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Neighbours Episode 3981 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3981
Australian airdate: 15/04/02
UK airdate: 15/05/02
UK Gold: 12/05/06
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Terri Hall: Robyn Charlesworth
Const. Bill Webber: Keiron O'Leary
Keith Cox: Geoff Brooks
- "Cant Hold On" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Stuart telling Dee he loves her.
Terri and Const. Bill hearing Leo and Matt talking inside the house.
Leo telling Matt he'll always be a wimp.
A Bush
Terri and Const. Bill are spying on the house that Leo and Matt are in. Const. Bill asks why they don't just go in now, and Terri says that she doesn't want to involve Leo. She then puts the binolculars to her eyes and we see through the binoculars. We watch Leo run from the house. Terri put the binoculars down and tells Const. Bill she'll go and call for back-up if she needs it. When asked if she's sure she says that he;s only a kid and doesn't want to scare him. The camera follows her out of the bush, and up some stairs (which she takes two at a time) and runs into the house. However, she searches the house cautiously and discovers it's empty. She then tells Bill over radio that he's not there and that they've missed him.
Number 30
Stuart is talking to a shocked Dee saying that he had to be adult about this. He repeats that he's in love with her - with a smile on his face - and that's all there is to it. Dee opens her mouth but says nothing, so Stuart asks her what she thinks. She goes to speak but Stuart continues that since Tracy he can see things more clearly and he's dead-set sure at the moment. He repeats he loves her. when Dee finally speaks she says she doesn't know what to say and needs to think about this. Stuart suggests she go for a walk to clear her head. Dee nods saying she'll do that and practically sprints out of the door.
Coffee Shop
Libby is making a list of things for Susan and Karl to remember. Drew says she's practically written a novel for them and that like Susan says - she always keeps an experienced GP on hand. Libby smiles, and says thats true - but continues writing. She looks up and stops writing saying tha tit is only one night. And Drew tells her they'll make the most of it before pulling out his article for her to read. She's shocked that he's got in so soon and Drew assures her she'll find no problems. So, she starts scribbling on it and so Drew takes the pen from her hand saying that this piece wasn' tmeant fo rher and was supposed to take the workload off. She flicks through it saying it needs some editing but is an improvement on the draft she read before. Drew reminds her to keep to her par tof the bargain - which is a night for just the two of them. Libby thinks it sounds like fun just as Darcy walks in and calls Ben handsome (and he is, he's so cute!). Darcy notices Dee and leaves them to join her.
Darcy sits down and asks if she's all alone. he says he was right - that her and Stuart have broken up already, then and adds that that's really sad (sarcastically). Dee puts him right by saying Stuart is serious about her.
DARCY: And you immediately panicked. Am I right?
Duh! Of course he is! Did he not see the scene?! Dee denys that she panicked. Yes, love, of course you didn't! Darcy is with me on this and says she *so* did. He says that the problem with Dee is that when she has something she doesn't want it, but when she doesn't have it she does want it. Dee doesn't respond on that comment other than to say that he'd know all about that, wouldn't he. He says he would and they both look at each other and nod and 'mmm' in agreement. Darcy says there was a reason why the two of them were together and that reason was that they were soulmates. Dee laughs at him and looks away.
DEE: I don't think so Darcy.
Darcy says that she clearly has so much more in common with a 'teenage boy who's just lost his love'. She say sit isn't like that - but according to Darcy 'it's *exactly* like that'. He asks her what its like to go out with an emotional 15 year old. She says he'd be surprised. He says he is - but only that Dee is allowing herself to be a rebound and that she's too good for that.
Hancock's House
Maggie questions Leo where he's been. He says he's just been with his mates.
MAGGIE: And you're sure you have absolutely no idea where Matt might be?
LEO: (unconvincingly) No. I've told you. Why does everyone keep asking me?
