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Neighbours Episode 4037 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4037
Australian airdate: 02/07/02
UK airdate: 28/08/02
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Summary/Images by: Chloe/Karen (Katie)
- Rosie asks Drew and Toadie about what kind of trouble Lou is having.
- Libby finds Susan in the girls toilets at the school, where she (Susan) breaks down realising that what they've said is true (i.e. she is no longer 16)
And music...Ooooh Neighbours...
Scully House
Michelle and Connor are rolling around on the floor playing a game which involves Michelle messing up Connor's hair. For the record, Connor's shirt is BRIGHT yellow, he reminds Michelle that her Dad said no 'hanky panky' (oh, was THAT what they were doing on the floor? I'm so naive!). Connor wonders what hanky panky is anyway (oh Connor, need we go there...). Michelle thinks it might be holding hands, Connor laughs at the suggestion, and in return Michelle gives him a kiss on the cheek. Aww! Meanwhile Harvey is flapping his tail madly between the camera and Connor - kind of looks like a windscreen wiper!). Connor wonders if kissing is hanky panky - Michelle says it isn't, it's kissing.
There's a knock at the door...
Dun dun duh! Well, it is dun dun duh, because Michelle doesn't want to answer it (leaving me on the edge of my seat!), she thinks they should pretend they're not in. But Harvey barks, and Connor says it might be important. Michelle gives in and tells him to pick up the pillows so it looks less 'suss'. She gets up to answer the door. And...it's Rosie. Hello Rosie! She's after Lyn, and she's brought the Scullys' mail with her. Michelle explains that Lyn isn't in. And then for some strange reason Michelle mentions Connor is with her. No, that's not 'suss' at all. Rosie must agree with me because she makes a thing of 'having the house to yourselves'. And it looks even less suspicious, of course, when Michelle says that she's doing an assignment that she has to get done. Rosie goes to leave, telling them that they should behave themselves!
Connor thinks she knew what they were doing. He's worried because that means he might lose his job. Michelle, whilst flicking through the mail, thinks he should chill out as he's the only guy her Dad has 'approved' of. Michelle comes across an open envelope for Flick - naturally she decides to look inside. Oh, alas! It is the picture of Flick and Stuart. She looks at it and from the look on her face it looks as though she regrets looking.
Libby's Place
Libby's on the phone to Billy, telling him not to come down because they've been recommended not to shock Susan more. Drew and Karl (who's holding Ben) disagree with Libby (and the neurologist) about shocking Susan. They think that seeing Billy may jog her memory. Karl speaks out against the hospital (as a doctor I'm sure that's not wise! That is, as Karl is a doctor, not because I am a doctor!) saying that they always suggest the course of least resistance, but it might not be the best course for them. Luckily, Libby is keeping her head, saying that they'll change tactics if they need to.
Anyway, Libby wants to make a suggestion. She wonders if Susan should move in with her and Drew because she feels safer with Libby and she could be eased in gently to her house and things. There's a knock at the door and it's Boyd. Drew gets rid of him rather quickly. They decide to go off to the hospital and Karl thinks they'll pick Susan up, see how she is then make a decision.
Ramsay Street
Summer is waiting for Boyd outside. He returns saying Libby was too busy to talk to him. They go back to putting up posters. Summer puts them in Boyd's hand.
SUMMER: Is it still sore?
BOYD: What do you think?!
SUMMER: Don't yell at me, I didn't bite you
BOYD: Yeah well if you had I'd probably already be dead
SUMMER: Seriously though do you have any symptoms.
Summer names a few symptoms wondering if he has any.
BOYD: Do I look like I'm frothing at the mouth?!
Summer says she's only trying to help, and the two of them go back to putting up posters.
