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Neighbours Episode 4065 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4065
Australian airdate: 09/08/2002
UK airdate: 07/10/2002
Writer: Glenda Hambly
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Summary/Images by: Kelza
Number 28 - Night
It's late and Susan and Karl are sitting on the sofa, discussing why he has no groupies. Susan can't believe he doesn't have any, and she would've gone for him. She never pictured him as a rocker though. Susan thinks it's lucky he didn't become successful otherwise he wouldn't have become a doctor. But Karl would have her know that The Right Prescription came this close *holds fingers close together* to making it big. Susan doesn't believe him, and I don't blame her. They have a little wrestle and have a good old laugh until they stop and gaze into each others eyes... and Susan get them back on the topic of him at uni. Karl asks if she would like a coffee but Susan declines. Karl then suggests they stay up until dawn... Susan says it's temping but she has to go. Karl offers to drive her home and she accepts.
Number 24 - Day
Saxon is fiddling with the remote on the couch while Harold is in the kitchen about to cook breakfast. Harold wants to know how many eggs he'll have but Saxon isn't hungry. Harold goes on about how it's important, and joins Saxon in the lounge. Changing his tack, he asks what Saxon has planned for the day. He doesn't have anything so Harold wants him to come with him to the Coffee Shop because a staff member has the day off. Saxon hesitates but finally agrees.
Lou comes out groaning and Harold jokes about him coming out of the wrong side of the bed. No, in fact Lou's back is playing up. Harold informs him that Rosie rang up earlier and she was a bit out of sorts too. Lou changes the subject to Saxon but Harold gets them back on track. Lou tells it like it is, that he's sick of her accusing him of being wrong about everything.
Number 26
Joe's on the phone to someone... once he hangs up he tells Lyn that they haven't seen him, whoever 'they' are. Lyn thinks he's a sensible lad. Joe notices she put the leftover spag boll down for Harvey and he gets annoyed because he was going to have that for his lunch. Too late now. Joe gets a bit miffed when Lyn makes fun of the fact he was going to eat it along with the leftover roast vegies with the mould so he decides to clean out the fridge. They find Connor's lunch and Joe starts worrying again. Lyn changes the subject to Karl and Susan and how they looked so happy. Joe had a go about the music (I don't blame him) and Lyn and Joe have a good old laugh about the hippy stuff, grass and trees... They're looking forward to having them over for dinner and Joe thinks that maybe they should talk to Karl about getting pregnant which Lyn does not want to do!
Lyn runs to get the door to find it's Nina. She's brought over some flowers for Michelle and the Scullys think it would be better if Nina took them over to her, that Michelle is feeling much better and would love to see her. Nina insists that they take them for her and makes tracks to leave, acting all shy when Lyn complements her hightlights in her hair.
Number 24
Drew's popped in and holds up a paper, asking was his idea. Lou said it sure is, it's he had to do something to tie up loose ends. Drew asks if Harold's seen it, which he hasn't, and that it's a risk for Lou. Lou doesn't care because he's selling the pub anyway.
Coffee Shop
Harold asks if Summer and Boyd are right, and if Boyd has anything planned for this afternoon. He doesn't so Harold offers to pay for Boyd and Saxon to go to the movies. Summer wants to go too but Harold wants her to stay and keep him company. He takes Boyd aside as Saxon heads off to the kitchen and asks that he keep an eye on Saxon, that he really needs a friend right now.
Summer had followed Saxon and wonders if he wants to talk. He doesn't and he thinks Sum would be too young to understand. Saxon walks out of the coffee shop not even waiting for Boyd. Boyd runs after him and catches him outside, admitting he doesn't want to go see a film and that he knows Saxon wants to be alone. He opens up about how his mum had died two years earlier and that he wanted to be alone. Boyd gives Saxon the money and says he'll talk to Harold.
Harold's gets off the phone tells Lyn about how he's just lost a second cleaner, and they talk about their staff issues while Nina listens intently. Summer goes outside to draw and as Lyn and Harold are talking cake, Nina offers to do the cleaning for him because she isn't working at Lassiters that night. After debating wether she would rather spend the evening with her friends, Harold accepts the offer. Lyn looks at Nina's book and asks if they are costume designs for the choir. She discovers that Nina is quite the drawer, and Lyn and Harold start complimenting her. Nina doesn't understand why she gets all this attention, she's ordinary and that's the way she likes it.
