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Neighbours Episode 3976 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3976
Australian airdate: 08/04/2002
UK airdate: 08/05/2002
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Terri Hall: Robyn Charlesworth
Father O'Callahan: Bruce Hyland
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
Terri informs Matt of the charges he will be facing.
Harold tells Lou and Rosie that he's damaged his retinas and is therefore blind.
Erinsborough Hospital - Harold's Room
Lou tries to help Harold drink his cup of tea through a straw, but it results in Harold choking on the tea. Darcy rushes in and informs them that Harold must lay flat and calm, so that his eyes heal as best as possible. He warns Lou not to let Harold's blood pressure rise. As Darcy leaves, Lou offers Harold some fruit, but they are soon bickering again.
Matt's Hospital Room
Maggie is pleased with the news that they have just heard, Matt isn't so sure though and asks after Harold. Evan tells him he's doing well, but isn't so sure about Glen.
Hospital Corridor
Drew bumps into Darcy on his way to see Harold. He decides not to go and visit Matt as he was the one who lent him all the tools to do up the car. Darcy asks how he's going and Drew admits that they're going through a rough patch, and no longer understand the concept of sleep.
Ramsay Street
Toadie bumps into Maggie and inquires as to how everyone is getting on. She informs him that Matt is doing fine, but doesn't want to think about the consequences of what might happen. It seems she is blaming herself for not being a good parent and doesn't agree with Toadie when he tells her it's not her fault. She tells him he has no idea what she and Evan are going through or the parents of the other boy. He offers her the 'if you need me you know where I am' spiel before heading off.
Drew and Libby's
Drew and Libby are sitting on the couch, though Drew is fast asleep while Lib is watching TV. Without realising Drew moves his arm with the cast on and weacks Libby in the eye who isn't too impressed.
Evan recons that with all that Matt faces he could learn something from the experience, though Maggie isn't quite so convinced, and reminds him that it will affect them all and Matt could possibly end up in gaol. Evan is sure he won't go to gaol, but Maggie reminds him that they will need a good lawyer especially if the other driver doesn't pull through.
Harold's Hospital Room
Harold is humming tuba tunes as Lou eats his hospital dinner for him. Lou tells Harold how he's covered all the shifts and sorted out the deliveries down at the coffee shop for him and Harold thanks him. He asks Lou if he'll read something out of the bible for him, so Lou pulls out the large bible from the cabinet. It would seem that Lou has been learning parts of the bible to impress Rosie by but it doesn't impress Harold so he finds another book.
Libby and Drew's
Darcy pops into visit Libby on his way up to see Terri. He admits that it's a personal visit and likes her both in and out of her uniform. He advises Libby to put some ice on her eye and tells her to look after herself before she shuffles him out of the door.
Matt tries to find out from the nurses about Glenn but they won't say anything so Evan encourages him back into the room. He asks Matt what possessed him to run the drag race which is not only illegal but dangerous. Matt admits he was an idiot and did it to save himself from selling his car. Evan points out that he's put people's lives in danger, and Matt asks him if he wants to see him go to gaol.
Terri's Flat
It would seem that Darcy told Terri about Libby's black eye as Terri won't let it rest and wonders if it could be a case of domestic violence. Darcy tells her that Libby was joking about Drew, and they are a very happy couple. He points out that they thought she was a drug dealer and comments how he likes a mystery woman before going in for a kiss.
Matt wanders over to have a look through the door to the room Harold is in. He asks Darcy about Harold's condition and he tells him about the surgery and the fact they now have to wait and see if it as done the trick. He tells Matt they won't know for about a week, and confirms that if it hasn't worked, Harold will be blind permanently. Matt wanders back to his room leaving Darcy staring at Harold.
Toadie pops over to pick up some case files from Maggie and tells her he will cover for her day off. She thanks him and hands him the files before disappearing. Evan thanks Toadie for his support.
Coffee Shop
Drew helps Lou bring a delivery through to the kitchen and discuss Harold's recovery. As Lou places the boxes down his back goes. Libby arrives with Ben and sunglasses and walks past Darcy who is sitting with Terri. He comments on her black eye as Drew walks past, but Lib ignores him and Terri continues to wonder how they can live in that tiny flat with a baby and not get claustrophobic. Darcy encourages her not to build a case against them and agrees that they are probably going through a bad patch, but everyone does at some stage.
Maggie is on the phone to a lawyer contact and after hanging up informs Evan that they could be looking at trying to find ten grand to pay a QC just to keep Matt out of gaol. He wonders where they are going to find the money and refuses to touch their savings, but mentions they could ask Genevieve. Maggie suggests selling the house.
Matt's Hospital Room
Toadie brings Matt some CD's to try and keep him occupied and jokes about the concussion. Matt's mind is turned more towards the fact he could be going to gaol and asks Toadie what it's like inside. It seems he has committed himself to going but admits he doesn't want to. Toadie tells him he'll have to get up on the stand and say what his lawyer tells him to say, but Matt doesn't see how he can change the fact that he has ruined two lives.
Harold's Hospital Room
Lou arrives with a different copy of the Bible for Harold. Harold tells him he's been thinking about Matt and forgiveness, but Lou can't see why he would want to forgive and they end up quoting different parts of the bible to one another. While doing so, Lou drops the bible on the floor and bends down to reach it but he catches his back and ends up stuck. Harold fumbles around for the buzzer for the nurse.
Lib asks Drew why he has to keep the garage running, but Drew is adamant that he has to be working to keep the customers happy. Libby isn't so keen on his new hours but he tells her to talk about it when he gets home; Lib tells him that's her point, he never is home. Terri watches on and as Drew heads back into the garage she heads over to see Libby and tells her that she is there for her if she needs to talk.
Hospital Corridor
Matt overhears Darcy telling the vicar where Glenn's room is and learns that his parents have asked for the visit. Darcy spots Terri who asks about Matt's blood results, but it would seem they are not yet in. He asks her out for a meal that evening, but she tells him to call her later.
Harold's Hospital Room
Realising that a new patient is now in the bed next too him, Harold says hello, only to discover it is his good friend Lou. Darcy informs him he was lucky he was in the hospital when it happened and he's not to do anything for himself, but must ask the nurses. Harold begins to laugh at him, but Darcy points out her pulled strings to get them in the same room. He leaves them to tease one another.
Matt's Hospital Room
Matt is now dressed and grabs his wallet from the wardrobe before heading out into the corridor and making a run.
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Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3976
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3976
Drew Kirk, Darcy Tyler

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3976
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3976
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3976
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock

Evan Hancock, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3976
Evan Hancock, Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3976
Matt Hancock, Harold Bishop

Matt Hancock, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3976
Matt Hancock, Darcy Tyler

Toadie Rebecchi, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3976
Toadie Rebecchi, Evan Hancock

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3976
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Darcy Tyler, Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3976
Darcy Tyler, Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3976
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3976
Libby Kennedy, Terri Hall

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3976
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Darcy Tyler

Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3976
Matt Hancock

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