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Neighbours Episode 3948 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3948
Australian airdate: 27/02/02
UK airdate: 26/03/02
UK Gold: 20/04/06
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Mrs Smythe: Lillian Lewis
Barbara Oswald: Meredith Chipperton
Bert Fuller: Bill Scetrine
Anthony Moroni: Lee Baker
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Elly agreeing to abide by the rules of No. 28.
Marc kissing Steph.
Lou's Place
Marc takes another beating at pool from Steph as Drew and Stu finish their food at the bar. Lou suggests to Drew that he takes the night off when he notices how tired Drew is but he rejects this before asking how Lou got on with his visit to Lolly - she was glad to see him but he misses her like crazy. Drew and Stu make their way out and Drew comments that he hasn't seen Stu's new pad yet and Stu quickly says he didn't think Drew had the time atm.
As they leave an older guy comes in and makes conversation with Marc and Steph asks who he is. Marc replies that it is one of his bosses which seems to satisfy her.
No. 26
Michelle tries to spy through the spyhole at Marc and Steph and Joe loudly tells her to get away. Outside, Marc thanks Steph for a great evening and departs saying he'll wait for her call. Steph enters the house and tells her family that he can't play pool and so how can she respect him! Joe wants details though and eventually Steph says she had a nice time and this guy might turn out to be okay.
No. 26 (next day)
Joe is still after the details from Steph about Marc about what sort of a bloke he is. Steph points out that there were a few strange things - the clothes looked too new, he wore expensive aftershave and the conversation Marc had with the older man in the pub and that the way the guy treated Marc it looked like Marc was someone important. Joe doesn't think it sounds bad and Steph agrees but she's finding it strange meeting a bloke who is completely different from the others that she has been out with before but tells her dad that she isn't getting her hopes up!
A bus pulls up and Michelle and a 'pretending to be blind' Elly get off - they've got to get themselves back to school but Elly doesn't want to play blind as they start heading back towards the school.
The Coffee Shop
Harold finishes and puts up a poster advertising his angel cakes as Lou enters showing off his poster, well a drawing from Lolly. They chat about his visit to Lolly as a knackered Drew comes in. Lou tells him that he can't keep on going on like this and they chat briefly about the christening (Lou can't finish organising it until Ben's names are finalised) before Drew rushes back out the door.
Elly annoys Michelle by deliberately misses the path they should take back to school because she's spotted a car. As they arrive at it, they spot the driver unconscious at the wheel and Elly tells Michelle she thinks the driver may be dead.
The Coffee Shop
Harold confides in Lou of the trouble he is having with Tad at home. Lou tries to reassure him that things will come good.
Michelle checks the female driver over and says that she isn't dead as she can feel a weak pulse. Elly decides they need to get her to hospital quickly and pushes the lady over to the passenger seat so one of them can drive. Elly starts the car and with some help from Michelle gets the car going after crunching the gears a few times.
Lou's Place
Joe asks Lou for his vote in the forthcoming election and Lou wishes him the best of luck. Drew arrives and Lou takes him aside to talk about Ben's names and after almost biting Lou's head off, tells him that he'll talk to Libby about it tonight. Lou tries to offer Drew a loan to get him by financially but Drew turns it down saying he'll sort it out.
The Coffee Shop
Lou tells Harold about Drew knocking back the loan and Lou wonders what else he can do to help Drew. Harold replies that the Lord will help, which doesn't exactly go down well with Lou.
As they make their way towards a medical help for the unconscious lady, she comes too and shouts out that she's been kidnapped. Michelle and Elly jump out of the car as the lady drives off like a bat out of hell.
The Coffee Shop
Lou can't seem to stay away from the place today as he comes in again, this time to talk to Harold and Joe about the notice he received saying Lassiter's Hotel is about to be refurbished and isn't looking forward to the mess that will cause. Harold says the owners have been above board as Steph comes in to hear about Lassiter's being refurbished and wonders what Marc knows about it.
Lassiter's Complex
As Steph makes her way through the complex she spots a limo and the guy who was chatting with Marc in the pub the previous night holding the door open...for Marc! Steph tries to walk off but Marc follows her and she tells him that he lied to her. When Marc catches up, he tells her that he is due at the airport in 15 minutes to go to Tasmania and asks that she lets him explain all when he gets back.
Drew is keeping an eye on the punters when one of the other employees asks if Drew can cover for him so he can get up close and personal with the boss and if Mr Boss turns up he is to act dumb.
Lou's Place
Stu enjoys a well earned beer as he and Joe chat footy and if you should sit or stand at a game. He asks Joe how Flick is going at Uni before dishing out the compliments about her, which Joe promises to pass on before telling Stu that buttering up Flick's dad has been done before! Joe tells him to give Flick a miss because she isn't his type!
No. 26
Joe and Michelle 'discuss' what happened earlier on with the car when Marc appears at the door. Joe introduces himself before he and Michelle depart to continue their discussion.
Marc explains that he doesn't really own the company - his dad has him working at all the jobs at the appropriate salary for them all. Steph wants to know why he didn't tell her and he says it was so she liked him for who he is but their chat is cut short as Marc has to fly away again but as Steph shows him the door, he promises to call her and asking that he hopes it doesn't ruin things for them.
As Drew watches on, a random guy is getting a bit boisterous and Drew asks him to calm down but the guy tries to be a smart idiot and tries a few martial arts moves out on Drew but misses and falls to the ground. The boss, back from getting up close and personal with the other employee, comes over and asks Drew what he has done.
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