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Neighbours Episode 4038 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4038
Australian airdate: 03/07/02
UK airdate: 29/08/02
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Liza Rowntree: Ramona Pusch
Sgt. Geoff Cram: Joe Ferguson
Private Ray Milsome: Tom Meadmore
Summary/Images by: Chloe/Karen (Katie)
Karl listening as Susan begs to stay with Libby and not 'him'
Lou telling Rosie that he's made a series of bad financial decisions.
Army Base
An army truck has pulled up and we watch Stuart get out of it. All of those who have got out form a line and Stuart is closed to the camera (with a serious face on). The guy in charge calls 'attention', and the camera goes to Stuart's feet, where the right one stamps on the ground. He then shouts 'right turn' and, they all turn right in a true militaristic way. He then says something that I can't wok out and they all start marching (with him shouting every time the left foot should be marching). Stuart's arms look a bit out of time to be honest.
Coffee Shop
Lyn greets Flick. Lyn asks Flick how she is, and she replies whilst rushing around that she's very busy. She wonders if Lyn wants anything, Lyn doesn't - she just came in to say hi. Flick thinks that's all very nice but she's a bit snowed under, and she continues to walk around the Coffee Shop hurriedly. While she's walking she casually drops into the conversation that she broke up with Marc. Before Lyn gets a chance to reply Flick says she knows she's relieved and that Lyn has been waiting for it for ages. Lyn agrees, but it's not like Flick hasn't been waiting too. Lyn begins to talk about how Flick knew it wouldn't last but she's interrupted when Flick drops something on the floor. She tells Lyn to just leave it, but then apologises to her. Lyn asks her to come for dinner later, like old times. Flick isn't sure, she knows it won't be like old times. However, Lyn is sure - she is coming to dinner. Flick asks about Joe, but Lyn tells her not to worry, she's been handling him for years!
LYN: Shepherds pie. 7?
FLICK: Thanks.
LYN: Don't thank me! I'm looking forward to it.
Lyn does this very motherly/daughterly and looks straight into Flick's eyes as she says that to convince her that she means it. Lyn leaves and Flick smiles after her. When she's gone Flick sighs and continues wiping tables.
Lou's Place
Rosie walks in and greets Lou. Lou said that he told Steve to change the spirit bottles but it's like talking to a brick wall. Rosie knows that Lou is just trying to keep the subject off money matters and tells him that they need to talk. Rosie has an idea. But, before Lou even lets her say what it is he says it's his problem and he'll sort it out on his own.
ROSIE: Lou, you don't have to face this on your own. Incase you hadn't noticed, I'm part of your life and I support you absolutely.
Lou smiles and tells her that he doesn't want to be a burden. Rosie is being her loveable self and says that if he's a burden then she'll let him know and she wants to help. There's a brief pause and Rosie tells Lou her plan of action. She walks around the bar telling him that his main problem is cash-flow and as she walks through the back she says that se has some money put away that he can use for as long as he needs it. Lou doesn't want to touch it - it's he's and she might need it. Rosie insists that he can have it until she needs it. Lou continues to refuse, so Rosie asks if she can look at the figures as she's had some financial experience in the past. Lou gives in to that one and taps the keyboard on the computer. Rosie puts on her glasses and has a look. Lou begins to leave saying that he needs to get onto an agent about selling the house.
ROSIE: What house?
LOU: Number 30, how many do you think I've got?
Rosie thinks it's a bit drastic, but Lou reckons unless she can find a better solution, he doesn't have much of an alternative.
Hair Salon
Lyn is on the phone telling Gino that they'll be there any minute and he needs to at least try. Don't worry, all will become clear! Lyn hangs up and turns to Joe who's sitting behind her reading a magazine, she doesn't know what she's going to do - Gino has taken all the staff on a photo shoot to advertise the salon. Joe tells her it'll all be 'sweet', but Lyn disagrees saying that there will be a frantic bride on one side, and her on the other. Joe offers to cook dinner, but Lyn says that's the only thing she's got organised. She continues to rush around whilst ranting at Joe about the bridal group being booked for 3 weeks and Gino still has to take away all the staff to advertise, which is far more important than 'muggins here who gets to mop up!'
Joe gets up, putting his magazine down and offers to help by making coffee and that sort of thing. He reckons that Connor and the boys can manage by themselves at work for a bit. He tells Lyn to do what she has to do and he'll put the kettle on! As he heads off to the kitchen Lyn tells him to 'come here'. He stops and she goes up to him:
LYN: Have I ever told you how much I love you?
JOE: Err, yeah. February 4th last year.
LYN: Go and boil the water.
