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Neighbours Episode 4068 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4068
Australian airdate: 14/08/02
UK airdate: 10/10/02
UK Gold: 13/07/06
Writer: Philippa Burne
Director: Nic Ridge
Guests: Mitch Foster: Hugh Sexton
Charles Blair: Andrew Murrell
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joe trying to find reasons not to have another child.
Steph seeing Mitch and Mitch asking for her help.
No. 22
Steph takes Mitch into No. 22 and just as she is starting to ask about his injuries, Drew and Libby return home. She quickly tells them who he is and that he's hurt his arm falling off his bike, hence why she is trying to administer first aid. Mitch refuses help saying he is okay even through it is quite plain to see he isn't.
Steph goes though into the kitchen area on the pretence of getting him some water and is followed by Libby & Drew and again she apologises for him turning up. They talk about why he has turned up and none of them believe the story about him coming off his bike. Libby then announces she is off to get Karl because she doesn't want Mitch dying on her livingroom floor!
Charles, the head concierge, is telling Toadie about the weird request from one of their 'star' guests and lays down the law to him because the celebrity wants total anonymity and Toadie totally agrees to keep his mouth shut. He notices Joe outside so asks to take his break, which Charles agrees to, and by the looks of it blabs to Joe about who is staying!
No. 26
Lyn does her best to turn the house into a romantic palace but her plans are ruined by Stu arriving to invite Joe out for a drink because he's been kicked out of his home to allow Dee and Toadie to be all romantic. Joe isn't in but arrives home soon after and if we needed confirmation that Toadie blabbed to Joe about who is staying at Lassiter's, he's just about to tell Stu who is arriving!
No. 22
Libby returns with Dee because Karl was out but she gives him short shift and tells him he needs a doctor. Mitch again refuses to go and get medical treatment, saying he's fine. Dee then drops him in it by saying he was at the hospital, which doesn't impress Steph, and she wants to know what is going on. Dee replies that only Mitch can say that before leaving since she can't do anymore.
Drew and Libby make themselves scarce to allow Steph to talk to Mitch and she demands the truth from him. He tries to say that he is back because he missed her but Steph isn't buying it and demands he tells her what trouble he is really in or that she'll chuck him out of the house.
No. 26
Joe isn't quite as appreciative of Lyn's attempts at turning the house into a romantic palace. He also seems quite stunned when Lyn starts going on about the research she has been doing about older mums having a baby and decides he needs to go for a walk...urgenly!
No. 22
Mitch explains what he has been doing to Steph and that he was hoping for a warmer welcome than what he's had but adds that he'll be fine after a good nights sleep. Steph informs him that he can't stay here and is still not believing the story he's been using especially since he is also refusing medical treatment when it is quite obvious he needs it. Bluntly she tells him to go away and to call her once he's sorted himself out. "I thought you were a friend and I thought friends helped each other out but obviously I was wrong," he replies before adding that he is going to leave. Steph tries to reason with him and the position he is putting her in but he replies that he didn't want another rejection.
Finally he admits that he is in trouble and that he needs someone he can trust and asks if she trusts him but Steph wants to know what sort of trouble is he in. Mitch refuses to talk in the house about it, instead asking her to meet him tomorrow at Lassiter's at 12-noon where he'll tell her everything.
No. 22 (next day)
Drew returns from his run and Lib asks if he saw Mitch hanging around but he assures her nobody was around. They are chatting about Mitch when Steph comes down and she again apologises for Mitch showing up like that but promises he won't be back again. Lib wants to know how she can be so certain, and Steph explains that she knows Mitch and he knows she is only a guest at No. 22. Libby asks if she is going to see Mitch again and Steph mentions the meeting she has arranged for midday. Drew asks if she wants him to come with her and she turns his offer down, saying it will be fine. Lib tells her she should stop mixing with these rough nuts and find herself a normal guy!
STEPH: Yes well I tried that and see where that got me!