Coffee Shop
Michelle and Connor walk in and over to the ever popular drinks cabinet thingy. Michelle says that someone ( I couldn't catch the name) is sick. Connor wonders if she wants to go visit, but Michelle is like me and she doesn't, because whoever it is looks awful when they're sick. Connor doesn't think that's very nice and the two of them sit down at a table with their presumably free drinks. They're about to decide on a film to watch when Tahnee asks what they're both up to. Connor says nothing much and Michelle asks Tahnee the same question. Tahnee is disappointed because her and her friends (who are standing on the other side of the coffee shop) were going to watch a film, but her parents have hired a carpet cleaner, so now she can't. There's an awkward silence and Tahnee says it's a real shame because the guy who's standing over there (she looks across the other side of the coffee shop), well the two of them are sort of together and she wanted to spend the day with him. Michelle, looking somewhat relieved that Tahnee isn't out to get Connor, offers her house - it's empty and cheaper than seeing a film. Tahnee looks happy and goes off to tell the others leaving Connor and Michelle at the table with their un-paid for drinks.
CONNOR: I thought you didn't like her?
MICHELLE: No, I don't when she's trying to crack on to you.
Michelle thinks that if she's got someone else, then it's fine - hmmm I smell a rat.
Ramsay Street - Another Lamppost
We're back with Boyd who is hanging up another poster. Karl pulls up nearby and Boyd goes over. Karl says he's in a hurry. Boyd says that he's hurt his hand. Karl wonders what he's done to it.
BOYD: I scratched it falling off my bike [Boyd shows him his hand] .
DR K: Well, scratches can hurt, of course...[Karl takes off his sunglasses] It's the first scratch I've seen with teeth marks!
He actually says that very angrily, but I suppose under the circumstance (your wife not know who you are and such) he would be a bit on edge. Anyway, he gets out of the car (he was sitting in it with the window wound down). Karl has another look and wonders what bit him. Boyd sort of 'umms', but Karl just wants to know.
DR K: Oh come on, don't mess me around! What was it? A dog?
BOYD: Err...sort of...It was a fox.
The Doctor is concerned, but angrily concerned and he's scaring me. He wonders when it happened and when Boyd says it was yesterday he looks a bit more angry and muttering 'for goodness sake Boyd'. Aww, come on Karl - be kind! Boyd wonders if he'll get rabies, but Dr K says that you can't get rabies in Australia, but he'll probably have a nasty infection. He makes Boyd promise to see Darcy ASAP down at the surgery and says he'll ring Darcy so he knows Boyd's coming.
The two of them spot Lou and Rosie walking over, Boyd tells Karl he can't tell anyone because Karl is his doctor. Karl sort of agrees. Boyd goes off, and Rosie comments how he's always in a rush. Lou and Rosie enquire after Susan is, and Karl just says she's OK. Him and Libby get into the car and Rosie tells Karl to give Susan her love and she'll go and visit her soon. Karl starts speaking trying to think of an excuse, Libby interrupts telling Rosie Susan wants some quiet, but Drew interrupts them both saying that she can't have too many visitors. Rosie and Lou look back to Karl who says there has been a few complications. Lou tells Karl to give Susan a kiss from him and Karl starts the car saying that he'll send her his love. The two of them pull away in the car and Rosie and Lou look at each other and Rosie comments that she has the feeling something funny is going on. Lou agrees.
Scully House
There's a party! Well, sort of. Connor and Michelle are in the kitchen. Connor hangs up the phone. From the conversation him and Michelle have afterwards it sounds like he was talking to Lyn, maybe. Michelle thinks he's sucking up, but he argues back that it would be better than her walking through the door and she would have got annoyed (I'm just assuming 'she' and 'her' is Lyn, could be someone else I suppose. Perhaps Rosie from earlier? I don't know. But I'm going with Lyn). Anyway, Connor says that they mustn't eat the cheesecake in the fridge and everyone has to keep their feet off the furniture.
Michelle joins Tahnee and her friends in the lounge whilst Connor sorts the drinks. She asks when Tahnee's guy is coming round. Tahnee says he'll come round later. She adds that Connor seems very mature. Michelle says he is, even if he can be a bit OTT, he's perfect. Aww... Tahnee smiles but then looks kind of evil.
Libby's Place
Libby comes in first through the door, followed by a timid Susan. Libby shuts through that they're home. Susan notices Audrey and fusses over her. She asks Libby what its name is, and Libby says quite sadly, Audrey. Susan repeats 'Audrey' to herself, then asks if she knows her. Libby doesn't answer and Drew comes in holding Ben - he was just out the back. Susan smiles and comments that Ben looks so healthy and happy. She thinks it must be a lot of work looking after a baby. Both Drew and Libby look at her for a moment. Then Libby looks to Ben and says that she should know, as she had three. Susan is shocked and repeats 'three babies?' to herself. Libby walks over o a photo and hands it to Susan explaining that this is her. Susan asks who's the baby she is holding. Libby says quietly: 'it's me'.
