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Neighbours Episode 3980 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3980
Australian airdate: 12/04/02
UK airdate: 14/05/02
UK Gold: 12/05/06
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Terri Hall: Robyn Charlesworth
Const. Bill Webber: Keiron O'Leary
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Matt telling Leo that he's the only thing standing between him and prison.
- Dee telling Stuart she will not be the other woman and that Stuart needs to make up his mind.
Libby's Place
Libby is talking to Karl about the bad job Drew is doing of the dishes - Drew defends himself by saying that he is doing a very good job with one hand (his arm is in a cast). Susan says she hopes it heals quickly and Libby adds 'me too'. Libby asks Susan what she's going to do with Elly and Susan says she's going to give her space and hope that she wants to talk. Drew adds from the kitchen 'poor kid'. Susan sits on Karl's lap and hands him a glass of wine and Karl says that's easy for Drew to say. He then goes on to talk about the conference that Susan is going to - or so she says! Susan says it is a conference, but she's just meeting up with an old friend from school while she's there. Karl sort of "mmm"s in her ear and Drew says that Susan deserves a break. Susan thanks him and Libby says that he never tells her that and Drew says thats because she doesn't do anything. Susan gives a bit of a shocked look and tells Libby to 'skitch him' - I don't know what that means, but I'm assuming it means giving him a whack! Libby tells Drew that it's a good job she likes him otherwise he'd get a punch. Karl adds 'oh dear like daughter like mother' and Susan remind Libby to keep him in line!
Drew offers Libby some coffee. Libby declines because she needs an early night because she has a lot of work tomorrow and deadlines to meet. Karl offers to look after Ben and Libby thinks that'd be great. She also says that she feels like these pieces ar enever going to end (she's talking about work). Drew wonders how hard it could be to cobble together a few stories (he's in for it now!). Susan tells him to 'skitch him again'. Libby exclaims "cobble together a few stories?!" and adds he has a lot to learn about her work. Drew reckons he could be a writer. Libby gives Susan a look from the kitchen and challenges Drew to 'cobble together' a piece of (readable) journalism by next weeks deadline she'll print it. Drew agrees and adds that it'll be one less piece to have to listen to her moan about. Libby pulls a surprised face and chases him with a wet dish cloth (broken arm or not!). She chases him round Karl and Susan who are on the sofa. Over all the laughing and screaming and running around I can't hear what Karl says but Susan replies 'you're on!'.
The Place Beside The Beach
Leo is asking Matt how long he is going to keep this up, because everyone at home is 'really freaked'. Matt draws the curtain across the window and says he doesn't know until he works out what to do. Matt asks Leo if he's heard anything about Glenn, Leo says he hasn't. They take a seat and Leo says he thinks Mum and Dad have worked out that Leo knows where Matt is. Matt asks how - and Leo said that he told them that he'd rung, but didn't say where he was. Matt looks a bit awkward and goes very serious, thanking Leo for all his help. Leo says that Matt's his bro - and he'll stick by him. Matt says Leo is a good kid and Leo shrugs the comment off.
Drew and Stuart come out of one part of the garage (and into another). Drew says that Stuart took a long time telling him and Stuart said he never thought people would get hurt. Drew says that's the problem - he didn't think about the consequences, which is what adults do. Drew then goes on to ask what's happening with Tracy, Stuart thinks for a bit and tells Drew they are just talking things through. The shot then goes to Michelle shooting a basketball. Stuart says that he told Drew that it was good idea (whilst pointing to the basketball hoop). Drew said he never would have thought mechanics and basketball went together and that business is on the up. Drew carries on the conversation with Stuart from before and says that maybe being single isn't such a bad idea. Stuart just says that he doesn't know and asks Drew if he's done doing whatever he's doing to the car. Drew is. Drew then carries on saying that he didn't expect Stuart to come in on the weekend.
Stuart asks what Drew is up to for the rest of the day and Drew says that Libby doesn't think he can write anything good enough for a amgazine, so he's going to have a go himself. He's going to write about highly paid sports stars and he's going to write about 'the almighty dollar, taking the place of the game'. Stuart talks about the real reason kids get involved with sports and Drew starts writing.
Michelle throws the basketball towards Stuart. He catches it and asks her how its going. She says it's not and so he gives her some advice about how to shoot. She takes his advice and, voila, gets it in. Someone form behind her wolf-whistles and Stuart comments that she's 'miss popularity' - and so she storms off. Stuart turns back to Drew with a confused look on his face and shrugs.
Number 30
