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Neighbours Episode 4073 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4073
Australian airdate: 21/08/02
UK airdate: 17/10/02
UK Gold: 10/07/06
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tim Collins - Ben Anderson
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jamie
Susan telling Karl that it's best all round if they separate
Mitch robbing Moco and Toadie seeing him kiss Steph on the cheek
Steph being charged with theft
Steph's out on bail but Joe's fuming, she shouldn't have been charged in the first place. Steph's confident that they'll realise it's all a mistake so she's not going to let it get to her. She tells Joe that she will not let anyone do this to her again. What? Rob her and then kiss her on the cheek?
Coffee Shop
Susan's talking to someone off screen about needing a lawyer. She got some names out of the phonebook and recommendations off a friend. She wants to speak to all of them and explains her accident...
...as the camera pans around and we see she's talking to Tim Collins. Well, as the Only Lawyer In The Village I guess it had to be him. Lib and Toadie are gonna love this.
Tim was surprised that she'd called him and after she explains she's got no memory past her sixteenth birthday he tells her about Libby's case against the Chronicle.
TIM: Now it was just a job but if you feel a family loyalty then I understand.
SUSAN: Well you see that's my problem. I don't feel any loyalty at all because I don't remember.
TIM: I can't imagine how strange that must be.
I like that. Straight to the point. Everyone's been talking about how upsetting it is, how difficult... But it's got to be so weird too. Like a really bad form of time travel.
Tim says it's her decision as to whether or not she employs him and she thanks him for letting her make up her own mind. He then asks why she needs a lawyer and Susan tells him she wants to divorce her husband. Tim shocks her by asking how Karl feels about that - he of course knows him too - and Susan says that he's not happy but he's prepared to co-operate.
Tim explains his informal surroundings as the show not having the budget to build him an office. Or, in other terms, he's just left his old firm and he's working from home. He offers to buy her a coffee while they chat and Susan's quietly impressed with him.
Toadie and Stu call over to see how Steph is. She jokes about one day telling them about Her Majesty's hotel. Toadie says that he needs to tell her something about her arrest. Joe's hopeful that it'll be something to help Steph but alas Toadie admits he had to tell the cops that he saw Mitch kissing Steph. Steph admits that's what happened and that she kept quiet because she was embarrassed and humiliated.
Stu immediately suggests that Toadie takes it back, changes his statement to say that he made a mistake. Toadie points out that he can't change it but the case against Steph is circumstantial so they're probably waiting for her to give Mitch up or betray herself in some way.
Coffee Shop
Tim asks why she's going for a divorce and Susan tells him that it's someone else's life, nothing to do with her. Tim doesn't see a problem, the only issue could be if the courts consider her to be of sound mind. Susan replies that her neuro-psychiatrist says that her amnesia is physiological, an injury not an illness.
Susan stresses that the divorce has to be amicable and all she wants from it is her freedom. Tim says a lot of people feel like that when they start off but then starts to point out that she's entitled to some things.
SUSAN: But I don't want anything. They're not mine, they're the other Susan's.
Tim gets all sensible and asks how she plans on supporting herself. Her sick pay and Super funds won't go very far. It won't buy her a house or furnish it.
TIM: If you were my client, my advice would be this. You are entitled to what's yours. Nothing more, but nothing less.
SUSAN: What if I instruct you otherwise?
Tim replies that she's the client and it gives her something to think on.
Stu's taking Steph out. To the newsagent. He's such a classy guy. They're going for brain food which is apparently bike magazines. Magazines are not food. At best the only thing they'll do to the brain is stimulate it.
Steph thanks him for babysitting, but he prefers to call it standing by a mate. Steph glances over her shoulder at a car that's just pulling away from them as she says she needed to get out of the house as Joe is stressing about the whole thing. As Stu makes a quip about his head looking like it's about to explode, Steph's watching the car nervously.
The car stops and I'm sorry, it's blatantly obvious they're following Steph. Whichever side they're on, Mitch's or the cops, they're idiots.
Steph talks about how much the cops know about her and she can understand why they think she's guilty. Stu points out that anyone who actually knows her knows the truth.
We get a brief shot from CarCamera proving that they are indeed watching Steph, and when we cut back Stu asks if there's something wrong. Steph says that there seems to be a lot of silver cars on the road, she feels haunted by them. Stu quips that there are a lot of silver cars on the road because they're dust friendly.
