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Neighbours Episode 3979 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3979
Australian airdate: 11/04/02
UK airdate: 13/05/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tracey Slattery: Christine Wools
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
- Stuart advises Tracey to return to Oakey, but she says she won't go without him.
- Ian informs Elle that Karl is her father.
Kennedy House
Susan and Karl wonder if Elle is OK, but she tells them it would be better if they just asked her rather than talk about her. Susan asks her how she got on with her father and she tells her it was fine, but won't say anything more and disappears to the bedroom.
Scully House
As Michelle gets Harvey ready for a walk, Joe spots a letter in her school lunchbox and realises that she hasn't been to sports class at school all year. She admits that she doesn't like the teacher and doesn't see the point when it won't help her pass her VCE. He asks her what happened to her enthusiasm for netball she used to have and she admits that she's changed. Joe isn't sure what to say so she disappears with the dog.
Number 30 Driveway
Dee is watering the garden as Larry, Mo and Curley; sorry Drew, Stuart and Tad arrive. Tad tells Dee about his plans to get a bike that Drew has found for him and offers her a drive. Drew points out that he'll need a license but Tad waves it off as a minor point. They start teasing Dee about where she's missed with the watering and don't see Tracey arrive as they muck about. She spots Stu playfully hugging Dee from behind as Drew taps him on the shoulder to ask why Tracey is back.
Kennedy House
Susan wonder if it was such a good idea getting in contact with Ian's father and Karl agrees that it was odd that he didn't want to talk to her infront of them. Susan feels sympathy for Elle with a mother who doesn't want to know her and a father who has abandonded her. She wonders what Elle must be thinking of them.
Number 30
Tracey asks Stuart if Dee is the other girl he mentioned he was seeing, and comments how he's a fast worker if they are living together already. He tells her that it is none of her business and they broke up because she was the one who had an affair and broke the trust. He tells her he doesn't want to hurt her but it is over, but she tells him it's not over till she says it is and asks him for the coffee.
Number 30 Driveway
Dee decides that she might stay on with the gardening for a while to give Stuart and Tracey some space. Drew asks if she feels threatened by Tracey, but Dee isn't as there has always been a disgruntled ex in all her relationships,. She tells Drew that she secretly feels Tracey doesn't stand a chance.
Number 30
Tracey asks Stuart why he is able to go from the five years they spent together straight into a relationship with Dee after just one small insignificant moment. He tells her to leave Dee out of it and that it wasn't an insignificant moment to him. She tells him that he was her soul mate and her first and only love and asks for another chance. He tells her that he is no longer 'Chooka' and it is time for her to leave at it is over.
Scully House
Susan asks Joe why Michelle would be missing sports lessons if she didn't like them, but still going to maths and chemistry. Joe doesn't really understand and Susan warns him that she must start going or the school will have to take disciplinary action. She mentions that it wasn't really what she wanted to talk to him about and asks if he'll lift the ban so that Michelle and Ellie can see each other again, as Elle is going through a rough time. At that moment, Michelle arrives. Joe tells her that Susan has come over to talk about the sports classes, but that he'll let her see Ellie if she starts going to sport. As Michelle heads over to see Ellie, Susan asks if she'll send Karl back over.
Kennedy House
Karl tries to talk to Ellie about the meeting with her father, but she ignores him and eventually turns around and tells him to stop calling him her father. Karl looks a bit surprised, but Michelle arrives and explains about the deal. Karl disappears leaving Michelle to find out the gossip from Ellie.
Coffee Shop
Stuart and Dee are talking about Tracey. Stuart tells her how they'd had it all planned out, marriage, house, kids, the works... He tells her it's going to be hard trying to move on from the last five years, but it is what he wants to do. Dee points out that one mistake doesn't have to ruin everything, it depends on the whole prospective and how he wants to perceive it. She mentions that she doesn't want to see him move back to Oakey.
Kennedy House
Michelle has found out that Ellie thinks Karl is her father. Ellie tells her that neither Susan nor Karl knows, or knows she knows.
Ramsay Street
Karl and Susan are heading back to the house and wondering what they are going to do with Ellie, as she is just a kid. Karl wonders what'll happen when she turns sixteen as she won't want to stay with them or go and live with Ian. Susan laughs at how protective Karl is and how they've both managed to stuff up.
Kennedy House