Dee is making some tea and is wondering (to Libby) if she has a neon sign on her head saying 'indecisive men this way'. Libby rushes in with some papers and says to Dee to make sure she's not as confused as Stuart. Dee pours the water from the kettle into a teapot and says she doesn't think she is. Libby says she better be sure about things before she starts anything with him. Dee says she wishes she had the emotional security Libby does. Libby says sarcastically that she has loads of that. She sits down at the table with some papers and says that the deadline is driving her crazy. Dee tells her to relax for five minutes and pours her some tea. Libby asks Dee what she's going to do and Dee isn't sure and thinks the ball is in Stuart's court and has told him she wants a decision soon.
Scully Household
Joe tells Michelle that Stuart wasn't having a go at her this morning (I'm wondering how he knows, because he wasn't there...) but he understands (does he?). Michelle says he doesn't understand (I agree, how can he understand when he wasn't there!) and that the boys were just being stupid and switches on the TV Joe says she didn't think Zak was being stupid, and switches off the TV.
JOE: Darlin', look (he pauses), y..you're a wonderful kid...a...and boys are bound to...
MICHELLE: Dad, those boys aren't interested in me or anything they were just being stupid.
Joe wonders if this is why she doesn't want do PE - because of the boys. He begins to say that if that is a reason...but is cut off by Michelle saying it isn't - sport just isn't her thing and says that no-one is worried if someone says they don't like science. She says that doing sport she feels and probably looks awkward and she is probably going through a bit of a growth spurt. She looks at Joe, who looks at her back (kind of surprised), she gets all nervous and says she can't believe she just said that and after a bit of hesitation says she's going to go out. And so she leaves us with a shot of a very blank-faced Joe Scully.
Coffee Shop
Susan and Karl arre sitting at a table with Baby Ben in a basket thing. Susan thinks it's bliss to just watch him. Karl agrees and says that's the beauty of being grandparents - that you can spoil them rotten and not have to face the consequences. Susan does the old baby voice and says that Grandad is an old misery guts to Ben and tickles under his chin. Karl tells her to stop jiggling him around so much.
Leo walks in past Darcy and Terri.
Darcy is mid-conversation with Terri about why she decided to be a policewoman when Leo asks if his order is ready. Terri tells Darcy to be quiet. Leo hands over some money and picks up his order. As he walks past Terri and Darcy (Darcy hasn't shut up and he's still talking), Terri gets up and stops him - saying that that's a lot of food for just one. Leo looks at his bag.
We then cut to a scene of the outside of the coffee shop.
Back on the inside, Leo says that of course he wants Matt to come home and Terri asks how his family are coping. Leo shrugs saying everyone is worried. Terri tells Leo that running away isn't helping Matt, Leo makes his excuses about having to get the food home and Terri lets him leave.
Scully Household
Joe jokes about his salad being 100% vegan, before sitting at the table with Michelle. She smiles at his oh-so hilarious joke but says that she isn't hungry. Joe (shakily) brings up 'what they talked about before'. Michelle lets out a little sigh and Joe continues saying he doesnt want to put 'any pressure on her, but...'. Unfortunately, Michelle interrupts saying she'd rather not talk about it and gets up from the table and heads into the lounge. Joe follows and says he won't drop it, because what happened with his old man has made him think. With his Dad he couldn't talk to him about anything deeper than the footy and he doesn't want to be that kind of father. Aww. Michelle says it doesn't sound like his Dad let him talk much at all and adds quietly because of the way Joe was treated. Joe stares ahead of him and says 'no'. Michelle asks him what he would say to him if he could and Joe says it'd probably be about Mick - because he was always the favourite and got the bes tlooking girls. Michelle adds that he got Mum and Joe says that that's the only thing that went right (aww, bless him) along with the kids. Michelle says that Pat (Joe's Dad) never knew about all this and how Joe felt. Joe says no, and he doens't want that to happen with her.
Kennedy House
Darcy's holding/bouncing Baby Ben and says that none of 'us' expected it to be easy. They're talking about Elly! And Susan says she's tempted to ring Ian to find out what's going on - but it should be up to Elly to stay in touch. Darcy says he'll talk to her when she isn't quite as angry. Karl moves the conversation on to Terri. Darcy says things are going well, casual, like they both wanted. Karl says that he supposes casual can work sometimes.
Drew lets himself into the house. Susan tells him to sit down and join them (they're eating). He says he won't because time is against him and has just come to say hello to 'this little fella'. Susan asks if he's doing mechanics work, or journalists work. Drew says he thought that he'd get the article started. Darcy looks a bit ocnfused and Karl explains about the whole article scene from earlier. Drew carries on that he wants some opinions on highly paid sports people - in it for the money, or for the sport? Karl goes to speak but gets interrupted by Darcy who thinks it's a broad question and he should make it more individual. Karl goes to speak again but this time Susan interrupts saying that he could talk about how much money athletes make in comparison to 10 years ago. And Karl finally gets a word in and says he could talk about how athletes now can get sponsorship! Drew takes notes and Karl continues talking and realises he has a book about the early olympics. Susan smiles, telling Drew that she hopes he isn't in a hurry. Drew just smiles.
