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Neighbours Episode 3950 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3950
Australian airdate: 1/3/02
UK airdate: 28/3/02
UK Gold: 21/4/06
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None
- "Cindy Ryan" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tad moaning at Harold for Cherry dropping him.
Joe finding out Michelle is helping and supporting Evan.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn are stunned to see Flick walk through the front door. They are disappointed to find out the reason why she is back - she wants to go to Eden Hills Uni - and hope she hasn't burned her bridges by leaving one university and not to get into another.
No. 32
It's Election Day and Evan is nervous a hell and is driving Maggie and Leo crazy. He tells him that he really wants to be a councillor and Leo suggests thing he can arrange!
No. 26
Over in the Scully household, Joe is nervous too as he folds up some leaflets with Lyn's help. She gives him some encouragement but reminds him that he doesn't need to make his political speeches at her! Joe gets a bit despondent when Michelle arrives holding a poster of Evan and bypasses them heading straight into the kitchen. She sees Flick restocking the cupboards and asks her sister what really happened. Flick replies that she wants the place that has come up at Eden Hills and wasn't enjoying being away by herself. Michelle has a dig at her for constantly changing her mind over what she want to do (hairdressing, PR job, PR course, University) to which is met by a curt reply when she tells her sister that she doesn't know everything.
The Coffee Shop
Tad spots Susan and confides in her about the trouble he is having with Harold. She suggests he tells Harold all this is troubling him but he says that he has tried but it isn't working and doesn't know what to do next.
Lou's Place
Evan is handing out his leaflets when Joe and Lyn come in and Lyn tells Joe to start handing out his leaflets to counterbalance what Evan is saying as he hands over his leaflets (that he is running on an environmental campaign). Trouble brews when the two of them meet and start bickering with each other over their different POV's, so much so that Lou is forced to intervene and send the children off to play elsewhere.
The Coffee Shop
Leo tries to help his dad's campaign by handing out his leaflets and Joe comments to Lyn when they enter that Michelle must have given up helping Evan since Leo is alone. Leo comes up to him and hands them one of Evan's leaflets and Joe remarks that Michelle has obviously seen the light and stopped siding with the enemy but is told she is in the carpark putting leaflet on car windscreens. That goes down like a lead balloon with Joe and not even Harold wishing him luck and remove the dejected look from his face.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn come in for more election supplies and Lyn takes the opportunity to tell Flick to email the Uni about the position but she again says that it can wait until a personal phonecall on the Monday. Flick and Tad both assure Joe he's got their vote and Joe remarks that it is just as well Michelle can't!
Voting station
Joe and Lyn aren't happy as they arrive to see Michelle handing out leaflets for Evan. Lyn says they should just ignore her as they head into the school to vote but Lyn turns back and tells her daughter that she is being very hurtful to her father. This seems to have an effect as Leo tells her that he is missing voters as Evan arrives to cast his vote after thanking them for their help. Tad arrives just as Susan and Harold come out and the atmosphere is strained to say the least.
Lou's Place
Flick tells Lou why she is back as they finish paying for their drinks. Tad takes the opportunity to ask if there are any shifts going at the bar and Lou asks if this is because Harold is most likely to avoid him but Tad explains he is just after the extra money. Lou promises to get back to him on that one and Flick asks him the real reason he wants the extra cash. Tad explains that he wants the money so he can afford to move out of No. 24.
No. 26
Lyn tries to calm Joe down as he is pacing for Australia as Michelle comes in, then he suddenly decides to put the pacing to good effect by taking Harvey for a walk. Michelle remarks what is up with her dad and Lyn spells it out to her that she is hurting her dad especially by telling everyone her views rather than keeping them within the family. Lyn explains further that Joe feels she has gone out of her way to humiliate him but given Michelle's reply ("please") obviously does not agree.
The Coffee Shop
Flick enters and tells Susan she dropped out of Brampton and asks if she can join her for a coffee. Susan is pleased that Flick is asking her for advice since she never did that at school! Flick explains that she really doesn't know what she wants to do and is beginning to feel like a loser because all her friends are doing something. Susan suggests that she talks to her parents but adds that she is only 18 and therefore doesn't have to decide now what Flick wants to do with the rest of her life at this moment in time. Flick replies that talking to her has made sense and adds that she doesn't want to go to university!
No. 32
After coming off the phone, Maggie informs Evan that the counting is close and it is between four of them (him, Joe and two other random names), so Evan goes back to waiting. Maggie mentions to Michelle that things must be tense too at her place, which prompts her to head home. Evan then moans about Matt not being there for his big day and feels like he's lost Matt too like Chris.
No. 26
Flick tells her parents that she doesn't want to go to university, at least for the moment, and can sense disappointment from her parents. They both assure her that she is old enough now to make her own decisions and they'll get over it. Joe jokingly asks if she can stick to one thing for a little while though, which lightens the atmosphere. Flick still feels she's let them down as Michelle comes in and announces that the election is neck and neck. This is met by silence, so she tells her dad that if Evan wins she'll be please because he is backing things that she stands for but if he wins then she'll be proud because he is her dad and it is what he wants before adding that she loves him. "You have a funny way of showing it," replies Joe before he hugs her and says that he is proud that she's his daughter.
The Coffee Shop
Harold locks up and thanks Tad for his help. Tad then tells Harold that he's made a decision - he's moving out and Harold replies that it is probably best given the current situation. Harold comments to him that Tad's generation wants things now but he can't see things like that, which leads to them having a little tit-for tat before getting onto the subject of Cherry and Tad accusing Harold of being a hypocrite.
TAD: Good people do not go around forcing their opinions on others, making them feel cheap. You think you live by your convictions but you don't.
HAROLD: How dare you say that to me? How dare you, after all I've done for you? I try to live by my convictions and one day I hope you'll do the same. Yes, alright if you want to move out I certainly won't try to stop you.
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