Looking out the window, the girls decide that neither Karl nor Susan must know or Karl wouldn't have gone to the trouble to find Ian for her. Michelle comments that her life is interesting but doesn't wish to swap places.
Ramsay Street
Karl and Susan bump into Rosie who has been shopping for food so that Harold doesn't have to do it when he gets home. She mentions how she is keen for Harold to return home and heads in with the shopping. Susan wonders if there may be something going on between Harold and Rosie.
Number 30 Pool
Stuart is sitting by the pool as Tracey re-appears for the millionth time. She says she's come to say goodbye properly as she can't just leave after five years. Stuart agrees and she asks if she can stay for a few more days as friends. He tells her it doesn't sound right hearing her call him Stuart so asks if she'll keep calling him Chooka. Dee watches on from the balcony as Stuart and Tracey chase each other around the pool.
Coffee Shop
Joe tells Michelle that the second half of the deal about seeing Ellie was that she'd return to sports class, but Michelle points out that she never agreed to it. Michelle tells him that she's going around to the Kennedys for dinner as Ellie invited her, so Joe tells her she can talk to Susan about the consequences of not going to sports class. Michelle says she'd rather sit in detention than go to sport.
Number 30
As Stuart and Tracey muck around with the washing up, Tracey mentions how he knows her better than anyone else and that she only feels like half a person without him. Stu admits he knows what she means, but asks her not to keep trying to go back.
Coffee Shop
Drew bumps into Dee who mentions how she is giving Tracey and Stuart some space. Drew is surprised to hear that Tracey is still about, but Dee mentions how they were playing around the pool earlier. Drew admits that he wouldn't be surprised if the wedding went back on as they were the strongest couple throughout high school and nothing would get between them. He mentions though that Stuart was hurt pretty badly by Tracey and she was his first love. Sensing that Dee has feelings for Stu, she admits she does, but couldn't get in the way of a five year relationship.
Rosie asks Tad if he'll be glad to have Harold back in the house soon. He tells her he will and that he cares for him. Rosie quickly heads off leaving Tad looking rather confused.
Number 30
Dee arrives back as Stuart is looking through photos of him and Tracey from when they were together. He mentions how she is staying the night in a hotel and he's no longer sure of what he wants. He'd thought they'd broken up but now he can't decide and his heart is telling him one thing while his head is telling him another. She tells him he's got a pretty big decision to make.
Kennedy House
Karl and Susan leave Michelle and Ellie to tidy up the dinner and head out to see Drew and Libby. Once they've left, Michelle mentions how Karl didn't have a clue over dinner and Ellie thanks her for being there. She wonders what she's going to do. Michelle wonders if Ian was telling a lie and that he is really her father and not Karl, but Ellie wonders why he'd do that. Michelle recons she has to ask Karl straight out but Ellie isn't keen on the idea as it could break up Karl and Susan. She recons she has to find another way.
Number 30
Dee finds Stuart looking at a picture of her and he asks her how she feels about him as it might help him make up his mind. Dee tells him that he has to make the decision, but she's not going to hang around or be the other woman. Stuart tells her that he'd never do that to her, but she mentions that he already has, before leaving the room.
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Joe Scully, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3979
Joe Scully, Michelle Scully

Stuart Parker, Drew Kirk, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3979
Stuart Parker, Drew Kirk, Tad Reeves

Karl Kennedy, Dahl, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3979
Karl Kennedy, Dahl, Susan Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3979
Drew Kirk, Dee Bliss

Stuart Parker, Tracey Slattery in Neighbours Episode 3979
Stuart Parker, Tracey Slattery

Susan Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3979
Susan Kennedy, Joe Scully

Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3979
Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy

Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3979
Stuart Parker, Dee Bliss

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3979
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Michelle Scully, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3979
Michelle Scully, Elly Conway

Elly Conway, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3979
Elly Conway, Michelle Scully

Rosie Hoyland, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3979
Rosie Hoyland, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Stuart Parker, Tracey Slattery in Neighbours Episode 3979
Stuart Parker, Tracey Slattery

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 3979
Stuart Parker

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