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Neighbours Episode 3977 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3977
Australian airdate: 09/04/2002
UK airdate: 09/05/2002
UK Gold: 10/05/2006
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Summary/Images by: Shona/Karen (Katie)
Chloe is against Marc marrying Steph
Matt makes a bid for freedom
Erinsborough Hospital
Maggie and Evan realise that Matt has done a runner. The nurses are going to call the police but Maggie is adamant they should be stopped; he's in enough trouble as it is.
Erinsborough Hospital (Lou and Harold's room)
Lou is moaning about being itchy and Harold suggests he do something about it. But he can't, being all incapacitated and all. He decides he should get a nurse to do it but Harold thinks he's barmy to bother them about something so trivial. They argue about who's agitating who.
Erinsborough Hospital
Maggie and Evan have checked everywhere and no luck. Evan thinks they should face the facts that Matt's run off. Maggie wants to know what Evan said to him that lead Matt to scarper but Evan ain't saying a word. She doesn't know what to do. Evan says they have to face it together and stick together through it. Maggie mentions that Matt will be a flight risk now that he's run off. They wonder where he's gone (Toadie's?) Maggie dismisses this but Evan thinks that Toadie is just a kid and is quite irresponsible. Maggie tries to hide her feelings as Evan starts to think Matt might be at home.
Number 26
Joe talks about how well the other night went. Steph is glad too and she and Marc say they haven't got any further on the wedding plans. Flick thinks they'd better hurry up about it.
Chloe phones and wants to talk to Steph. Marc warns Steph about taking his mother on face value which Steph laughs off. She answers the phone.
Outside Number 32
There's no sign of the fugitive. Evan and Maggie argue about calling the police (Maggie is dead against it). Toadie pulls up and Maggie demands to know where Matt is. Toadie hasn't a clue and said he was only trying to cheer him up about the situation - they didn't hatch an escape plan together. Evan asks that he tell them anything he hears and kisses Maggie on the head as she stares at Toadie.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold snores. Lou is a tad annoyed and puts the telly on, then wakes Harold up by poking him with his walking stick.
Number 32
Maggie and Evan talk about people they can contact about Matt. The phone rings and Leo answers it; it's Matt, who doesn't want anyone to know it's him. Leo covers for him and Matt tells him he needs his help.
Steph and Chloe talk. Steph says about how Marc has opened a world of opportunity for her - travelling, for instance. All out of her budget but Marc is so generous. "To a fault," thinks Chloe. But Steph's dreams are pretty mundane (kids, house, dog...). All the travelling can wait. Chloe asks outright if she's pregnant and Steph tells her she isn't.
Flick and Toadie spot them and wave. Toad tells Flick that Maggie thinks he and Matt have concocted a scheme together. He can't believe Matt is being such a jerk! Maggie...and the whole Hancock crew are going out their minds about him.
Number 32
Leo takes cans of food from the cupboards to put in a box. Evan gets off the phone in the hallway. The police have found out about Matt and Maggie thinks this puts a whole new complexion on things. They both hope he's safe. Leo listens to Evan thinking it's good the cops know; the more people looking for him, the better.
Erinsborough Hospital
Now Lou is snoring, to Harold's annoyance. Harold grabs some tissue paper and stuffs it in his ears but this doesn't really help.
Number 26
Marc can't believe Chloe asked Steph if she was pregnant. Steph is glad that Chloe is honest - it's refreshing. It was great once they cleared the air. Before, she thought that Chloe believed her to be a goldigger!
Erinsborough Hospital
Now Harold is chucking sweets at Lou. Soon as Lou wakes up Harold pretends to snore loudly.
The Coffee Shop
Joe says to Chloe about them doing dinner together again. Chloe mentions that she met up with Steph. Joe tells her that he's glad Steph's found happiness at last and offers mates rates for any work she needs doing.
Toadie appears and Joe introduces them. Chloe doesn't look overly enthused at the prospect of being related to the Scullys.
Leo goes into an abandoned changing room-type place and finds Matt. Matt looks to see if he was followed but Leo is sure he wasn't. The dog followed him though. Matt is glad he brought some grub. Leo tells him that Evan and Maggie are so worried and the cops are looking. Matt doesn't know what to do but thanks him for keeping quiet. He just has to get his head cleared.
Chloe tells Marc how outraged she is about Joe offering his and Toadie's services and 'mates rates'. Marc says he's only trying to do her a favour. Chloe wishes he would look beyond 'Stephanie's pretty face'. If he can't maybe she and his dad will have to do something about it; I.e. disinherit him.
Flick appears and Chloe is surprised to find she works for them. Chloe's seen enough.
Flick comes back and asks Marc if he's alright; he admits to her that Chloe doesn't like Steph. Flick assures him that Steph would live in a tent with him - she doesn't care about the money. He should tell his parents to go jump.
Matt asks Leo to find out about Glenn's condition. He saw a priest and thinks that Glenn was getting his last rites. Why did he have to go in that stupid race? Leo tells him to come home. Matt makes him promise he won't say anything; he's relying on him.
The Coffee Shop
Steph knows Marc is in a bit of a low mood. She thinks that Flick might be a rubbish employee and that's what he's unhappy about. Marc says Flick is great; it was something his mum said. She tells him she'll have to get him to like his mum as much as she does.
Number 26
Flick asks Marc what Steph's reaction was and he admits he didn't tell her about Chloe. He doesn't care about the inheritance but he's worried about Steph getting hurt. Steph comes in and asks what's going on.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold thinks they should sleep in shifts. Harold goes for the first one.
Number 26
Marc wants to get married ASAP. Steph agrees and hugs Marc. Flick makes a face. Steph knows her mum and dad will kill them for making the wedding only two months away but wants to go ahead. Flick leaves the room.
Number 32
Maggie finds Leo replacing the can opener and realises what's going on. She wants to know where Matt is - he needs help and Leo isn't doing his brother any favours by keeping quiet.
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Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3977
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3977
Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3977
Toadie Rebecchi

Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Leo Hancock

Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Matt Hancock

Steph Scully, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3977
Steph Scully, Chloe Lambert

Toadie Rebecchi, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3977
Toadie Rebecchi, Felicity Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3977
Toadie Rebecchi, Joe Scully

Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3977
Chloe Lambert

Matt Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Matt Hancock, Leo Hancock

Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 3977
Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully, Chloe Lambert

Matt Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Matt Hancock, Leo Hancock

Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3977
Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock

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