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Neighbours Episode 3949 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3949
Australian airdate: 28/02/02
UK airdate: 27/03/02
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Anya Trybala
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Tad is on the phone to Cherry.
- Elle and Michelle are trying to help and old lady, but she wakes up, so they leave.
- Drew knocks someone over in the club and they have to call for an ambulance.
Drew and Libby's
Drew arrives back a bit shaken, and explains to Libby how he was trying to get a drunk out of the club, but he fell against the table and got knocked out instead. He tells her that it's nothing to worry about and turns his attention to Ben instead.
Tad and a 'friend' arrive back late from a nightclub. As he fumbles to find his door keys she tells him that he was much better than the last DJ. On opening the door, they both fall in onto the floor, mainly due to her drunkenness. Tad tells her that they must be quiet, but Harold is soon awoken. Tad calls her a taxi.
Ramsay Street
While Evan's voting sign stands singly in his front garden, Joe rigs his up onto the back of his truck, parked in the middle of the street. Joe asks Karl and Susan if they're going to punish Ellie in some way, but it would appear they haven't yet heard the story of her driving around trying to save an old lady. As they turn to head inside, Ellie comes out the front door.
Lou tells Lyn that he didn't like the way Michelle turned his home in to a hostel, bringing around some strange guy. Lyn and Joe understand, and Joe admits it is out of character for Michelle.
Ramsay Street
Ellie doesn't seem to understand what she did wrong, and comments that she had no other option as the woman needed help and Susan had confiscated her mobile phone through school rules. She claims that everything she does is wrong, and walks off leaving them standing in the street.
As Joe is getting the last of his voting papers together, Flick calls. She tells Joe and Lyn that she is on the course and enjoying it, but from her facial expressions it looks like she may not be being all that truthful. She apologises to her parents for it being such a short call and hangs up. She walks away from the phone box looking rather sad.
Drew and Libby's
Libby leaves Ben sleeping soundly in his cot and soon discovers that Drew is also sound asleep. However it doesn't last long as the phone rings and he jumps up and answers it. It's his boss from the club, who warns him that the club could be receiving bad publicity after the stunt, and that the guy who got injured is threatening to go to the police. Drew needs to find a lawyer.
Harold is helping Tad stack up his vinyl into boxes. Harold comes across a pair of pink tights while Tad is out the room, but there is a knock on the door. Harold hides the tights down his shirt, and it turns out to be Cherry. She asks Tad if he's seen her tights as she left them there last night. While she is in the bedroom, Harold takes the opportunity to give the tights to a very puzzled looking Tad.
Drew and Libby's
Libby worries that Drew could be sent to court for the charge, but he tells her not to worry as he's the one who should be doing the worrying. Libby can't understand why he's so relaxed about it and he explains how it's part of the job and he's got nothing to hide. She tells him to get hold of the video tape as it'll prove he's innocent.
Lyn encourages Joe to stop bundling up his voting leaflets, but he's determined to get one more letterbox round in before the vote tomorrow. The phone rings, it's someone from Eden Hills Uni. Lyn explains that Flick is now at Brampton, but the Eden Hills course is the one she really wanted to get on to. She wonders if she has stuffed things up for Flick.
Coffee Shop
Cherry comments to Tad that she doesn't think Harold likes her. They don't get much of a chance to talk as Ellie soon arrives and invites herself to sit with them. Tad tries to persuade her to leave, but it doesn't work so he goes to the counter to pay. Harold comments that Cherry also took some muesli bars without paying so Tad says he'll cover for her. Harold wants to talk about what happened last night, with the tights, and asks Tad if he could be a little more diplomatic and respect that it is his house. Tad still can't get his head around what Cherry's tights were doing in Harold's shirt, and informs Harold that she was getting changed before they went out, and that nothing happened. He tells Harold not to jump to conclusions.
Drew and Libby's
Lou helps Libby to fold up all of Ben's nappies. He offers to provide a six month cleaning service for the nappies, free of charge. Libby decides to take him up on the offer.
LIBBY: Know of a good lawyer?
LOU: Pardon?
LIBBY: Oh it's nothing
LOU: Doesn't sound like nothing.
Libby explains the situation with Drew and the nightclub. Right on cue, Drew arrives and it would seem that something was going on at the club. He wasn't able to get hold of the video tape and according to Barb; it wasn't put in that night. Drew isn't so sure and plans on another tactic.
Joe is handing out leaflets in a last bid to boost his voting campaign. Karl and Susan wander past and Joe asks if they've spoken to Ellie yet. He seems to think that she's the one influencing Michelle and that it's not having a good effect on Michelle. Susan reacts to this and points out that Ellie isn't the only teenager to make mistakes and that she is her responsibility so to leave his nose out of it. Ellie watches on as Susan stands up for her.
Cherry and Tad run in from a swim. She plans to go for the shower, but Tad doesn't allow her and heads there himself. She sits down in the lounge wrapped in her towel as Harold arrives back. Harold tries to diplomatically tell her not to go around wearing next to nothing in other people's houses, but she doesn't take well to it, and heads to the bedroom.
Karl has had to pop in to type up some notes while they are lacking a receptionist. Ellie pops through and hands them a bunch of flowers.
KARL: House hasn't burnt down has it?
ELLIE: No, I just wanted to.
Ellie leaves, causing Karl and Susan to discuss her motive. Karl isn't convinced that the gesture wasn't unmotivated, but Susan puts it down to the fact she hasn't had such a supportive upbringing as other children.
Random Phone Box/ Scullys
Flick calls home again and both Joe and Lyn pick up a phone each. Lyn explains how Eden Hills Uni called, and Flick sounds excited. She is soon disappointed when Lyn goes on to explain how she told them she had a place at Brampton. Flick reveals that she isn't happy at Brampton, and hasn't been able to make any friends yet. Joe offers to come and collect her and drive her to Eden Hills, but Flick comments that she can't keep chopping and changing.
Lou's Place
Tad walks in to find Cherry sitting at a table. He wonders why she ran off, but she tells him that Harold judged her. Tad finds it hard to believe that Harold made Cherry feel hurt, but she informs him that as long as Harold is around she can't go back to his house. Tad says he'll talk to Harold, but Cherry decides to take a break. She walks off, leaving Tad.
Harold is surprised to see Tad in the morning. He didn't hear him come in and so assumed that he was at Cherry's. Tad informs him that he won't be at Cherry's anymore because she dumped him, based on something Harold had said to her. Harold can't seem to understand what he'd done wrong.
TAD: The fact of the matter is, you gave her a lecture, and the next minute I'm dumped. So thank you very much.
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