Coffee Shop
Dee and Drew walk in. They're talking about Stuart and Dee has a package that's arrived for him from his mum. They order and take a seat and Drew offers to take it down to Stuart, as he was planning on seeing him soon anyway. Dee doesn't think Stuart's going to last very long (in the army) because he loves his freedom too much. Drew doesn't think it sounds too bad, free food and all your decisions made for you. Dee remembers that she has the day off and so could drop the parcel off herself, plus she loves that part of the coast. Drew isn't convinced it's the coast she's interested in. She wonders what her means.
DREW: Oh nothing. I just think he, you know, might have restrictions against girls who might perv on soldiers.
Dee says that her intentions are completely honourable! Drew wonders what it is about woman and uniforms and Dee isn't sure and tells him to go to work. As he leaves Flick comes over asking Dee if she is going to see Stuart tomorrow. She is. Flick wonders if she can give him something from her. Dee scoffs commenting that Flick is amazing (sarcastically) and doesn't she realise the damage that she's caused? Dee says it's fine if she wants to get in touch with Stuart, but Dee refuses to do it for her.
Army Base
All the guys are lined up in a line in a half-sprint start position (i.e. bent over with one hand on the floor waiting for the 'go!').
GO! And they're off! It's all the extras and Stuart at level pegging after the first run to the van about 50 metres, if that, from them. As they turn Stuart is just ahead of the random extra on his left, but is about equal with another extra further down the line. And they're back to the start line where they turn again! Stuart's ahead now, and as he turns he's a good stride away from those around him. Oh and what a finish! Brilliant! It's Stuart in first with random extras following behind him.
As he recovers from that very long run, Sgt Geoff comes over to him and tells him that that wasn't bad at all and he'll make a soldier of him yet. He then walks off leaving Stuart fully recovered.
The Kennedys
Libby finishes making the tea in the kitchen whilst explain to Susan, who's at the table, about Billy's job which he is totally rapped about getting after his apprenticeship because his boss is famous in the furniture world. Susan is looking at some clothes and asks about 'the other one'. Libby says that she's already told her about Mal, who lives in London with Catherine. Susan lets out a big sigh saying that she'd absolutely love to go to London. Libby tells her that she's been, infact they all went, for Mal's wedding. Susan is silent for a second and then turns her attention to her clothes. She thinks they are really boring. She picks out a red top and says 'look at this!' but Libby thinks she looks good in it. Susan doesn't think it's her, and she knows she's old now, but her clothes feel 'wrong' and she would never wear 'this' (the red top). Libby says she bought her that for her birthday. Susan has a bit of an 'oops' face and apologises to Libby. Trying to lighten the mood, she says that if Libby likes it she can have it and they could do a swap! Libby think that would be fun (but she obviously doesn't).
Karl walks over and says awkwardly that he's going to go down to the surgery to see how Darcy is. Susan walks from the table to the living area whilst Libby asks him if he'll be home for lunch. Karl doesn't think he will. To try and start a conversation with Susan he asks 'what's all this', gesturing to the table. Libby says it's clothes maintenance and Susan wants to do a clothes swap with her. Karl laughs saying how the 'worm turns' because Libby always wanted Susan's clothes when she was younger. Karl heads off, and Libby tells him that he's in charge of bringing something yummy home for desert - perhaps some blueberry cheesecake. He says he will, and asks, trying to be casual, if that's ok with Susan. Susan just kind of looks at him and half smiles. He takes that as a yes and then leaves.
Lou's Place
Lou's on the phone telling the person on the end to just 'fix it' - I think he's talking about something to do with the house. He sighs and slings the tea cloth down that was over his shoulder, he tells Rosie that anyone would think that he was working for the Real Estate and not the other way around. Lou carries on, saying that he told the guy he wanted a quick sale! Rosie is being positive and telling him that he may not have to sell as she's been looking at the figures and 'this business' (I.e. the pub) is fantastic. Lou says it isn't fantastic enough and thanks her for her help anyway. He asks her if she wants any lunch. Rosie ignores him asking if he wants to hear the rest of her assessment. He does.
Hair Salon
The Bride is saying that she thinks the hair makes her face look fat. Joe is trying the best to help by suggesting to Lyn that they could trim it back slightly - and yes he does mean actually cut. He starts pointing out what to do, and Lyn tells him it's not a renovation and can he make some more coffees. The Bride (who's name is Lisa (spelt Liza)) storms off and Lyn wants to know what she's doing. Liza says she's calling her mother to ask for another hairdresser. Lyn tells her to sit down and have a look through some magazines with her so they know what they're doing.
Lou's Place
Rosie is explaining to Lou that he has some problems with his accountancy system, but she can help with a programme she has at home. Lou thinks she's extraordinary, but she brushes the compliment off saying that there is nothing to it really. Lou thanks her and apologises for being snappy, however he's not taking the house of the market yet. Rosie doesn't seem to hear him and looks across the bar to where Karl is sitting at a table, looking glum. Lou says he's been there a while and hasn't touched his lunch, Lou reckons it's something to do with Susan. Rosie says she'll have a word.