We cut to a view of number 28. Susan and Libby are at the window of Libby's placer and Susan wonders how long she's (Susan) lived there (number 28). Libby answers seven years, and Susan can hardly believe it. She turns back to the window. Libby continues saying that it is a very happy home. Susan simply says 'that's nice', and walks round to sit onto the sofa. Libby continues some more, saying that people always say that her and Karl are the perfect couple. Susan sighs and looks down at her lap, saying that she has to go and talk to him, doesn't she? Libby bends down so she's level with her and says only when she is ready and that Karl does understand. Susan is telling herself, more than Libby, that even if she can't remember she has to learn and try. Libby just says that they're all there to help her. Susan gets up and says she'll be back in a little while and leaves. Libby stands up and Drew asks if that was a step in the right direction. Libby says distantly that she thinks it is and begins to make her way to the door. Drew asks if she's going out too. Libby thinks she should and says she'll just hang back a bit.
Number 28 - The Kennedys
Karl is reading the paper on the sofa with Dahl on his lap. There's a knock at the door and he gets up to answer. As he opens the door he stops saying 'Susan' - therefore we can assume Susan is at the door. There's a bit of silence for a second or two, but he tells Susan to come in. She does so and notices Dahl walking along the back of the sofa. She wonders if he bites. Karl says very rarely, and never her. The two of them stop and are both looking at Dahl. Susan turns round to face Karl.
SUSAN: We're married, apparently.
I really feel for Karl, it's all very sad. She turns round again and sees the famous Kennedy picture on the wall. She names her kids (Malcom, Libby and Billy) and walks toward the picture. Karl is amazed that she remembers. Susan says she is trying to. She comments that Libby is older now, and Karl says that when the picture was painted she was 17. Susan continues looking up at the painting, she looks so very sad.
SUSAN: Susan Kennedy. School teacher, well Principal. Married to Karl(she turns to face him). Local GP who likes to make model aeroplanes.
Karl laughs slightly and she turns back to the painting.
SUSAN: Three kids. One grandchild. That's me apparently, not exactly what I had planned.
The camera cuts to Libby who is standing outside the front door, which is conveniently left ajar. Karl laughs slightly and says life is what happens to you when you're busy planning. Susan looks at him confused and asks him what he means. He tells her it's a line to a John Lennon song they used to sing to the kids, does she remember? Susan doesn't answer and goes a bit panicky. She says she wasn't going to have any kids nor get married. She says with a small smile that she was going to travel, be famous and travel the world! Karl thinks everyone think like that at 16. Susan wants o know why she gave all that up. Karl avoids the questions saying that she has had some very happy times in this house. Susan looks around her and replies 'so I'm told'. The camera cuts to Libby again who closes her eyes. Susan apologises to Karl, but he doesn't accept is saying it's fine.
SUSAN: Can I, err, look around?
Karl is happy and tells her of course she can and points her through to 'their' bedroom. She stops at the door and looks at him, obviously uncomfortable with that idea. She asks abut the other rooms, and goes to look in the kids rooms.
When she goes through Karl puts his head in his hands and lets out a defeated sigh. He notices Libby and wonders what she said to make her want to come over. Libby says she only showed her some photos and then Susan wanted to see him. Libby thinks that's good, right? Karl says it's fantastic, but Libby picks up on the fact that he isn't thrilled. Karl turn to face Libby and looks straight at her and tells her that Susan remembers nothing at all and all she is doing is gathering information and learning about her life.
KARL (sadly): It's going to be such a long road
The lump in my throat is rather large at the moment, I really am going to cry. Anyway, Libby says that she can't imagine what Susan is going through but she tells Karl that it'll be OK. He looks at her and gives a half smile.