Evan tells him to take it easy and Maggie tells him to find Emily and tke her to the park so that her and Evan can 'have a break'. Leo leaves, meeting Matt at the front door. Matt puts his finger to his lips - signalling for him not to say anything and he creeps round the corner before saying 'hi' to Maggie and Evan. Evan goes up and hugs him, asking him where he's been and Maggie asks if he's alright before telling him to sit down. Evan is glad he's safe, but why didn't Matt let them know where he was? Matt only manages to say he's OK, before Maggie asks him if he's hungry. Befor ehe answers she tells Leo to make Matt something to eat. Matt says he's fine. Unfortuantely for Matt, Evan's relief has all but gone and he's raised his voice slightly asking him how he could do that to them - they've been so worried. Maggie tries to calm Evan by saying it's OK, because he's home. Evan says that it isn't alright and what was he thinking of?! Maggie shouts to Evan to do this later because Matt is exhausted. Evan asks what he was thinking of, and Matt replies that he was scared. Aww, that's quite brave of him to admit that. Matt says he didn't know what else to do. He looks really scared and Evan apologises - saying he didn't mean to yell and putting an arm around Matt. Evan says they'll sort it out and Maggie is going to run Matt a bath. The camera looks to Leo - who is looking on to the whole scene.
Number 30
Dee is talking to Stuart - saying there is no other option, they're going to have to break up - and now (I just don't get her logic!). Stuart says they don't. Dee says she doesn't think that Stuart understood what she meant. She says it used to be fun - but now it's getting very serious and she thinks it's best if they end it.
DEE: What do you mean 'no'? You can't just say 'no'.
STUART: Yes I can. We're not gonna end it.
DEE: So you're saying I can't break up with you?
STUART: Yeah, that's right.
Stuart says he understands and agrees - they should go back to the fun times. Dee says that isn't what she meant or wants. Stuart says the second it stops being fun, she can walk away (aww, he must really love her, I guess!). He begins to wlak towards her and rolls off a list of things that he is: good company, easy going, handy round the house, does a bit of cooking, cracks a few jokes. She should think of him as comic relief.
STUART: And one other thing. I love you [he kisses her forehead]. See? How can we break up?
He leaves the room, leaving Dee standing frozen to the spot, sighing. She eventually puts her hand into the fruit bowl.
Hancock's House - outside
Emily is walking Audrey and Bob down the driveway, as Terri and Cont. Bill pull up in their police car. She says hello to Emily. Emily asks Const. Bill if he's a policeman. He says he is and they bend down to talk to her. Terri introduces herself and asks if Leo is in - they need to speak to him. Emily ignores the question asking if they have a siren and will make the lights go. Terri looks to Bill and tells him to keep Emily entertained while she talks to Leo. Bill says he'll showEmily the lights and she introduces him to the dogs.
Terri knocks on the door. Maggie takes a deep breath before opening the door. Terri introduces herself and Maggie welcomes her in. Terri says hell oto Leo and tells Maggie and Evan she wants them present while she questions Leo. Maggie asks 'why Leo?'. Terri tells them that they believe that Leo knows where Matt is, just as Matt appears behind her. Terri turns telling Matt it was about time he came to his senses.
TERRI: Matthew John Hancock, you are under arrest for the offence of conductoring dangering lives. I must ask you to accompany me to Erinsborough Police Station where you will be charged.
She does the usual police officer speech while the camera pans round the fmaily, each one of them looking pretty devastated. The police siren goes off, causing everyone to look in the direction of the car through the window.
Const. Bill tells Emiyl she mustn't touch that (bit late now, isn't it?) and Emily gets out of the car and runs to the house calling for Matt. She runs up to him and he hugs her. He says he's sorry, but he has to go away for a little while. Emily asks where he's going and Maggie puts her arm around Matt. When Matt doesn't respond Terri kind of, err, lightly hits him to remind him they have to get going. Matt doesn't answer the question, but says (quite tearfully I think) that he'll be back soon. Emily goes to Maggie and Maggie hugs her telling her it's alright. Emily cries. Matt gets into the police car and Evan says that they'll see him at the station. Evan watches on, as do Dee and Stuart from the otherside of the road, joined by Libby and Drew who all watch the car drive away.
Number 30
Drew, Libby, Dee and Stuart are sitting roudn the table. Stuart can't believe that one mistake means your whole life can be messed up. Drew tells Stuart that he should have stopped Matt and Stuart says he thought that Matt would be safe enough.
DREW: Safe? Street racing?
DEE: Hang on, did you know about this?
Stuart admits that he did - but he wasn't there forcing him to do anything. Drew argues that he was encouraging him, though, like a school kid dares his mate to jump off a bridge. Stuart argues that it was Matt's decision. Drew tells him to stop being so juvenile and to grow up. After a second or two, Drew looks to Libby and says he thinks they should go. Libby thanks Dee quietly for the coffee and says they'll catch up. And her and Drew leave. Dee looks at Stuart.
STUART: What? .... WHAT?!
Lou's Place - Pub
Libby and Drew are sitting at a table. Drew admits that he shouldn't have lost his temper with Stuart. He says it's done now though, and asks Libby what she wants to eat. She looks at the menu and can't decide. She's obviously thinking about other things though and picks up her phone to call...but we don't hear the end of the sentence. I'm assuming it's to call Karl/Susan about Baby Ben. Oh dear, I was wrong, it was about work - silly me! Drew shakes his head and Libby goes "Ok, no more work!" and switches off her phone.
