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Neighbours Episode 3942 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3942
Australian airdate: 19/02/02
UK airdate: 18/03/02
Writer: Philippa Burne
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Serena Lucas: Ruth Callum
Cherry Fox: Anya Trybala
Summary/Images by: Lisa
- Serena stealing some papers from Darcy's bag. Darcy and Serena toasting meeting each other.
- Flick being hassled in the nightclub.
Flick is telling Joe and Lyn about the altercation at the night club. Lyn says it comes down to sexual harassment. Flick justifies it by saying its just part of the job. Joe points out that she shouldn't do the job. Flick points out that it was him who told her to start at the bottom. Flick wants to stick it out as she has been promised the promotion. Lyn is keen to know exactly when that will be. Flick leaves for her morning assignment. Lyn tries once more by suggesting Flick goes to Uni. She would rather just stick the job out though.
Karl and Susan are eating breakfast; Susan appears distracted.
KARL: I used to like going to work. I'm a doctor, I saw patients. Now I am dealing with a megalomaniac partner who gives insensitive advice to my daughter, and a receptionist who treats me like I boiled her pet rabbit.
SUSAN: At least you get to leave your problems at work. I deal with troublesome teenagers all day, and then I get to come home and deal with the princess of troublesome.
Elly walks casually into the living room, she asks them if they got her note. Karl and Susan are not happy that she went back to the club after they told her not too. Elly thought if she snuck out then it wouldn't upset them!!! Karl points out that by going to the club she is breaking the law. Elly thinks it is ok as she didn't drink. She met some friends there too; one of them being Darcy. Of course this pleases Karl muchly!!! Elly reluctantly agrees to obey the rules of the house; she doesn't seem to have Karl and Susan convinced.
No 24
Harold is surprised to find Cherry in his kitchen. It seems her and Tad only got in from the club half an hour a go. Tad hopes that Harold didn't mind him bringing Cherry back. Cherry goes off to have a shower as they need to be in class shortly. With Cherry out of the room, Harold lectures Tad on being out all night; especially as he has classes. Tad isn't worried, he is sure caffeine will get him through the day.
The Surgery
Karl isn't too impressed with Serena's new toys for the surgery; she has invested in some water sounds-to relax the patients, and a coffee machine. Karl points out that they are right next door to a coffee shop, he also thinks the water sounds will make people want to go to the toilet. Darcy comes in and asks Karl about the conference; he can't wait to find out about non-invasive diagnostics! Karl tells Darcy he wants to see him, and then goes in his office. Darcy tells Serena that now isn't a good time to tell Karl about them. Serena turns the water machine on!
Susan is reciting Romeo and Juliet. She asks the class what the lines mean; she has no volunteers though. She spots that Elly has fallen asleep in class; so she asks her to answer the question.
SUSAN: (shouts) Elly!! Can you tell me the consequences of this night's revels?
ELLY: (Sarcastically) Is it that I overdid it with last night's revels?
The class find this funny. Susan isn't impressed and sends Elly out of the class.
The Surgery
Karl is disagreeing with Darcy about suggesting the apnoea monitor for Ben. Darcy admits Ben didn't fit the criteria for the monitor, but it helped to reassure Drew and Libby. They agree to disagree; Karl would prefer he didn't interfere in future. Serena walks in and Karl tells her they didn't want to be disturbed. It seems there are patients waiting; Serena tells Karl they are 'calmly sipping coffee at the moment'!! Karl doesn't seem too impressed with Serena though. Darcy tells him to give it time.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is telling Karl about the confrontation in the classroom. Karl isn't very impressed with her behaviour and tells Susan Elly's mother should come back for her. Susan changes the subject and asks him about his first day back at work. Karl compares Darcy to Elly in that he deludes himself, and that he doesn't believe anything he does could possibly be wrong. He tells Susan that Darcy and Serena appear to be getting on very well. Susan can't wait to reveal her source 'Libby', who has told her that there is a blossoming romance going on. Karl buries his head in his hands. Seems he is impressed then!!
The Surgery
Serena is putting blank prescriptions pads in her bag. Darcy surprises her and suggests they go for lunch. She has an even better idea, and suggests they go to her place. They kiss.
Flick has returned from work. Joe asks if she spoke to her boss about the events last night.
FLICK: Yeah. She told us she had to go through it, so should we.
JOE: Well that's not a very responsible attitude.
Flick is more interested in telling them that if she really proves herself, she might get a car; one with a grappa bottle on top! Joe seems impressed about the idea of a company car.
FLICK: Dad! It's a car with a bottle bolted on the roof!
JOE: Can't you take the bottle off on weekends?
LYN: Oh! Joe!!
Flick is having serious doubts about the job. With the encouragement of Joe and Lyn she picks up the phone and tells Joy she doesn't want the job anymore. Lyn hugs her and tells her she has done the right thing; Joe agrees too.
Elly goes to put some washing out. Karl comes in but doesn't see her. He rings Elly's mum Liz and tells her everything that has gone on. Karl isn't impressed when Liz suggests it is their parenting skills. Karl tells Liz that it is love and guidance that she needs, and that she should be getting it from her mum. Elly overhears just as Karl tells Liz they can't do her job for her. Elly storms out.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy and Serena are giving Elly some advice. Elly thinks it would be a good idea if she could stay with Darcy; he isn't keen, but tells her he will see if he can sort things out.
Flick is on the phone. She has just got herself a place on a university course at Brampton. Lyn and Joe are ecstatic. The only problem is Flick needs to start tomorrow. Joe says it's not a problem, he will take her there himself. Lyn hugs Joe and goes off to help Flick pack.
Serena is working on the computer when Karl asks her to file some notes. She tells him she will do them in a moment, but he wants to know what is more important. Serena tells him someone needs to receive some test results so she is changing some appointments, but after that she will do his filing. Darcy comes in and Serena tells him Karl just had a go at her. Karl comes out and calls Darcy into his office. Karl comes straight out with it and asks him if he is dating Serena. Darcy admits it.
KARL: Are you trying to deliberately irritate me by taking out someone I am trying to get out of the surgery!
Darcy leaves, but Karl tells him he is not happy about the relationship.
No 24
Tad is showing Cherry some sounds he recorded on his keyboard. They end up play-fighting with each other on the floor. Harold chooses this moment to walk in on them. They stop, even though Harold tells them not to stop on his account. Tad and Cherry go out. Harold looks around at the mess they have left behind.
Ramsay Street
Joe is packing Flick's stuff into the car. Joe jokingly asks if she has stashed Harvey in her case as it is so heavy. Flick gives some messages to Lyn for Michelle and Steph. She sees Tad in the street and tells him she is off to Uni. He gives her a hug. Joe tells her to hurry up. She hugs Lyn who tells her to ring as soon as she gets there; and everyday as well. Joe and Flick leave. Tad tells Lyn not to worry "You've still got me Mrs S".
Serena is laughing with someone on the phone. Karl is just showing a patient out of his office. Karl isn't impressed with her making personal calls and gives her a second official warning. Serena sarcastically says that Darcy is also her employer, and he won't appreciate it if Karl tries to fire her.
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