Lou's Place
Boyd joins Rosie and Lou and Summer. They want to know where he's been, and Rosie notices Boyd's hand which now has a bandage on it. He says he cut it and it hurt so he went to the doctors. Rosie thinks he should have said something. Boyd says he's fine ad Darcy bandaged it for him and gave him a tetanus injection. Lou thinks it must be a pretty bad cut then. Rosie continues saying that she would have been happy to go along with him. Summer plays the ever loving little sister and asks what Darcy thought of the cut, knowingly. Boyd says he said it'll be fine and wonders if anyone has ordered him any lunch - they haven't. Lou asks him what he wants. Boyd says he'll have some fish and chips as well (that's very British of him!). Lou gets up and says he'll get some sorted, Boyd takes Lou's seat.
Summer thinks that is the best thing about being the boss, you can walk around like you own the place.
BOYD: He does own the place you moron.
Rosie says she'll have no language like that at the lunch table. Lou's mobile rings and Rosie answers it. She says to the person on the other end that Lou isn't there but she can take a message, and that she does. She finds a pen and paper in her bag and says she'll tell him and hangs up. Summer wants to know what that was all about and Rosie says that Lou is selling his car, apparently. Summer asks what's wrong with it and Boyd chips in saying people sell their cars to update sometimes. Rosie says that's probably what it is.
Lou comes back over to the table and Boyd gets off his chair asking Lou what kind of car he's getting. Lou is confused and Rosie says that someone was on the phone asking about buying Lou's car. Lou says he's just thinking about trading up and that there is no rush. He then leaves to get some drinks.
Number 28 - The Kennedys
Susan and Karl are looking at Dahl. Karl wonders if she remembers when Dahl got up into the roof because Joe left the manhole open. Susan looks round and says nothing as Libby comes from the direction of the kitchen asking her if she remembers her favourite book. Again, Susan says nothing and Libby says it's Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and she loves Jane Austen - so much so that she forced the school to keep it on the syllabus for years. Susan flicks through the book.
Karl picks something up and asks her if she remembers it. It's an ornament of a dog and he gave it to her on her first wedding anniversary because she wanted a dog. Karl says it was her favourite thing. Bless Karl and Libby, they're trying so hard. Karl looks at the ornament, then to Karl on her right and Libby on her left and then back at the ornament. She hands the ornament back to Karl telling him that it's sweet. She then hands the book back to Libby whilst we get some sad music. It's obvious she does not remember.
Scully House
Tahnee is talking to Connor in the kitchen about how her sister looks like her when Tahnee puts her hair up, so she can steal her sisters ID. She then starts talking about clubs. Connor mentions a club call Deconstruction, but he says he's never been there. She says she'll have to take him there sometime. Connor asks if she means her and her boyfriend.
TAHNEE: Yeah, of course.
Michelle puts her head through asking where the chips are and Tahnee says she's now coming. Michelle gives them both a strange look.
Number 28 - The Kennedys
Karl is cooking something. He says he has olives, sun dried tomatoes, basil. Libby says yes to the olives but no to everything else. She then asks Susan what she wants. Susan thinks it all sounds a bit yuck and asks for a cheese sandwich. Karl says it won't just be any old cheese sandwich and opens up the fridge. Susan looks a bit scared by all of this and goes to sit with Libby on the sofa. She sort of whispers to her, Karl can hear everything she is saying:
SUSAN: Libby. Libby, let me come home with you. I can help with the baby. Please, please don't let me stay here with him. I can't.
Karl looks shocked and broken hearted in the kitchen and Libby is mirroring the same look sitting next to Susan. My heart has just shattered, also.
Scully house
Michelle doesn't think hat Tahnee was too bad today and Connor agrees but thinks it's strange that her boyfriend didn't show up. Michelle wonders if she likes him more than he likes her.
CONNOR: Mm. Or maybe he's a figment of her imagination. I'm going to do the dishes.
Michelle kind of slows down a bit, asking why he would think that. Connor says that she didn't seem too bothered that he didn't show up and she didn't talk about him very much. Connor carries on talking about Tahnee, whilst Michelle notices a note in his jacket pocket, which is on the sofa. She opens it up and walks through to the kitchen where Connor is. She tells Connor that she's left him a note and that he should read it.
CONNOR: No, you read it. I have no secrets.
