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Neighbours Episode 3951 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3951
Australian airdate: 4/3/02
UK airdate: 2/4/02
UK Gold: 21/4/06
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Barbara Oswald: Meredith Chipperton
Andy Cooke: Michael Wannenmacher
- "Sex And Violence" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Harold telling Tad he is free to move out.
- Steph asking Marc why he didn't tell her the full story about himself.
- Drew telling Libby he could be facing assault charges for what happened at the club.
Drew turns up for work as normal, which annoys Barbara as she tried to contact him to say not to bother making up the excuse the club wasn't going to be busy, but because he is turned up she is forced to tell him the real reason - him being around isn't good following the incident. Naturally, Drew asks what about innocent 'til proven guilty and is told that she has the club to think of and he isn't being given the sack, just a temporary layoff until things cool down.
No. 26
Flick asks Tad if he is just over-reacting and it is nothing more than a bad patch he and Harold are going through. Tad replies that they've had such a close relationship, best mates even, and now it feels like nothing. Flick then asks if moving out is going to solve anything an he cites that it worked for her when she moved out as she gets on better with her dad but she adds that it may also have worked out the same if she'd stayed. Lyn interrupts their chat telling them it if after 11 and to keep the noise down and they both apologise. Flick gets Tad to promise her that he won't let his emotions cloud what happens.
Lib and Ben arrive to find Drew fast asleep under a car and she comments that he didn't hear him leave, which forces Drew to tell her about Barbara firing him from the club. Libby asks if the club thinks he is going to be done for assault but Drew airs his suspicions that there is another reason too - Barbara is having 'a thing' with Tony and is worried that her hubby will find out, which could explain the missing video tape.
No. 26
Lyn, with Flick listening in, talk to Marc on the phone and feign their innocence when they hear Steph coming out of her room. When Steph arrives in the kitchen (Lyn's holding the phone by her side), Flick asks if she dreamt of Marc and Steph replies that she isn't telling Flick so Lyn asks about Marc coming home and if she is looking forward to seeing him. "Definitely," replies a happy Steph and Lyn hands her the phone so she can tell Marc personally. Steph takes the phone and goes out of the room to talk to him away from the ears of her family.
No. 24
Lou calls round and notices the strained atmosphere before Harold announces to him that Tad is leaving and that he's happy about it. Lou points out it isn't so long ago that he was trying to persuade Tad to stay before adding that Tad is just young. Harold replies that things have changed, that Tad no longer shows respect and dismisses Lou's suggestion that Tad is now treating him like an equal.
No. 26
Marc has returned from Hobart and hands Steph a book about Harley Davidson bikes that he got for $5 from a flea market, which surprises her that he'd even go to a flea market. They continue the banter before Lyn asks him to stay for lunch but Marc rejects it and instead explains why he's round - to invite Steph out and that he'll pick her up at 7pm to which Steph agrees. Marc departs then Lyn tells Steph that she really likes him Steph admits she doesn't know what Marc sees in her given that they are exact opposites. Lyn replies back that Marc may just like her for who she is!
Lib and Ben introduces herself to Barbara and she jumps to the conclusion that Drew has sent her round to get his job back for him before adding it isn't going to work and she's wasting her time. Libby rejects this before saying she's just here to find out the truth. She mentions the video tape and Barbara makes excuses before adding that she doesn't have time to deal with this right now. Barbara has obviously never met Libby Kennedy before because Libby ain't budging until she's seen the tape.
Commercial break over, Barbara is now trying to find other excuses but Libby goes back to the tape and subtly asks if there is something on it that she wouldn't want other people to see? Barbara is getting annoyed now, so Libby suggests it shows her dipping her fingers in the till or harassing an employee. Barbara decides she's heard enough now and tells Libby to go but Libby isn't finished yet and asks if it has something to do with Tony! Barbara keeps her mouth quiet on this one, so Libby tells her that she knows all about her affair with Tony and the silence means her theory is obviously correct!