This makes no sense to me. They're in the City, not the outback. What dust?
Steph glances over as the car pulls away. She's not convinced either.
Coffee Shop
Susan's looking at a list and Tim quips about is being a checklist for divorce.
Fight with spouse? Check.
Move out? Check.
Request divorce? Check
Find lawyer...
Sorry. Susan says it's from a friend with some legal knowledge and Tim quips about people like that being the bane of the legal profession. When Susan mentions Toadie it sparks Tim's interest. He asks to see the list and then asks to hang onto it, he'll get back to her about some of the points.
They end the meeting, Susan saying she'll keep him informed... just as Karl walks in. He's less than impressed to see her a) with a lawyer and b) that lawyer being Tim Collins. Tim leaves and Karl sits down, asking Susan if she knows who he is. She says she knows about Libby's case but that's not all. Karl asks if they can talk privately.
Karl tells Susan that Tim was very tough on Libby and that he put her through an ordeal. Susan's adamant that Libby will understand that this is different but she's speaking to several lawyers. Karl demands that she stop speaking to Tim but she doesn't want to.
SUSAN: He's not hard sell, he doesn't patronise me. He just lays out the facts and lets me make the decision. I wish everyone was as cool and rational.
KARL: Right. Meaning me.
Susan asks what's really bothering him and he admits it was a shock seeing her with a lawyer. Susan stresses that she doesn't want the house or money - neither does Karl.
SUSAN: You'll be free to get on with your life.
KARL: Susan, you are my life. I care for you, I care about us. We had a wonderful marriage and I want that back. I love you...
SUSAN: Oh don't.
KARL: We loved each other so much.
SUSAN: Then why don't I feel it? I want to feel like that, Karl, but I don't. That's why I want a divorce.
Eighteen months. Just... eighteen months.
Coffee Shop
Stu and Steph come in and she's waxing lyrical about being able to walk in and out as she pleases. She's making the most of her freedom so Stu points out they're not about to lock her up. She'll probably get a suspended sentence. Way to give the pep talk, Stu. The idea is to steer away from the guilty verdict. She's not got a record so that'll help, apparently the lawyer Joe spoke to said the same thing.
Tim approaches and he says that what Marc did to her was awful and he's really sorry. Steph thanks him and he goes to leave, meeting Karl on the way.
TIM: Back again.
KARL: Yes, for some reason I overlooked what I came in to buy.
He can't believe Tim expects to represent Susan and Tim retorts that decision is Susan's.
Karl then goes to offer his support and sympathy to Steph. He says that the police can jump to all kinds of conclusions, as evidenced by the fact they thought he had something to do with Susan's disappearance.
KARL: The truth always comes out.
Of course it does. You're in a soap.
Steph's done with being the centre of attention and she bolts, Stu close behind her. We end the scene with Karl at the counter, Tim in the background, and the two of them exchanging looks. It's almost heartbreaking to realise that Tim is the good guy in all of this, he just wants what's best and right for Susan.
That car is back. This is now really stupid because if they are following Steph and trying to keep it low key then you should change the car! Steph notices it and freaks out. Stu thinks it's probably just a local but Steph thinks it's more likely something to do with Mitch. Stu points out that he's wanted by the cops so it's hardly likely to be him.
Steph tells Stu that he should be getting back to work and after he's gone she bolts.
Coffee Shop
Tim spots Toadie walk in and it begins.
TIM: How is life with Auntie Chloe?
Toadie's not taking the bait, saying that he's almost finished his articles and the job helped pay for it. He then says that he heard the old firm had to let him go. Tim responds that it was his choice but Toadie heard differently.
TIM: Oooo, first rule of law, Toadie, ignore rumours.
Toadie quips about him working out of the Coffee Shop but he has an answer for everything. When he notices the list, he asks Tim if he's speaking to Susan. Tim's not divulging anything about his "potential case". He hands the list over with his corrections, telling Toadie to study it.
Number 32
Harold's finishing the cleaning while Rosie announces that it was "aerobic". It's a bad mental image, let's move on. They joke about the power of the vacuum cleaner before commenting that it's a pity Lou wasn't there to help. Harold tries to change the subject but Rosie's not letting him. She knows Lou's spoken to him about her and she wants to know what's been said. Harold won't tell, not even if it was good or bad.
ROSIE: I know you. If it was good news you would have told me. So I can only draw one conclusion.
Harold says nothing and Rosie takes that as a yes
