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Neighbours Episode 4066 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4066
Australian airdate: 12/08/2002
UK airdate: 08/10/2002
UK Gold: 12/07/2006
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Nic Ridge
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Summary/Images by: JA
- Connor tells Michelle that he can't read.
Number 28
The Kennedys and Scullys are washing up after dinner, and Susan is commenting that she believe that she is the mother to two grown up sons, as she can't remember anything about their childhood's or her pregnancies. She is surprised when Karl tells her that she suffered from terrible morning sickness.
Lyn announces that they are trying for another baby, and asks if they think that she is mad. Susan tells them that it's a bit risky at their age, but Karl says that he can refer them to a good gynacologist.
As they are talking Susan has another flashback, and drops a bowl, badly cutting her hand in the process. As she and Karl are alone, he is bandaging her hand, and she tells him that it was not a good memory. It was one in which she felt angry and betrayed. She asks him if he ever cheated on her.
He pauses, before saying that he didn't know when a good time to tell her would be, and begins to explain about Sarah.
Number 24
Harold is on the phone to Lou, he pauses to answer the door to Rosie, and then asks Lou if he wants a word. He declines and Rosie looks hurt.
Harold hangs up the phone, and tells Rosie that whilst he was at the coffee shop he heard Nina sing, and that she has the voice of an angel. Rosie decides that they should recruit her for the choir, but Harold tells her that Nina is painfully shy, and suggests that a softly softly approach would be the best idea.
Number 26
Lyn is fussing after Michelle, as she helps her to the couch.
Michelle tells Joe and Lyn that she wishes that Connor was there. Lyn and Joe say that they all do, and that they have no idea why he took off like that.
Michelle tells them that she knows, it is becuase he is illiterate, and he was not able to read what Lyn had written in the bottle. Lyn is sympathetic towards Connor, and comments that she wished that he had confided in them, Michelle looks upset.
Nina comes to the door to see how Michelle is, and says that she will pop round at lunchtime for a chat and with school work.

The side of the Road somewhere
Connor sits at the side of the road to rest, his back pack looks pretty heavy on his back. He takes out a piece of paper and looks at it, it's pretty safe to say that he is not reading it. He looks lost and confuses as to what to do next.

Outside the Coffee Shop
Susan is sitting having a coffee, Lyn Susan tells her that she needs a friend, and that she feels as though she can trust Lyn.
Lyn tells Susan that they are friends, and that they have been for a long time.
Susan agrees, she knows this because Drew told her. She tells Lyn that her life is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and she needs to find the pieces to put them back together. She asks Lyn is she knew Sarah. When Lyn says that she knows of her Susan worries that the story was all around the neighbourhood.
Susan tells Lyn that it is hard to deal with the fact that everyone know so much about her, and she knows hardly anything, and she doesn't know who or what to believe.
Karl finds Lyn and tells her that the gynaecologist is running late, she says that it's fine as Joe is not here yet, but she wanted to talk about Susan anyway. Karl apologies for the previous evening, he is about to ask if Susan has said anything to her about Sarah, when Joe turns up so he doesn't have the opportunity.
The talk then turns to Lyn and Joe's chances of concieving. He tells them not to be pesimistic as there are lots of things that doctors could do now. Lyn and Joe try to laugh off their problems.
Number 26
Michelle and Nina are having their lunch, Nina is telling Michelle not to feel guilty about Tahnee, she says that Connor never trusted her, and that she feels he never trusted her, certainly not enough to tell her that he couldn't read.
Nina tells Michelle, that she thinks that the reason that Connor said nothing was because he loved her so much that he wasn't willing to risk it the tiniest bit.
Michelle thanks her and tells her that she is a great friend.
Susan and Karl are talking in the only corridor in existence in Erinsborough Hospital.
KARL: I rang this morning left a message
SUSAN: Yes, I got the message. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to speak to you or not.
KARL:I see
SUSAN: No Karl, I don't think you do. I know that you hurt me dreadfully, I know that because I relived it, but that's not my problem.
KARL: It isn't?
SUSAN: No, why would it be? At this point in time I don't... I don't love you. So it all feels very remote. It's like hearing about someone elses marraige, or listening to a story.
KARL: So what is your problem?
SUSAN: My problem is that I am being manipulated, I want you and everyone else to stop censoring my life.
SUSAN: Yes, deciding which bit's you'll tell me and which bits you won't.
KARL: Oh, that is not happening, I told you everything that happened between us, I didn't leave everything out.
SUSAN: You told me because I asked you, if I hadn't would you have even mentioned it? I know you said that you were waiting for the right time.
KARL:Yeah, and that's true
SUSAN: Is it?
KARL: You just don't trust me do you?
SUSAN: Right now I think that the only person I should trust is myself, I think it would be best and I think it would be safest. I'll see you later.
Number 26
Karl obviously having a very busy day is at The Scullys to check up on Michelle.
He then follows Joe into the kitchen for a cup of tea.
JOE: You seen Susan today?
KARL: Yeah, briefly
JOE: Everything OK?
KARL: No not really?
JOE:(awkwardly) You wanna..talk about it? Look Karl, I know you and I have had our differences, but I consider you a mate...of sorts. But erm, I mean.. so if there is anything that you want to talk about..
KARL: I'm not sure that talking would help unfortunately. Look Joe, I made one mistake, and it is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.
JOE: You were thinking that Susan would only remember the good times, and this would be a chance to wipe the slate clean?
KARL: Maybe I'd be tempted. Last night I swore to Susan I was going to tell her about Sarah, but you know given the choice maybe I would have kept quiet, anything to avoid what is happening now.
JOE: It's early days mate, I mean, sure times ahead are going to be tough, but you and Susan have weathered storms before. You can do it again.
KARL: The big difference is last time that it happened we both wanted it to work out, now Susan doesn't give a damn if it works out or not.
Coffee Shop
Rosie is trying to convince Nina to join the church choir. Nina insists that Harold was exagerrating and that she is really not that good atall. Rosie insists that is not the case, and that she cannot join the choir as she is too shy.
Nina excuses herself to answer her phone, it's Connor. He is phoning to ask how Michelle is. Nina tells him that Michelle misses him, and he should come back home, that not being able to read doesn't matter. Connor says that there is no way that he can come home. Nina tells Connor to ring Michelle as she is the one that he should be talking to. He says that he can't and that he has to go.
Number 26
Joe and Lyn are in the kitchen discussing the drawbacks of having a baby at their age. Joe says that he didn't realise the risks of having another baby would be to Lyn. He says that he doesn't want Lyn going through any stress. Lyn tells him that she is tougher than he thinks, but Joe says that he would rather hold off a few weeks to see what the doctors say.
Nina arrives to tell Michelle that Connor is OK, and that he is working at an orchard, she has done some research and has the phone numbers of a few places that he could be. Michelle looks excited and hopeful as they get the phone out.
In the street
Susan is telling Rosie that she has just found out that Karl had an affair. She tells Rosie that she is confused, as she doesn't know what to about it. Rosie tells her that she is looking at the situation objectively as she doesn't have any emotion about the issue. She tells her that they had obviously worked on it before, and it would be a great shame if they threw it away. Susan looks thoughtful.
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