Rosie joins Karl at the table and asks how Susan is. Karl falters, saying she isn't too good. Rosie didn't realise it was so serious, Karl says it is and that there have been some complications. Rosie says she's sorry to hear that and asks Karl if he wants to talk about it. Karl looks up at her (he was looking down) and half nods.
Beautiful scene between the two of them, I have to say. Very gentle - perfect!
Army Base
Dee is walking around outside it, as you do. There's a guy standing outside and he asks if he can help. She says she's looking for Stuart Park, a new recruit. He asks her to wait there and he won't be long. She salutes him and smiles to herself.
Lou's Place
We're with Rosie and Karl again, who are now in the back office. Karl explains that Susan can't remember anything past the age of 16 and that as far as Susan is concerned he never existed. You can hear the pain in his voice, it's heart breaking to listen to and watch.
KARL: This whole life is just gone, just like that. And it's not just her life; it's mine as well. I talk to her, I suggest things, she just stares at me blankly. It means nothing to her. (He half laughs) I mean nothing to her, you know? She, she's...(he sighs) I don't think she actually likes me very much. She sleeps in the spare room, she won't talk to me (he takes a deep breath), she won't even look at me. As for touching, goodness me, I wouldn't even dream of it. This is the woman I've spent my entire life with, you know? And everything that we had was good is just gone now, it's just banished.
Rosie thinks that surely she must recover. Karl says there are no guarantees and he has no idea how he is going to deal with this. Rosie says he can get other people to help him and that often when faced with situations like this we think we're alone, but we never are. Rosie thinks that Susan must be feeling very scared, Karl says he wouldn't know but then sighs and says that's stupid, of course she is very, very scared. Rosie thinks he should keep talking to her and reassuring her.
ROSIE: Try and make friends with her
KARL: She does not want to be my friend
ROSIE: Well, what's the alternative?
Stunning scene, just stunning.
Hair Salon
Now onto something a little more light-hearted! Lyn has finished and asks Liza what she thinks. Liza isn't too sure. Flick, who's standing by the door, tells Lisa that she thinks it looks terrific. Liza wonders if Flick is Lyn's daughter or something! Flick laughs that she is actually, but she means it - Liza looks great.
Army Base
The guy from earlier who was talking to Dee tells Stuart that there's someone to see him. He also adds that she's a bit of a honey. Stuart is in shock that she came to see him (he obviously thinks it's Flick). He's told to keep it quick, as they are not supposed to have visitors.
Dee is talking to a group of army people. She tells them that she's a navy girl because she likes the sea, sea spray, sea gulls and in high school she was a C-average! She also clearly loves the attention from the guys. They all laugh and Stuart says hi from behind her. Dee comments that he doesn't look very happy to see her, but Stuart says of course he is. She knows that he thought she might be Flick and he was supposed to be there to get over her and he doesn't seem to be doing a very good job. He asks what's in the parcel, and she says it's from Queensland, from his Mum. Stuart bets it's another scarf and then thanks Dee for coming to see him. She gives him a half hug.
Lou's Place
Rosie thinks that the pub is a goldmine. Lou thanks her for her concern but he could really do with talking about something else. Rosie wants to buy in to the pub, afterall he needs an injection of cash and she's the woman who can do that! She wants to buy half the pub. Lou is shocked and tells her that she knows nothing about pubs! The two of tem sit down in his office and Rosie tells him that she used to be a businesswoman and those skills can migrate. She also says that if he wants a silent partner she can lay low and butt out but it's a way to keep the pub! Lou says that he'll be splitting the only profit he makes with her? She says yes, and it's a win-win situation! She understands he needs to think about it, but it is a serious offer. Lou isn't sure about mixing romance and business as it's like mixing oil and water. Rosie says that that combination goes very well at a baptism (oil and water, not romance and business). She reminds Lou that it worked for Madge and Harold. He says they're not Madge and Harold. Rosie says she has to go because she has a service to prepare and she'll ring him later.
Scully Household
Lyn and Flick are in the kitchen and Joe is at the table. Lyn can't believe that Michelle is nearly 16, and Joe (from the table) suggests having a party for her, with her mates. Lyn thinks they could have it outside and hire someone for music. They get excited because they haven't had a party in ages.
Flick joins Joe at the table. Joe asks Flick how working at the Coffee Shop is, and she doesn't seem too excited by it! Lyn says, from the kitchen, that Harold thinks she's doing really well. Flick agrees and then turns to Joe, saying that there is something she needs to tell him. She tells him that her and Marc broke up. Joe doesn't say anything for a moment, then asks who left whom. Lyn says Flick left him, and Flick expands and says that she told him it wasn't working out.
JOE: Well, some would say it's too little too late.