Joe's lunch is interrupted by a knock at the door so he puts his sandwich down on the table.
JOE: You so much as lick that, Harvey, and I'll know.
He answers the door to find Tim Collins standing there, wanting to speak to Steph. He says that he can help her. Joe comments that now Tim's got his own firm he's trying to drum up business.
Steph appears and Tim wants to chat about the case.
STEPH: Police will sort it out.
TIM: Have they sorted it so far?
STEPH: Can you get them off my back?
TIM: Substantially.
STEPH: Completely?
TIM: No.
Not good enough so Steph says she's sick of the whole thing and walks off. Joe says they've had legal advice, he's been told the case is circumstantial. Tim says he could have prevented her spending any time in the cells and gives Joe his card saying that she's his daughter and she needs the best help she can get.
He may be a bit of a grey area in terms of morals, but then maybe that's what makes him a good lawyer.
Toadie calls in to see Karl about Susan. They talk about Tim but there's nothing that Karl can do about it. Susan comes in looking for Darcy and Toadie tells her that he's spoken to Tim. He says that they've always been mates and upfront with each other so in that vein... don't go with Tim. He's a shark and he'll have his interests before hers.
Susan calls Toadie on his claim that as her friend, he has her interests ahead of his own. If that's the case, why is he talking to Karl about her lawyer before talking to her?
TOADIE: I was looking for you.
SUSAN: Yeah, but you came to Karl first.
TOADIE: That's because I knew where to find him.
Susan's not buying it and walks out.
Joe comments on Steph feeding her lunch to the dog... before doing the same thing himself. Steph calls him a hypocrite.
JOE: Guilty as charged, your honour.
Then he realises what he's said and apologises. Steph can't stand that they're all walking on eggshells. She's tried her whole life to do the right thing, to work hard, and it's come down to some savings and the police believing she's a criminal. She thinks she's a disappointment to them all, as the eldest she should set the example.
Joe retaliates - she's been dumped on a lot but she deals with it and she doesn't let it turn her. He calls her a hero and says he's proud of her. She says she needs to keep on going before looking out of the window and seeing the car.
She races out...
Ramsay Street
...and yells at the car.
STEPH: Stop following me, Mitch, this is stupid!
The window is wound down and the guy shows his badge. Ah, so it's the cops who are mounting a really bad surveillance op?
COP: Expecting Mitch are we?
Karl finishes his coffee and admits that he has to get back to the real world. Harold gives him the keys and says the house is ready for the next tenant. Karl thanks him for cleaning the house, and for the chat. As Harold picks up the keys and hands them over he notices a letter that's with the mail. Lou's written to Rosie but he got the address wrong so it's been returned to Ramsay Street.
Karl picks up that things aren't going well between Lou and Rosie. Harold's unimpressed that Lou's chosen to do it through a letter. Karl asks what this means for Harold regarding his own feelings for Rosie in the past. He admits that they're not in the past but then Rosie's made her choice so what can he do?
Karl leaves and Harold puts the letter on top of the tea towel on the bench. He goes to wash up the cups, grabbing at the towel which of course sends the letter into a conveniently placed bucket of water. He tries to dry it off but then for some reason ends up opening the letter. Which of course he reads.
HAROLD: "I regret our recent misunderstandings and hope that we can work things out between us... I know I'm far from perfect but I do know that I feel for you..."
He sighs and looks at the letter he's just ruined.
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Steph Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4073
Steph Scully, Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy, Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 4073
Susan Kennedy, Tim Collins

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4073
Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4073
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4073
Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4073
Steph Scully, Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4073
Stuart Parker

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4073
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Stuart Parker, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4073
Stuart Parker, Steph Scully

Tim Collins, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4073
Tim Collins, Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4073
Steph Scully, Stuart Parker

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4073
Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4073
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4073
Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4073
Steph Scully

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