A doorway, of which we can assume belongs to the Hancock's House.
Leo is talking to Terri through the clear door thing that's infornt of their main door. Terri says that his parents must have left really quickly after the lunch he brought them and Leo says that they just went out.
TERRI: Do you know why I'm here?
LEO (optimistically): Friendly visit?
She says she needs to talk to him about Matthew but can't unless his parents are home and Leo just looks *so* disappointed. He says that they'll be back soon. For some reason she takes particular interest in looking at his trainers which are kind of grey/black - ish, I think they have sand from the beach on them. She tells him that every day that Matt is missing doesn't make it look good in court and makes him look guilty. She tells him they'll speak later. Leo goes to shut the door and Terri tells him it's a nice day and he should get outside.
Number 30
Stuart is talking to Dee about Drew's article. Dee drops a casual hint by saying at least he puts himself on the line and goes on to add tha the can't keep avoiding this. Stuart says he doesn't now and so Dee puts her opinion in. She thinks that Stuart's experience of relationships has been idealistic. He says naive. She says she didn't say that - she elaborates by saying the Tracy was his first love and that they were going to get married etc. Stuart says that she cheated on him with his best mate.
DEE: Yes, I know. It's just I think I know why you're avoiding making a decision.
STUART: Because I'm a poor country 'hick' who doesn't kow wha the wants?
DEE: No, that's not what I'm saying. It's just, you've only been in love once, right? And you've only had your heart broken once. I think the reason you're avoiding making a decision is because you don't want to be hurt again.
Stuart defends himself by saying that's not true and Dee says that isn't his fault, because he's been through a lot of heartache and disappointment. Stuart gets a bit angry saying she makes him sound like he's 15 years old, he reiterates about Tracy and marriage and that is she trying to say that he's never been hurt? She says that isn't what she's trying to say and that if he thought about it he might understand that relationships are messy and that he shouldn't avoid the mess. He tells her he'll make the decision and doesn't need all this pressure, before walking out of the kitchen. Dee sighs.
Scully Household
Michelle and Joe are back at the table eating. Michelle wants to know if Mick knows that Joe feels 'inferior' to him. Joe denies in a monotone that he isn't inferior and that she's not to go spreading that around. Joe moves the conversation to Michelle - saying he heard she was good at shooting the hoops this morning. Michelle tutts and says. "Yeah, well. I was *OK*". She then take sher things to the kitchen and says that she wishes she could do PE by herself- without a teacher. Joe questions awkwardly if she feels self-conscious with the others. When Michelle doesn't answer Joe asks, 'who doesn't?'. Michelle says tha tmaybe she feels like Joe does with Mick and goes on to say that when she looks at Flick, Steph and Elly, and she thinks they have everything that she wants. Joe very tenderly says that what she has is hers and she wouldn't want what other people have got. She says she knows and takes a deep breath before saying that girls are told what they're supposed to look like and when she looks in the mirror she wants to see someone else. She adds that she hates feeling like that but she does.
Aww. That was an absolutely beautiful scene. I'm feeling the father/daughter love. Very moving and beautifully executed.
The Place Beside The Beach
Matt makes sure no-one followed Leo. Leo said no-one that he noticed.
MATT: And you reckon that cop is definitely on to you?
Gee, do you think? Leo reckons she's good at catching onto things. And Matt said not half as good as his kid brother and ruffles Leo's hair. Leo explains that the cops want to talk to him later when his parents are home.
So much for Leo's theory that no-one was following him, we're now on the beach where Terri and another policeman (Const. Bill Webber) are following. Well, they didn't follow him very well, because they split up to see where he went. They're going to meet back in 15 minutes. Right then, so, back to Matt and Leo.
Leo says he's not sure what to tell Emily anymore, because she thinks he's gone forever. Matt assures him it won't be for much longer, Leo thinks this means he's worked out what to do, Matt says that he hasn't done that.
We're back on the beach with Terri - who's looking in the vague direction of where Matt and Leo are (which I've just realised is a beach hut!).
Libby's Place