FLICK: Well what would you say?
JOE: Well I'd say it doesn't change the damage you've done and it certainly won't change Steph's attitude. She won't be so willing to forgive and forget. But, err, I love you, I always will - no matter what.
Lyn smiles.
The Kennedys
Hankies at the ready, girlies!
Libby and Susan are looking through a photo album. Susan's sitting on the sofa and Libby is on the floor. Susan thinks her mum must have been so young to die of cancer. Libby says she isn't sure how old, but Susan wasn't quite 18 so her Mum wasn't quite 50. Susan looks down and says I must have been awful. She looks really sad and wonders how Dad must have coped. Libby explains that they all moved away from the farm and then adds that her Dad didn't live long after that. Susan tries not to cry and says the farm was probably in trouble and her Dad probably lost it to the (Bake's? - sorry, can't catch the name!). Libby thinks that is what happened.
Susan's voice is beginning to crack as she explains to Libby that her Dad loved the Farm so much and they all did. A shot of Libby shows that she too, is trying to stop herself from crying. Susan breaks down saying that she can't believe they're dead. Libby is a more teary than before. Susan reiterates that she believes Libby (that they are dead) but she just wants them there. She sobs and says she just wants someone who she feels she knows.
Libby stands up and closes the photo album, on the edge of tears she goes to sit next to Susan (she's nearest the screen). She tells Susan that Carmel is coming, and it'll be good to see her, won't it? Between tears, Susan supposes so.
SUSAN (crying): I want my Mum. I know that's stupid, I know you're my daughter (she sobs) I want my Mum.
Libby puts her arms around her and tells her it's OK. Susan apologises, whilst weeping (sorry, I really can't convey this very well on paper at all), that she just feels so alone. Libby holds her and tries to reassure her.
Karl comes in rather too jolly saying he has desert, although he trails off on 'desert' when he realises both his daughter and Susan are crying. This causes Susan to get up and walk to the other side of the room (the side with the painting on the wall) with her back to Karl. The camera shows Libby crying to herself as Karl comes up almost level with her.
KARL: Susan, it is going to be alright, we're here to help you.
SUSAN (sobbing): I know, I know. But who are you? I don't know any of you. I have to keep listing your names: Malcolm, Billy, Libby, Karl over and over in my head so I remember. But I don't know you; I don't feel anything for you. [She cries] I'm so sorry.
The camera switches to Libby, who's crying on the sofa, he looks up at Susan.
SUSAN: I know this is awful for you, but I can't help it. I don't think you can help me.
She runs to her room, with her hands over her face. Libby gets up to follow saying 'Mum' and Karl calls 'Susan'. When Susan closes the bedroom door Libby is standing behind Karl, who's still carrying desert. Libby thinks that Susan just needs a bit of time. Karl puts his free arm around her, but so that his actual hand is on her head and holds her close to him, she bows her head as if she's trying to hide and he tells her it'll be alright. He holds her tightly, and then takes his arm down so he isn't holding onto her head and they have, what looks more like, a one-armed hug.
Number 30
Dee comes in and tells her 'friend', whom I'm assuming is the guest, Private Ray, to keep it down because she doesn't want to wake her housemate. She points out where the bathroom is and Stuart's room. Private Ray asks if he really has to have to spare room. Dee tells him to shut up and Toadie emerges asking what's going on. Dee explains that Private Ray is on leave for a few days and he's going to stay in Stuart's room. She says she's just been showing him the sites, and Toadie adds sarcastically that that's very generous of her, before heading off in the direction of the kitchen.
Private Ray says 'nice to meet you too', to himself and Dee. Dee tells him to 'shh!' and not to make it any worse. They move into the lounge and Dee thinks it's good that he can say he's seen the local nightlife and Ray thinks she makes a very good tour guide.
He asks her if she's up for any breakfast as he makes a 'mean poached egg', but Dee thinks he must be joking because she's exhausted and is going to bed. Ray says he really likes her (Dee says she likes him too), but he's not sure how much sleep he's going to be getting in Stuart's room knowing she's next door.
DEE: Well, thank heavens I've got a couch!
She pushes him down onto the sofa and he lands near some roses. She laughs and behind her we see Toadie who walks off - Dee turns and notices too. Ray doesn't think Toadie likes him too much. Dee tells him not to take it personally because life isn't treating Toadie kindly at the moment.
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Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4038
Stuart Parker

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4038
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4038
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Stuart Parker, Sgt Geoff Cram in Neighbours Episode 4038
Stuart Parker, Sgt Geoff Cram

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4038
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4038
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4038
Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4038
Karl Kennedy, Rosie Hoyland

Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4038
Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss

Felicity Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4038
Felicity Scully, Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4038
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4038
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4038
Libby Kennedy

Ray Milsome, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 4038
Ray Milsome, Dee Bliss

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