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Neighbours Episode 4064 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4064
Australian airdate: 08/08/02
UK airdate: 04/10/02
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Penny Watts: Andrea McEwan
Sindi Watts: Marisa Warrington
Dr Danielle Marks: Maureen Andrew
Summary/Images by: Kelza
Number 26 - Night time
All is quiet in the house. Not a creature is stirring...except for Connor, who has decided to leave. He looks around making sure no one is awake before saying goodbye to Harvey. With one last look around the house he's gone.
Hospital - The next day
Lyn's walking along with Karl in the hallway, asking when they can bring Michelle home thanking him for what he's done. Karl tells her it's a good job Connor and Joe got her to Michelle to the hospital quickly. He looks and his watch and realises he needs to run off. Before he leaves Lyn says she'll see him and Susan for dinner tomorrow night for their double date. Karl asks if she will be up for it, but she thinks she will and that it will be good to see Karl and Susan 'out and about'. Karl thinks it's a long way to go, but it's encouraging.
As Lyn leaves a long haired Sindi marches in through the door and up to Darcy and says not to panic, she's just come from out patient check-up but Darcy doesn't believe her. She insists she has and asks about Penny and if he's spoken to her lately and Darcy replied that he and Penny are fine. While this is happening a pretending-not-to-eavesdropping-Karl is eavesdropping on the conversation. Sindi does a pretend 'that's nice' routine' and walks away leaving Darcy a tad scared.
Karl asks if everything is fine and Darcy says it is. Karl informs him that he has a meeting with the medical practitioner's board and that he's going to have to be honest with those at the board but he is going to put in a good report for good ol' Darcy, both personally and professionally which Darcy appreciates. Karl goes on to say that Darcy's really got himself together lately (Oh the things he doesn't know!) and that he's proud of him, and pats Darcy on the back before he heads off. Darcy calls after him and scuttles up to Karl, asking if Susan were to remember the not so good times be tempted to re-write history? Karl admits he has been thinking about that a lot lately than that and that he would, but when the time is right he would tell her everything. He doesn't want a relationship based on lies. He heads off to the meeting leaving Darcy to think about what Karl just said.
Number 28
Susan and Libby are listening to music. Susan comments that Karl's taste in music is terrible (Sea of Love is on) and Libby tells her that actually it's Susan's. Drew comes in with baby Ben asking what they are getting up too. Susan pauses and says "I've lost so much haven't I?" Libby tells her it's not lost, just misplaced. Susan picks up a tape and asks about the band 'The Right Prescription'. Drew and Libby laugh and when Susan asks why, they say no reason. Libby suggests Susan put the tape on for herself and have a listen. Oh no.
Number 26
Lyn walks in while Joe's on the phone, asking Stu to let them know. Joe tells Lyn Stu's on the case, which is a bit odd because Stu isn't a policeman. Lyn feels terrible because Connor is blaming himself for her mistake. Joe thinks Michelle will be devastated when they tell her but Lyn doesn't want to tell her until they absolutely have too.
Coffee Shop
Summer is eating while Rosie is shuffling through her papers. Lou comes in and picks up a paper that Rosie has dropped on the ground and hands it over. Rosie is all enthused, saying it's the first public performance of the choir. Lou hopes it does well, and they chat about why he can't come. Rosie I think has some sort of plan to get him to go, telling him that she had plans for him to be the MC. Lou asks why she can't she do it but she says it wouldn't be the same... and her guilt trip works because Lou will see if he can shuffle some stuff around. He lends in closer to Summer, asking if she would like to be a MC assistant. She turns to her granny and quickly changed the subject to her medicine. Lou then distracts her by pointing to the corner while he steals some of her food. How rude. Everyone laughs like it's the funniest thing in the world and Summer says the olds are both silly. Ah the world is a wonderful place in Erinsborough!