We cut to Nina sitting outside drinking her coffee and Lyn apologises for upsetting her. Nina doesn't understand why people keep complimenting her when she knows it's not true. Lyn explains that people compliment her because she does deserve them, but Nina won't have a bar of it because she can't stand when people notice her. Lyn thinks she needs to learn to take a compliment but Nina is just happy to stay in the background.
Summer is drawing away and talking to Boyd about what's going to happen to Saxon. They get to talk about their dad, and how much they miss him. Boyd says she's doing great, and asks about how she's feeling. She's feeling better but Boyd can't stop reading her Lord of the Rings. Boyd looks at his watch and decides they should get back so the head off in the direction of the Coffee Shop.
Coffee Shop
Harold's serving customers when Boyd walks in without Saxon. Boyd explains that he gave the money to Saxon and they parted ways, because Saxon really needed to be on his own. Harold is so worried about him but Boyd advises him that Saxon will talk when he wants. Drew wanders in and spies a bit better Summer and offers a milkshake to help the getting better process along.
Karl has come to see Susan and spots her reading in the foyer. He interrupts her reading to make sure they were still good for the Scullys tonight, and wanting to know if he'll pick her up. She thinks it's a bit silly so she'll meet him there. Karl sits across from her, mentioning how he was wondering what kind of a gift to get them. Susan suggests chocolate mints. Agrees and throws in maybe a bottle of wine which Susan thinks would be better. He also wants to get Lyn something special for organising this and Susan suggests flowers. Susan says she'll get the flowers and he'll get the wine.
Coffee Shop
Drew comments to Harold on how they have to admire Lou, for going public on 'it'. Harold asks what he means but Lou interrupts with phone numbers for Harold before Drew can answer. All Drew says to Lou that Harold hasn't seen the paper yet which confusing Harry even more. Drew takes the milkshakes over to the kids while Harry and Lou get down to business. Has Lou got on with the other matter. The other matter being Rosie I presume because Harold informs Lou that he risks losing her altogether. They have an argument over how Lou's being pigheaded and that Rosie has always stood by him. Lou leaves, pointing out the paper. Harold reads the public notice that says that Lou Place was responsible for the food poisoning in the area, and that the Coffee Shop had nothing to do with it.
Number 26 - Night
Karl arrives first and thanks them for organising this, they have a good old yarn about Susan. Joe says that he thought Karl was quite good last night with the performance, and Lynnie was singing along... a knock at the door interrupts them and Lyn goes and answers it. It's Susan, with a big bunch of flowers and presents them to Lyn. Lyn brings her through to the kitchen and Susan compliments them on their house. She feels bad for not asking about Michelle. Joe says it's fine, and Susan thinks it must be pretty lonely for them with "Flip" away. Karl corrects her and they all have a good old laugh about her getting the name wrong. Lyn hugs her and says she's doing really well. Drew's been tutoring Susan and Joe thinks that soon Susan will know about the street more than they do. Nice joke!
Number 24
Saxon's in the kitchen flipping through boarding school flyers that his father has sent. Boyd, Summer and Harold have a look at them too and Boyd and Summer don't want him to go to one, wonder why can't Saxon stay here with Harold. He tells the kids it's not up to him. Summer follows Saxon into the lounge room and offers him a notebook. It's a book of letters she wrote to her mum after she died. She thinks it might help Saxon.
Number 26
They're just finishing up dinner and Lyn's going on about how they hope Steph and Flick will sort out their differences. Susan comments on how much they love them and turn to Karl, saying their kids are lucky to have him after what's happened to her. Karl says the kids understand. Susan's been so impressed by how much he loves them and he assures her that they've had some ups and downs, like with Mal. But that was because he wanted what's best for him, and Joe jokes about how that always gets you into trouble every time and Lyn adds that it's what being a parent is all about. Susan goes on to say that Mal finally understood in the end and that's what loves about.
Coffee Shop
Nina's all alone, mopping the floor and singing Amazing Grace. Harold sneaks in and shuts the door behind him, startling her. He compliments her, wondering why she never told him. She replies that she only does it for fun. Harold then says that she would be the best asset to the choir. But she changes the topic and hurries off to the kitchen leaving Harold puzzling over her shyness.
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