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Neighbours Episode 4067 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4067
Australian airdate: 13/08/2002
UK airdate: 09/10/2002
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Nic Ridge
Guests: Mitch Foster: Hugh Sexton
Gladys O'Grady: Adair Stagg
Saxon Garvey: uncredited
Summary/Images by: Kelza
Steph's on the phone to a customer when Michelle wanders in. Steph rolls her eyes and finishes the call. She asks Michelle if it's home time yet and welcomes her to Steph's new life and a desk slave. The boss went to a business seminar and all of a sudden she's chained to the desk. Michelle wants Steph to guess what. Steph thinks it's a cure to office boredom but in fact Michelle has found Connor. She found out he's at an orchid and got the address from Nina. Michelle wants to find him but Steph isn't so keen, and uses her work as an excuse. After a bit of guilt tripping Steph finally gives in and leaves work early.
Stu's serving patients their food and buttering them up. Dee comes and tells Stu off, saying that one particular elderly patient has a heart condition so she can't get too excited. With cutey Stu in the room that might be a problem! The patient comments on how the food seems better than usual and Stu tells her that it's cooked by an ex-army guy. This patient remembers that Stu used to be in the army and says she always loved a man in uniform. Watch out Stuey, methinks someone likes you! She gives him a packet of almonds, and just for that he gives her an extra desert. Stu whispers to Dee that this job beats the army any day.
Number 24
Saxon is reading Summer's book and quickly puts it on the coffee table when Harold and Boyd arrive talking about skating. Harold asks Boyd to go make himself a drink while he goes talk to Saxon about how he's spoken to Karl who's spoken to the agent about the lease on number 32 and that there will be no trouble finding another tenant. Saxon sounds very unenthusiastic and Harold goes on to say that Karl's also arranged to put Saxon's furniture into storage which gets yet another 'yeah whatever' response. Harold suggests Saxon go through his things and Boyd comes in asking if Saxon wants a drink, which he doesn't. Harold notices that Saxon's been reading Summer's book and enquires if it's been helping him. Boyd can't believe Summer has let Saxon read her diary and that she must really likes him. Saxon just thinks it's a kid's stupid diary. It's not helping him, he's just sad. Harold tries to talk to him but Saxon won't have a bar of it, leaving to go clean out his house.
Stu's wandering along the corridor eating his almonds and comes across Dee reading a patients file at the desk. She asks if he's enjoying the almonds and Stu thinks she's going to give him grief for taking food off patients. Dee informs him that they were originally covered in chocolate and the lady likes to suck the chocolate off them. Eww. Stu walks away all looking all grossed out and Dee gets back to what she was doing. But someone says her name. Who? She looks up and low and behold, it's Mitch! She's a bit shocked to see him, and asks if he's okay because he seems to be having trouble standing but that might just be me. Actually that's why he's come to see her, and wonders if she can help him.
Number 24
Saxon walks in with a box accusing Boyd of helping only because it makes him feel better but Boyd denies it. Saxon has a go at him and says he doesn't need the help. Boyd tries to talk to him but Saxon keeps pushing him away. The start psychically fighting but Harold breaks it up and gets Boyd to leave. Harold asks Saxon to go clean up because they have an appointment with the solicitors' office and they'll talk about it later.
In one of the rooms Dee takes off the material covering Mitch's wound. He tells her that he got swiped by a car while he was on his bike. Dee wants him to go through casualty and get some head scans if it's a bike injury. Mitch insists he's fine but Dee says it's procedure. Mitch sticks to his plan, and doesn't want to bother a doctor even thought Dee tells him he needs stiches and tetanus shots. Mitch holds his ground and even decides to go before Dee gives in and says he'll go get a bandage. She walks out into the hallway and Stu is conveniently outside. Dee asks if he will do her a favour and he says if it's about almonds she can forget it. She wants him to keep an eye on Mitch, she doesn't want him to make it obvious. Stu asks who he is and Dee replies that it's a friend of Steph's. Stu wants to know what this is about and Dee says it's probably nothing.
An Orchid Somewhere
Steph and Michelle drive up and go look around for Connor. Steoh jokes about getting a job there and asks Michelle what she wants to say to him. They spy Connor over by some trees, Michelle quietly sneaks up on him and startles the living daylights out of him.