Number 28
We now cut to Darl grooving away to some very bad sounding tunes. Susan turns to where Drew, Libby and Ben are sitting on the sofa and asks what the song is called and Libby replied that it's 'As Free As A River'. Susan says it's a gas! Erm, no one says that anymore Suze. Karl wanders in and demands to know what's going on. Susan shows him the tape and her and Libby talk about why there isn't much information on the tape. Drew gets a flashback! He now remembers where he's heard the name before, the dude that sings it is doing a gig at the pub. Karl's waving to Drew behind Susan's back in a "No! Nooo!" sign. Susan wants to go and the rest of the family agree, Libby saying to her dad that she hopes the old man is up to scratch. Hehe.
Number 24
Lyn's peering out the window for some unexplained reason before her and Tahnee chat about if Michelle will be okay and where Connor might be. Lyn pulls her to one side and asks that Tahnee keep that to herself for the time being because they haven't told Michelle yet. Lou comes out of one of the back rooms trying to get everyone in the choir into order, getting Nina to get some things for him because his back is playing up. Aww! Rosie, as cheerful as she always is, asks Tahnee how she's feeling and Tahnee is pretty good. She complains about the smocks and Rosie thinks that whoever designed them did a pretty good job.
Summer walks up to Nina and she wants to know if Summer is coming. Rosie, who seems to be everywhere at the moment, thinks she should because she'd have a fine time. Nina offers that Summer could be her assistant (in demand is our Sum) but she kindly declines the offer, she isn't well enough. Nina and Rosie come up with a plan, that Summer will help Boyd with his English essay. Meanwhile Lou is still trying to round up the choir and manages to get them all out of the house leaving Summer all alone.
Number 28
Karl is trying to convince Drew and Libby to keep Susan away from the gig, he does not want her there. Libby says it will be great, that Susan will see a different side to his personality and that she'd love it, guitar in his hands singing the songs Susan loves... Drew suddenly thinks that Karl might be right, what if it all of a sudden triggers bad memories. Karl looks over to Susan and sighs, anything that triggers off memories is better than nothing, even if she does hurl tomatoes at him. Susan looks up from where she's playing with Ben and asks what's up. Drew offers her coffee and Libby grabs Karl's arms, is he going to do it? Stay tuned.
Outside Lassiters
Karl and Susan are getting out of a taxi, Karl says she doesn't have to get too dressed up, it's only a pub gig. Susan wants too though. They go inside, Susan and Karl having a bit of a chat over if Libby and Drew are pulling her leg or not. Susan just really wants to meet the man who wrote such great music. Bah ha! Karl doesn't want her to get her hopes up, that he'll probably be pretty ordinary. No way man, not with those lyrics is Susan's reply to that. Oh dear. Susan wants to know if Karls coming but he probably can't go. He does like them but he might just meet Susan there for a drink. Susan looks a bit disappointed and wanders off to the pub.
Rosie's a bit nervous, looking over some random to make sure the smock is okay. Lou goes off in search of someone and Lyn is helping Tahnee into her smock saying she'll take her over to see Michelle but Tahnee is the last person Michelle will want to see. Lou comes back getting everyone ready for action. Rosie asks for the sheet music but ah-oh, Lou didn't bring it. Nina is looking between Rosie and Lou with her innocent eyes while they argue. They will have to start with Amazing Grace because at least they know that one. She gets them started as they walk out into the hallway. Nina apologises for not bringing the music but Lou says it's alright, and they follow the singers.
Number 28
Oh jeez! Karl's undoing his shirt singing his song on the top of his voice. So very bad, and he can't even remember the words! Joe lets himself into the house of horrors and apologises for interrupting. Oh Karl is a dead man. Joe gets down to business, talking about how Connor's done a runner and Lyn blames herself... Karl takes a stab in the dark and guesses that Joe blames himself too and Joe admits it's hard not too. Karl says it was an accident, pure and simple. Joe wants to know if telling Michelle that Connor shot through would put back her recovery. Karl thinks Michelle could handle it and that she might even know where he's gone too. Joe and Karl have a bit of a chit chat over the fact Karl's playing at the pub and that Susan is going. Joe can't believe that Susan liked the tape and that Karl is performing. Oh he's going to be there!