Darcy and Terri walk in and sit down at a table. Darcy wonders if she's had time to think about what he said. What was that? Oh good, he reminds us! Dinner in town, concert, late night supper, 5 star hotel room on Friday night. She says he'll check her diary and Darcy says she's a "hard woman", I'm assuming that means she's a hard woman to please, not that she's made of metal or anything. They turn and wave to Libby and Drew - who wave back.
Back to Libby and Drew....Libby goes to reach for her phone, but Drew notices and stops her - saying they said no work and if it's important they'll leave a message. She says she wasn't think about work - she was thinking about Karl and Susan and how they might want to call about Ben! Ahh! You see! I'm good! *dances* Ahem...anyway.
DREW: (relunctantly) Nah....no...no. He'll be fine. He's in good hands.
LIBBY: (unconvinced) Yeah...
Drew gives in and dials Karl and Susan's number just to stop her worrying so they can get on with dinner. The phone conversation goes like this:
DREW: Yeah, hi Karl. It's Drew...No, no,no we're fine, it's jus that, err, well Lib. She had her phone switched off and she was jsut worried that, you know, someone was trying to get through. (Drew looks to Libby and smiles and tells her Ben has just had his bath). Oh yeah yeah, I told her there was nothing to worry about. Oh I bet he has and he loves having his nappy off. Just err...make sure you put a blanket down because sometimes he...oh yeah, OK, no worries. Bye!
Drew laughs and looks to Libby and says "too late". Hehe, good old Ben He then asks if Libby wants her mobile left on. She says it's OK, she's relaxed. After a moment silence when Drew turns off the phone Libby asks if he did...all over the carpet. Apparently so! Like I say - good old Ben Libby agrees telling Drew that Ben is a clever boy!
Number 30
Stuart's playing the guitar. He stops when Dee comesin and she tells him not to (stop). Stuart asks if she likes guitars and she says yes and asks him to play something else. He does its one of those songs where you err...I'm not aguitar expert, you know, strum really quick and then say a line of lyrics. Anyway the lyrics go like this:
Let me tell you about a chick named Dee,
She's the coolest chick you ever did see,
(He walks round to where she is)
She's as hot as a chilli,
And as sweet as a...
(plays a horrible chord)
Dee laughs and Stuart says sweet pea. Yes, of course, because as long as you're compared to a sweet pea that's just fine! I thought hoped the song had finished - but it hasn't. He continues playing really bad chords and the lyrics go as follows:
Yeah! Me and Dee,
Dee and me,
Dee - yeah!
She laughs hysterically - as do I, because it is *really* funny and claps - I don't clap though, because I'm typing instead. She says 'bravo' and Stuarts says that she can't resist him. She questions this and Stuart says he can't blame her because he has the looks, brains and musical talent (*resists a comment about Ned Parker here, because he isn't in Neighbours at this time!*). Stuart reckons he's got that package. Dee laughs some more and asks what is she going to do with him? And then she leans in and kisses him. Stuart says he has a few ideas and they both laugh. Aww - I'm warming to them!
Hancock's House
Maggie and Evan are reading some papers and books. Maggie is going through a list of things Matt hasn't got (previous convictions and traffic offences) and thinks that should be good enough to get him bail. Evan repeats "Should?!". Maggie says that running away doesn't help much. Evan reckons they can do better than 'Keith Cox'. I have to agree. Maggie gives him a look and Evan says that she must know someone well enough that can help them out. She knows what Evan means and says she doesn't know anyone well enough to get a discount.
EVAN: (sarcastically) Excellent! Matt's being defended by a loser.
Maggie defend Keith by saying he is clever, knows the law and is their only option. Evan looks a bit pee-ed off on the sofa and say "Oh great!". Shouldn't have said that Evan! Maggie loses her temper, slamming her papers down on the desk shouting if he has any better suggestions. When Evan doesn't respond she shouts 'come on'. She then talks about bail money and how Genevieve should be helping out. Matt argues that Maggie told him not to ask her. Maggie shouts back that she shouldn't have to be asked and the Genevieve is a selfish cow, and Evan needs to stick up for his family for once. Evan goes to answer back but Maggie gets in first saying that she rang around all her contacts and couldn't find anyone to take the case and so that's why they're 'stuck with Keith'.
Libby's Place