Dee pops round to see if they've heard more from Mitch, still curious about the wounded arm. Steph and Libby then notice the headline in the newspaper - ARMED ROBBERS: Wounded and on the run - and wonder if Mitch is somehow related to it.
Charles refreshes Toadie's memory as to the procedures involved when the celebrity arrives just so he doesn't stuff it up! He also highlights that discretion is the name of the game! Suddenly a swarm of people suddenly appear outside Lassiter's and Charles asks Toadie if he told anybody. Toadie assures him he didn't just as Joe appears.
JOE: Is she here yet?
Oops, talk about dropping someone in it! Charles takes the news quite well I thought and before he departs, tells Toadie not to give out the celebrity's room number! Toadie promises and outside we hear the crowd scream, indicating the celebrity has arrived.
No. 22
Lib urges Steph to phone the police but she'd rather talk to Mitch first. Dee wonder if she is still going to meet him, which Steph assures her she is because she doesn't believe he is involved in the robbery because she trusts him and that he's never lied to her in the past. Lib is still suspicious and Dee thinks it could be a gun wound from what she saw at the hospital but Steph doesn't want to know and chastises them for finding him guilty before he's even been accused and adds that they've been watching too many cop shows!
Steph then announces she is off to work and Dee says her farewells too as she is meeting the girls for brekkie. Lib tells Steph to be safe at work, which she promises to do, then Drew comes in to say goodbye too, urging her not to worry too much.
Two seconds after Drew leaves, the phone rings - its Mitch wanting to talk to Steph but she tells him that Steph isn't in because she is at work. Mitch doesn't believe her even though she assures him that she isn't lying and tells him not to come over before hanging up. With the phone still in her hand, she pauses for a couple of seconds then calls the police.
Lassiter's Park
Toadie's "punishment" for blabbing is to babysit the celebrities poodle including taking it for walkies and to clean up its mess! He runs into Dee who is walking Bob and since the dogs are getting on well, they decide to spend the day together.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is telling Libby about a pesky customer but her mind is on Steph's meeting with Mitch but he assures her Steph will be fine. Libby then fesses up to him about calling the police after Mitch rang when he'd just left for work. Drew isn't exactly agreeing with his wife's actions especially as he thinks it means they don't trust Steph's judgments. Lib replies saying that if Mitch has nothing to hide then there will be nothing to worry about but if he does then she did the right thing. She asks him to back her up but Drew is very non-committal, preferring to see what happens first.
Lassiter's Park
Mitch is lying low waiting for Steph when he hears a police car approach. He is not impressed and thinks Steph has grassed him up.
Steph comes down the stairs into the park and also spots the car, which is now leaving, and waits for Mitch to appear.
No. 26
Lyn decides that since they've got the house to themselves, it is time for a chat with Joe! He reluctantly takes a seat and Lyn wants to know why he's changed his mind over having another kid. Joe says it's because of what the doctor said, which Lyn agrees with adding that she only wants another child if it comes naturally not through medical intervention.
Joe now thinks they are too old to cope with a new child and worrying about a teen when he is 60! Lyn tells him that Steph will be about 40 then and he'll still be worrying about her as well as the other kids. Trying another route, Joe brings up what if the child isn't healthy especially since that is a big risk at their age and wonders if they are ready to take that on.
Mitch enters Steph's work and she wonders why he didn't show up earlier. He isn't in the mood for questions though and thanks her for dobbing him in. This of course is news to Steph and she reaffirms that she didn't dob him in but he doesn't believe her.
Steph is now beginning to wonder if he really did do the robberies but Mitch refuses to answer and instead orders Steph to open the till and to give him all the cash. "What," replies Steph and he orders her to "just do it" and puts his hand into his jacket as if to pull out a gun.
Steph complies with this and empties the till while outside Toadie and his new friend Kiki the dog happen to pass.
Steph finishes empting the till and hands the money to Mitch who then leans over the counter and kisses her on the cheek, all witnessed by Toadie outside, before he thanks her and departs leaving Steph stunned as to what has just happened.
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