Guess who's waiting for Darcy? Penny. She's nervous, wondering what 'they' are going to ask her. Darcy says she just needs to tell the truth, and that they need to know that there wasn't an abuse of the doctor patient relationship. He knows he can trust her, and that the trust works both ways. Penny would hate to think that anything was left unsaid between them. He thinks it's funny that she would say that, because there is something he should probably tell her about Sindi. Cue shocked look by Penny.
We then cut to where Darcy is trying to weasel his way out of the situation by saying Sindi turned a small thing into something bigger than it was. But the most important thing is the way they feel about each other. They quietly argue over the fact she isn't happy over what she's just been told. Darcy wants a chance, but Penny just thinks that after he kissed Sindi, did he tell her he didn't want to get married. He doesn't get to answer in time because a member of the board comes out for Penny so she goes off to see the board. Oh boy you're in deep now Darce!
Number 24
Summer is sitting all alone on the couch when Nina walks in with a box. Summer asks how it was and Nina said it was good. They chat about singing and Summer has some wise words for Nina, that she should sing because you never know when something you love will be taken away. You can hear Rosie complaining a mile away as she walks into the room with Lou, still annoyed over the fact he forgot the sheet music. Nina decided to come clean to Rosie then leaves. Lou and Rosie continue to argue, this time over the fact that Rosie keeps putting Lou down. He doesn't appreciate it, it's not very Christian. Rosie asks Summer where Boyd is and finds out he had to go to the library. Summer goes to get her things. Rosie thanks Lou for making things clear to her, just wish it would've happened sooner and storms off.
Hospital - Conference room.
Penny is sitting across from three very mean looking people from the medical board, admitting that she loves Darcy very much. That's not the answer to the question, which was does she think the relationship began because of some power imbalance. Yes, she thinks it did. Wha? I thought she was going to say it wasn't. She goes on to say she was at a very vulnerable point in her life. She didn't realise at the time that he took advantage of her but look back, he probably did but he probably couldn't help himself. A board member asks if it could happen again. Penny replied that judging by what she knows now, it probably could. Ooh vindictive. The board exchange glances.
Lou's Place
Lyn and Joe are having dinner and talking about if they should tell Michelle about Connor shooting through. Joe wants to tell her but Lyn wants to wait.
We follow the waiter that takes their plates over to Susan, Libby and Drew where they are waiting for the man from 'The Right Prescription' to show up. Susan thinks they're up to something and wants to leave but Libby promises all things will be revealed soon. Drew goes to see what's happening. Lou come out onto the stage and announces that the 'renowned vocalist from The Right Prescription' is about to perform. Yay (/enthusiasm). Karl comes out dressed in this horrible brown number and Susan is standing there, shocked while Libby and Drew applaud. Karl dedicates it to someone very special in the audience and Susan can't believe her eyes, it's Karl! She grooves along while Joe and Lyn have a bit of a chuckle.
Darcy siting down waiting for Penny, when she comes marching out he asks how did it go but she doesn't reply. He asks again and wants to talk about this but she continues walking down the hall. A member of the board comes out and says they're ready for him. He goes with her into the conference room.
Lou's Place
Karl's still singing away there not realising how bad he actually is and Susan is bopping away there, loving it. He gets the high note and everyone cheers. Lou's grooving away too, everyone is which is actually a shock. They like it!
Number 28
Libby asks if they are forgiven and Susan says they are, only because of the good performance. Oh man she must be tone deaf. Susan never thought that Karl had it in him, and why didn't he tell her. Karl tells the truth and said it was because OldSusan™ loathed his music with a passion. Well she loves it now! Libby and Drew hate to break up the love in but they have to get Ben off to bed. They say they can drop Susan off at Lassiters but Susan wants to stay.
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