Lou's Place
Tad moans to Flick about not getting the room at No. 30 due to Matt moving in, otherwise it would have proved the ideal solution to his current predicament. Flick tells him not to be too despondent as she has something up her sleeve just as Lou arrives. Lou mentions to him about Harold being stressed and for Tad to go easy on him and Tad replies back that he's been walking on eggshells for the past few weeks, which hasn't made any difference. Tad tells him about Harold being on his back since he started Uni and Flick suddenly comes out with a possible reason - the change of life!
No. 28
Drew is getting fed up waiting for Karl and Susan to arrive so suggests to Libby that they take the food home to their place instead but Libby replies that they'll be back for dessert and to see Ben! The phone rings and Drew answers it - it is Barbara telling him that he's got his job back as the guy who was threatening to go to the police has dropped the action in favour of getting a year's membership at the club. Drew is beginning to wonder why Barbara changed her mind and Libby is forced to confess she went down to see Barbara and apologises for going to see her but she just wanted to clear his name. Drew says he isn't angry and thanks his wife.
No. 26
Steph is after some fashion advice from Flick and her mum because she can't make her mind up over what to wear. While Steph goes to her Roo to get some possible outfits, Flick asks Lyn if Tad can move in for a bit and she agrees to talk to Joe as Steph returns. They disagree over the outfits and Flick says it is funny seeing Steph get all girly over her looks, which just stresses Steph out even more. She admits that she is out of her depth with Marc and Flick has the perfect solution - accessorise and offers to lend her some to match her outfit before Lyn comes over telling Steph what she is going to do to help her.
Marc introduces Steph to the chef, Andy, and watches as Marc and Andy banter between when Marc worked for him. Andy lets Steph taste some of the food as Marc explains their visit to the kitchen, to which she admits is impressive.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn arrives for some milk just as Harold is closing up. Once she hands over the money, she subtly asks how things are going at home before mentioning that Tad has asked to move into No. 26 for a bit. Harold's only comment is to say it will just be a temporary thing until he gets something more permanent. Lyn hopes that he is okay with this and just as Harold is replying he accidentally cuts himself and gets very narky with Lyn when she tries to help him.
Andy gives Steph more food to taste and she winds him up saying it will taste better with tomato sauce. She wonders when they will be eating just as on cue two members of staff arrive with a table and Marc tells Steph they are eating in the kitchen (unless she'd prefer otherwise) because he thought it would be informal...and being able to keep an eye on Andy's cooking! Steph tells him eating her will be fine and he goes to get the wine.
No. 28
Drew places sleeping Ben into the babyseat as they comment on her parents being annoyed to have been delayed and therefore not see Ben. As Ben starts to grizzle, Drew says he'd like to get some sleep when they get home before he has to get up to head to the club. Lib tells him that you can't count 2 hours as a night's sleep and he tells her to give it a rest, so she says he'll kill himself working at this rate and when Drew wonders why she went to see Barbara, she replies that she did it to clear his name. Libby then pulls the trump card out and tells him that he missed Ben smiling for real the first time today and he thinks it is unfair before she asks him what else is he going to miss out? Drew reiterates that he is working to replace the money he lost to Scotty before taking Ben out to the car.
Marc is playing games with Andy - blind guessing a wine, which Andy correctly guesses. Steph is very much impressed with Andy's knowledge and Marc admits he's lost every bet he's made with him, commenting that Andy has very freaky taste bubs! He asks if Steph is enjoying herself, she is and it's been an education in more ways than one - that there is more to him than meets the eye and she likes what she is getting to know. He replies the same before proposing a toast.
No. 24
Tad asks Harold where his shaving bag is as he tries to pack his things. Tad tries asking about Harold's hand and after a one-word answer, asks if there is anything bothering him. "Everything worries me Tad," replies Harold so Tad leaves to continue his packing but being puzzled by Harold's behaviour.
Andy says goodnight to Steph and Marc, and as she spots the rest of the staff leaving asks if they'd don't need to lock up but Marc shows her the keys instead. He then tells her that there is something he's been wanting to do all night and leans in and pashes her.
STEPH: (coyly) Well, I'd say early 20s, unpretentious, intense, could do with just a little mellowing.
MARC: Heard it goes well with the view as well.
STEPH: And where would that be?
MARC: My apartment, top floor.
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