MICHELLE: I already have. It says: "If you want a really wild time lets get together at the Coffee Shop tonight at 8. I'll take you to Deconstruction and show you what it is all about."
Michelle wants to know why she thinks she can get into deconstruction anyway. Connor tells Michelle about the sisters ID thing that he spoke to Tahnee earlier about. Michelle says that they talked about going there, then. Connor says that she just mentioned that she'd been there a couple of times in passing conversation. Michelle thinks that she's trying to get him interested.
CONNOR: Well I'm not, alright? I'm starting to think that Tahnee girl has got a few screws loose.
Here, here, Connor! Michelle thinks he should go so that they can teach her a lesson once and for all. Connor wonders how they are going to do that, and we're left with Michelle smiling to herself.
Libby's Place
Libby and Drew walk through from upstairs into the lounge/kitchen area. Libby tells him that Susan's freaking out and it would be mean to leave her there all by herself and she only agreed to stay because Libby was there with her. Drew wonders about sleeping arrangements and Libby says that Susan can have her (Libby's) old room, and Libby will have one of the boys rooms. She stops and looks down.
LIBBY: You should have see Dads face. He's devastated.
Drew thinks they should check with the neurologist that they're doing the right thing. Libby doesn't really answer, just saying that she know show scared Susan was and she begins to walk towards the front door with a bag. Drew follows her, asking her about if it doesn't work out and she stays frightened of Karl. Libby turns to face Drew saying that then she'll have to live with them.
DREW: What'll Karl do?
Libby shakes her head and looks up at Drew.
LIBBY: It'll kill him.
Harold's Back Garden
Boyd and Summer go through the back gate of Harold's garden. Summer wants to know why he knows that MrFox doesn't like dog biscuits. Boyd says he's not a dog, that's why. Summer thinks that he looks like a dog. Boyd says that he looked it up on the Net, and they are a lot more like cats than dogs. Summer thinks they should try both. But then they stop when they see that someone has been and screwed up all their posters. They notice she's eating something and Boyd says that someone else must be feeding it other than them.
Summer spots a note:
"If you keep putting up posters the animal shelter will come and take her away."
The two of them look at each other and I'm a little disappointed that my MrFox is presumably a vixen (I mean a female fox, not a mean woman).
Coffee Shop
Summer comments hat Tahnee looks great, and wonders where she's going. Tahnee says she doesn't need to know and Summer walks off. Connor comes in and Tahnee says that he's late. He plays dumb and wonders what for. She says that her plans haven't changed since this afternoon and that he's made the right decision. Connor doesn't think that Tahnee understand, he is involved with someone else. And with that Michelle walks in. He gets up and tells Tahnee that she doesn't want to be rude, but she is a very slow learner. Michelle and Connor walk out and Tahnee is left on her own. Summer joins her telling Tahnee that Michelle is not a nice human being because she two-timed Boyd. Tahnee is glad they agree on something. Summer thinks she could help Tahnee get back at her, if she buys Summer a milkshake.
Lou's Place
Lou's studying the paper. Rosie asks him where she should put the calendars. Lou apologises when she has to get his attention and says that she'll have to excuse him. He leaves the paper on the table and walks off. Rosie picks up the paper and studies it. She follows him into the office where Lou is frantically typing away on the keyboard of his computer. She wonders what's wrong. Lou says he's in trouble. Rosie wonders what kind of trouble and he says he's made some bad financial decisions. Rosie thinks that everyone who invests in the stock market does at some point. Lou says that he's made a series of really bad financial decisions and he is 'going down the girdler'. I'm not sure what that means, but I assume he's heading for bankruptcy. Anyway he apologises for burdening her. Rosie wonders why he didn't tell her and they could have talked about it.
LOU: I'm a business man, Rosie. A good business man. At least I thought I was
ROSIE: Well you still are!
LOU: Well there is no evidence of that here I'm afraid. I feel like a complete fool.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Michelle Scully

Michelle Scully, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Connor O'Neill

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4037
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4037
Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4037
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4037
Boyd Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk, Rosie Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4037
Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk, Rosie Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4037
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4037
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4037
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4037
Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4037
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Tahnee Coppin

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4037
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4037
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland

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