Drew is holding Baby Ben and says that he thught Libby would be flat out with her article. She tells him that she's done loads today and she isn't the one under scrutiny and asks how is report is doing. He says its going very well. She asks to see what he's done and after some hesitation he give sit to her, calling it a 'work in progress'. Libby looks at it and says it looks like a shopping list. he says it shis first draft and she asks of what. She thought it was supposed to be "A gripping insight to the corporatisation of sport.", Drew says that it is and he just needs to get some more information together. Libby says he gave it a go. But Drew is not backing down and says he has a lot of time before his deadline. Libby says she's simply giving him time to 'quit while he's ahead', and seriously, it need a lot of work. Drew says the bet is still on and he enjoys a challenge.
DREW: After all, I married you, didn't I?
The Place Beside The Beach (Beach Hut)
Terri and Const. Bill are trying to get into the beach huts. Checking them to see if they're locked. When they here a noise they go in the direction of the noise.
Inside a beach hut, Leo is feeding the dog and talking about the state Mum and Dad are in. Matt says he knows he should turn himself in but everything has gone too far. Leo says he can't keep doing this and telling all the lies. Matt tells Leo he's done a good job so far and that Leo is one of the toughest and best kids he knows. When Leo says thats bull and he's a wimp, Matt disagrees and Leo responds with a forceful 'I am!'.
Terri and Const. Bill Webber are still wandering around. They can hear Leo and Matt's voices (uh oh!). They stop and listen through the window. Oh, by the way, we're outside a house now, not a beach hut. They then walk off quickly.
Leo is still talking about being a wimp and Matt kind of looks at him and give shim a sympathetic smile.
Scully Household
Michelle and Joe have just got in from walking Harvey. Joe jokes about Harvey being connected to the electricity grid and supplying Erinsborough for a month, as they walk through the door. Michelle remembers that they forgot the milk. Joe says he'll get it later and asks if the teasing in the PE class is getting out of hand. Michelle says, again, that it's just a bunch of stupid boys. Joe ensures that she knows what that is.
MICHELLE: Yes, a reflection of other peoples insecurities.
It's one of those lines you're forced to know when you're at school in PSHE classes, don't you think? Michelle confirms this by saying that's what Susan taught her. Michelle says that this is different. Joe asks if Elly is being teased. Michelle says she is - but in a different way. She's becoming the school 'spunk' and Michelle feels liek a tag-along. Joe says she shouldn't feel like tht because Elly would swap the attention from the boys for what Michelle has. Michelle asks 'whats that' and Joe tells his daughter that she's kind, honest, 'together' and has a family that loves her. I'm not sure if the last one is a reason Elly would swap boys for Michelle, but, it was very nicely put by Joe. Michelle searches for words and finalyl manages to talk about boys asking her for Elly's phone number. Joe tells her not to take any notice of them and that real men aren't like that. Joe move sto sit next to her on the sofa and says he's glad they can talk about things like this (me too), and so is Michelle.
I've loved these scenes in this episode - they truly have been super!
Number 30
Stuart comes through the door and is greeted by Dee. She helps him with the shopping as they wander through to the kitchen. He's going to cook dinner. Stuart says he knows she thinks it's to avoid the important stuff but it's jsut dinner. He says he's been thinking about it all day and he's not going to stuff up any more. He's going to be honest and 'to hell with the consequences'. So Dee asks how he feels about her. He walks up to her and looks her straight in the eyes:
STUART: I was in love with you the first time I saw you. I love you Dee.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3980
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3980
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Leo Hancock, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3980
Leo Hancock, Matt Hancock

Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3980
Drew Kirk, Stuart Parker

Libby Kennedy, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3980
Libby Kennedy, Dee Bliss

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3980
Michelle Scully

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3980
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Terri Hall, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3980
Terri Hall, Leo Hancock

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3980
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler, Ben Kirk

Darcy Tyler, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3980
Darcy Tyler, Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Terri Hall, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3980
Terri Hall, Leo Hancock

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3980
Dee Bliss

Michelle Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3980
Michelle Scully, Joe Scully

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3980
Libby Kennedy

Terri Hall, Const. Bill Webber in Neighbours Episode 3980
Terri Hall, Const. Bill Webber

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