Libby and Drew come through the door and Libby immediately gets out her mobile. Drew takes it from her telling her 'no calls', he then has a list of "no's" but these are all things like 'no work', 'no baby', 'no friends' etc etc and says that they have the place to themselves for a change. Libby puts on some music and says how strange it is being at home and doing nothing. She promises that as soon as the magazine is published it'll all be over and she'll relax a bit. Drew reminds her that'll only be for 6 hours until she starts the next issue. Libby says that the problem is that the work sits 'here' (in her living room), she thinks that if they had a spare room she could put all her work in there and then she'd forget about it. Yeah right, Lib, you wouldn't. She gets up and goes to the desk complaining about the lack of room for her files and the amount of room Ben takes up. She finds a toy of Ben's and starts talking about it, but then she looks over at Drew and apologises for going on about work and Ben. She sits down on the sofa next to Drew again and says from now on she'll stop talking. And that she does - by kissing Drew. When she pulls away she asks Drew whats the matter. Drew says it's nothing, Libby just caught him by surprise. Libby smile snervously and says she knows that she hasn't been throwing herself on him lately (I should think not! This is Neighbours!) and it's because of crazy hormones. He says that's what Joe says. When Libby let's out a 'what?!' he explains he'd beentalking to Joe.
LIBBY: You've been discussing our sex life with Joe Scully!
DREW: No, no, no, I didn't exactly discuss it.
LIBBY: Well, what did he advise?
DREW: (seriously) Patience and no pressure.
Libby smiles saying she thought he'd gone off her. Drew seems outraged and asks how on earth he could go off her. Drew says he thought she'd gone off him. Libby says no and they both sort of tut/sigh.
LIBBY: You know what Lyn advised?
DREW: Lyn?!
LIBBY: Come here (she takes his hand). Trust me you'll *love* what she advised (she leads him to the bedroom)
DREW: Really?
The bedroom door shuts.
Coffee Shop
Stuart says he's really hungry and Dee says she is too, jus tbefore Darcy steps in the door. Darcy says good morning to Dee and Stuart and keeps walking passed their table to join Terri. He explains his plans to Terri - which is a picnic by the lake which he will organise. Terri says that she hopes he'll enjoy it because she's on duty. They both go up to the counter and Darcy thinks she can sneak away.
TERRI: (sarcastically) Oh yeah, sure. Excuse me sir can you just arrest yourself because I'm sneaking off for a picnic.
Darcy thinks Terri is very cute. I have to say, I do like her sense of humour. Darcy goes to kiss her but Terri asks what he's doing, he can't kiss her when she's in uniform because it doesn't look professional. She says she's gotta go and walks out.
Back at the table with Stuart and Dee, Stuart is smiling because her ex just got stood up. Darcy comes over and Stuart asks whats up, is she not into geriatrics. Darcy keeps his cool and sort of half-whispers to Dee 'oh yeah'. When he leaves Stuart says to Dee that Darcy is a jerk.
Outside The Court
Evan is wondering where on earth Keith is. Maggie is trying to calm him just as Keith appears round the corner. Keith apologises for being late because of traffic. Evan wonders if they need to know anything before they go in. Keith says it's straight forward and explains some of it to them. He thinks Matt should get bail because it's his first offence. Leo says something I don't hear and Keith says to leave all the talking to him and he doesn't think they have anything to worry about. As Keith walks off, quickly followed by Evan, Leo admits quietly to Maggie that he's scared (aww, bless him). Maggie stops, puts her arms around him and tells him to cross his fingers - there's nothing more they can do and they have a hug.
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Terri Hall, Const. Bill Webber in Neighbours Episode 3981
Terri Hall, Const. Bill Webber

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3981
Dee Bliss

Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3981
Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3981
Darcy Tyler, Dee Bliss

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3981
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock

Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3981
Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Const. Bill Webber, Emily Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3981
Const. Bill Webber, Emily Hancock

Terri Hall, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3981
Terri Hall, Maggie Hancock

Matt Hancock, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3981
Matt Hancock, Terri Hall

Emily Hancock, Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3981
Emily Hancock, Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3981
Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock, Terri Hall

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3981
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3981
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Keith Cox in Neighbours Episode 3981
Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Keith Cox

Maggie Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3981
Maggie Hancock, Leo Hancock

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