Stu's standing outside the door when the old lady sneaks up behind Stu. She wonders what he's up to and he replies that he's keeping an eye on a patient and wonders if she should be in bed but the doctor had told her to start walking around. She asks if he wants another almond which he quickly declines and gets away by edging into Mitch's room. Mitch was just about to leave but Stu tries to engage him in conversation and prevent him from leaving. Micth wants to know what he's doing and Stu admits that Dee wanted him to keep an eye on him because she's worried about him. Mitch finally sits back down and Stu informs him that Dee is trustworthy. And asks if he wants tea or coffee.
Michelle and Connor are walking along the line of trees, Connor just wants Michelle to leave her alone. She wants to know if he wants to give up everything that they shared and he tells her that things run their course. She goes on about him telling her that he loved her, that she was like no other girl he's been with. He says he's Irish, that he has a way with words. It was just a fling. She doesn't believe that and Connor shrugs and says "You can believe what you want" before walking off. She runs after him and wants to know what he's going to do after he's finished working there, if he's going to keep pretending he can read and write. He turns back around to her and replies that he nearly killed her, that he was too proud to admit the truth. He's responsible and everyone will remember that. Michelle starts to say that she come out there because she loves him. Connor pauses before wanting to know if she would've really gone out with him if she knew the truth. Before she can reply he answers for her - she wouldn't. It doesn't matter to her but it does to him and turns to leave. Michelle asks him to answer this truthfully, if he actually does love her or not.
Dee's attending to Mitch's arm, seeing a bit of an infection. He wants her to prescribe some antibiotics but she can't. Stu wants to know how Mitch fell off his bike and Mitch tells him the same story, that a car pulled out in front of him without using their indicator but added a bit about grabbing onto the bumper bar. Dee thought the car had hit him and Mitch backtracks and said it had. She asks if he called the police to which Mitch gets defensive and says no. Dee finishes up and let's Mitch go. He doesn't want them to tell a soul about this, and Stu has an 'I don't believe this guy' look.
Connor and Michelle are walking along talking about the fact he can't read and how he was able to hide it so well. Michelle tries to tell him again that it doesn't bother her but he still doesn't think she's would to stick around and he doesn't want to wait around until it does. Michelle reminds him that he still hasn't answered her question so he does. He likes her a lot, but love? He doesn't want to make that commitment. He doesn't want her to make this any harder so he kisses her goodbye and tells her to go home. He slowly walks away leaving her heart to slowly break.
Coffee Shop - Night
Harold brings Saxon some food but he's not hungry. Harold pleads for Saxon to talk to him about his day. He knows what the kid is going through but expressing his grief through aggression isn't the answer no matter who started the fight. Of course he would be angry about his mother's death but taking it out on those close to you. Saxon doesn't think Harold wants him around but that's far from the case. He's welcome to stay as long as he wants and Harold thinks Saxon's saying all this because of the boarding school but Saxon tells him that his mum left him some money so he doesn't have to go to boarding school or have anyone look after him.
Number 26
Steph brings Michelle, who's sitting in the lounge room, some dinner. Michelle swears she's going to get Connor but back she doesn't know how at them moment. Steph wants to know if it's for the best and Michelle says she loves him. Steph knows that but she wants to make sure Michelle doesn't get hurt. Chelle knows that Connor was lying about not loving her, and that she wants him to know that it's okay, that no one blames him for what happened. Steph says shame's a pretty powerful thing and that he might love her so much that he can't bear to that he hurt her. Michelle is going to follow him everywhere and tell him its okay. She asks Steph if she's being stupid but Steph doesn't.
Number 24
Saxon is watching TV and won't answer the ringing phone one metre away from him so Harold comes running out to answer. After a short conversation, Harold informs Saxon it's his father and that he wants to talk to him. Saxon doesn't want to talk but Harold takes an 'take the phone now' tone. Saxon takes it off him and makes small talk before refusing point blank to go to boarding school before slamming the phone down and storming off to his room.
Ramsay Street
Stuart's taking bob for a walk and bumps into Steph. And I can hear Carly squeal as I type. Stu asks how her new job is and she returns the question. Stu suggest she could work at the hospital too if she wasn't such a wuss. They have some playful banter over her job until Steph asks if Dee is in, when Stu replies that she is she thinks she might go see her. Stu says goodnight and walks off (damn!) and Steph goes to walk on. Mitch jumps of the bushes and calls her name, surprising her. She wants to know what he's doing there but all he says is that he needs her help.
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