer has grown quite a bit since his last visit. Max looks uncomfortable, but Summer tells him that the clothes are cool, and she wants exactly the same one in her proper size.
Max proposes he takes them all out to a slap up dinner, but Rosie veto's it - she's got some meat thawing at home already. Rosie is talked around, but not before reminding Summer that she has a doctor's appointment soon. Max jumps in. He's taking her to that, and Rosie grudgingly graciously agrees. Harold meanders by, and Max introduces himself, shaking Harold's hand.
"You must be Mum's boyfriend, Lou Carpenter" he says confidently, much to Harold's dismay and Summer's amusement.
The Surgery
Dee wanders in and finds Darcy still packing. Darcy is not impressed with Karl's idea of Dee being the chaperone. Not at all. It'd be the last thing she'd ever want to do, and Karl had no right to ask. Dee surprises him by saying she'd consider it, but he still says no, it's all to humiliating. No-one will want to be treated by him, especially not the women. Dee counters with the argument that those who really know him will stick by him. Walking out, she tells him to think about it. Really think about it.
The Garage
Lib drops the paperwork down to Drew. It was no trouble and besides, Ben was good. Wasn't he meant to be napping, Drew wonders, and Lib covers it by saying he wasn't sleepy and she let him play. There's a hesitation, and then Lib takes the plunge. She knows things have been difficult lately, but she really wants them to get back to normal. Drew smiles, agreeing, sealing the idea with a kiss.
The Surgery.
A crafty Summer flutters her eyelashes as she manipulates Karl into giving her TWO lollipops. Behind her, Max smiles indulgently, before asking her to wait outside as he talks to Karl. Max asks him if it was he who made the Long QT diagnosis, and Karl says it was a colleague at the hospital, and only after several tests. Long QT is rare, and a worried Max asks what the prognosis is. He relaxes when Karl tells him that with medication, she'll be fine. He then asks if Rosie has told Karl about Anna ( Max's wife, later known as Claire), and the way she died. Max reckons she may have died of the same thing, Karl isn't sure, Summer's symptoms were different. But, if she did, if it was the same thing, Max continues, could the doctors have saved Anna/Claire if they had recognized it?
Karl says yes, and Max's face drops. Karl tells him not to blame himself and changes the subject. Max works on the rigs, doesn't he? Max confirms this, he's a driller in the Timor Gap He's got a lot of experience and a lot of responsibility. Karl grins, and Max stands to leave, thanking him for looking after Summer and as a thanks he offers to buy Karl a beer. He's hanging around for a while then, Karl asks, and Max hesitates. A while, maybe.
Lou's Place
Rosie and Max talk, while Sum and Boyd play pool. Apparently Boyd is just like Max was when he was younger. Max smiles, staring at his kids. Slightly acerbically he questions Rosie. Can she really remember what he was like as a kid, surely she was involved in more important things like the Church....
Rosie tells him that she may have been busy, but she never stopped thinking about her kids. Oh, and by the way, how long is he hanging around for this time? Max says he has to return to the Timor Gap in a few days, and Rosie lets him know through her tone what she thinks of his 'flying visit'. Max counters with news that he'll be back, maybe permanently next time. Rosie's ears prick up, and she looks at him hopefully. Max watches the kids, they seem happy here, and then turning to Rosie, he thanks her for everything she's done. Someone had to, she tells him, and she also thinks that he should come back sooner rather than later, the kids need him.
The Surgery
Karl is being doctorish with an x-ray and dictating reports when Lib and Ben arrive. She's brought him dinner, and is upset to hear that he's meeting with a lawyer later. He's not going to let Susan divorce him is he? There's nothing he can do, Karl gently tells her, it seems like it's out of his hands, and he has to look after himself. Nothing will be finalized until the 12 month waiting period is over though, and this at least gives Libby a smidgeon of hope ( Karl too), but facing facts as they are it seems that the divorce will go through. Karl hugs an upset Libby just as Darcy enters. Darcy knows how hard things are for Karl, and thanks him for his support, before making Karl's day by agreeing to the chaperone deal.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is closing up shop as Ray Milsome stares out of the door, waiting impatiently. Nina finally arrives and is surprised to see him, even more so when he tells her that she is the most beautiful girl in town and worth waiting for. Nina goes all embarrassed, she has to start work, and er - Ray asks her out, giving her his number and, after suggesting they go out sometime next week, he leaves, a dazed Nina standing behind him.
Harold arrives home, with Rosie in tow. Max has taken the kids to the movies, and she'd only be a spare wheel so she's come over to see Harold instead. He says that the kids must be so excited to have their Dad back, and Rosie agrees, but isn't sure if it's really the best thing for them. He arrives, disrupts their lives and takes off again. Just like she did with him when he was little. Harold says he's sure she was a wonderful Mum, but Rosie disputes that. She wasn't around enough, and Max still resents that. She can't blame him - but he's doing exactly the same thing. Harold says she may have not been there for her son, but she's certainly been there for her grand-children, and they're lucky to have her.
She pats his hand in gratitude, he's such a good friend. Harold's face drops - he's not so sure about that. Heard from Lou lately? Rosie tells him that Lou hasn't been in touch at all. Making coffee behind her, Harold looks guilty. He has this odd feeling that Lou may have liked her more than Harold thought, but Rosie can't imagine what gives him that idea, Lou hasn't even bothered to get in touch since he left. Harold says he might have written a letter that - er - got lost in the mail or something. Rosie laughs that off, but thanks him for trying anyway.
The bridge over the River Erinsborough in the Lassiters Complex
Nina stands staring at Ray's number, repeating his words from the Coffee Shop with a smile, before catching sight of her reflection in the water and coming down to earth with a bump. Her self-doubt rears its efficient head and she shreds the piece of paper, dropping it into the water.
Drew arrives home as Lib folds nappies. He's sorry he's late and their evening is ruined. Lib forgives him, and all is well in the Kirk household until the phone rings. It's Steph and Libby looks all hidden daggers. Drew is unaware and says sure, Steph can come over in about half an hour. Lib flat out refuses to have her over to their house. When Drew pushes for an reason, Lib says that she was the one to get Steph arrested and she can't face Steph yet. Drew hesitates, wanting them to sort it out, but gives in, and calls Steph back.
No 24
There's a knock at the door and Rosie answers for Harold. It's Max, over an hour late. She gently reprimands him, it's a school night and the kids should be asleep by now. They are, Max tells her, asleep in the car. Besides, he's said they can skip school tomorrow and spend time with their Dad. A gentle war of words follows as Harold listens on in the corridor. Surely Rosie wants them to spend time with him, while they can - Rosie tells him she meant on a more permanent basis. Max is thinking about that, he says, but Rosie disputes that. She's heard it all before - and it's not materialized yet. She's heard it all before, the argument that he's trying to build a financial future for them, the idea that he'll be back soon...She's heard it all before when she was saying it to him as a little boy.
"Back when you thought I was neglecting you," Rosie tells her son.
She tells him she doesn't want Max to make the same mistakes she did. Yes he's still grieving about Anna/Claire dying, but his children need him. Not six months from now, but right now.
<<4073 - 4075>>
Dee Bliss, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4074
Dee Bliss, Harold Bishop

Summer Hoyland, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4074
Summer Hoyland, Nina Tucker

Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4074
Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4074
Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4074
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4074
Karl Kennedy, Dee Bliss

Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4074
Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4074
Dee Bliss, Darcy Tyler

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4074
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4074
Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland

Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4074
Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4074
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Ray Murphy, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4074
Ray Murphy, Nina Tucker

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4074
Nina Tucker

Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4074
Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland

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