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Neighbours Episode 3943 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3943
Australian airdate: 20/02/02
UK airdate: 19/03/02
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Serena Lucas: Ruth Callum
Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Cam Crane: Scott Shaw
Summary/Images by: Lisa
- Tad arguing with Harold about Cherry.
- Serena telling Karl Darcy won't back him up if he tries to fire her.
Car Park
Steph rides in on her bike and takes the last parking space; she has just beaten a man (Marc Lambert) in a red sports car to the space. He is angry "Look mate, I was just about to park there". He continues ranting and then Steph removes her helmet. Obviously he thought she was a bloke! He asks her nicely if she can park it on the footpath. "Why? Because you are dressed in a suit and so important. He says yes!! Steph grabs her helmet and walks off. He watches her as she leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is telling Serena he had a great time yesterday. She thanks him for listening to her whinge about Karl. Darcy suggests that she just smiles and it will blow over in a few days. Serena can't see what Karl's problem is. Darcy mentions Sarah, and says they just need to be seen to be doing the right thing at work. Darcy gets up to leave while Serena grabs some coffees. Just before he goes he tells her she isn't going anywhere and that between the two of them he thinks Karl still has a thing for the younger ladies. They both joke that he is jealous! They kiss and he says he will see her back at the surgery.
No 24
Harold is playing around with Tads mixing deck. He hears Tad come in and quickly turns it off. He asks Tad if he had a pleasant evening. Tad says yes and goes to his room. Relations seem slightly strained!!
The Coffee Shop
Steph comes in to grab a drink. The smooth guy from the car park (Marc) brushes by her to grab a drink, "Excuse me mate!!" he unconvincingly pretends he didn't realise it was her. She tells him to be her guest, the juice is all his. She jokes that shouldn't he be getting back to the bank.
MARC: Ah I'm the pushy suit who doesn't care about normal people's feelings! I crush anyone who gets in my way and I raise interest rates when ever I feel like it, just because I can.
STEPH: Yeah and I'm the resentful biker chick who waits in car parks all day, so that when some wealth and privileged drives up I can steal the spot that's rightfully theirs.
Marc asks for a glass. Steph leaves "Bye Suit!!" Again he watches her as she walks away.
No 24
Harold and Tad are eating. Harold brings up the topic of Cherry. Tad says if it would make Harold happier, then they will hang out at her place. Harold says it's not a problem. He just feels Tad is being too casual about relationships in general. Tad promises to think about it.
The Surgery
Darcy is manning the reception when Karl walks in. Karl wants to know where Serena is. Darcy tells him she has gone to get some coffees. Karl is none to be pleased though. They discuss Serena's second warning. Darcy tells Karl that the reason that Serena is getting Coffee is so that they can discuss her warning. Darcy probes Karl to find out what his problem with Serena is. Darcy comes out with it and asks if it's because she is good looking.
KARL: Are you saying I want to sack her because I am attracted to her!
DARCY: Well I am just trying to find a reason here Karl, because it's not making a whole lot of sense.
KARL: (Follows Darcy into his office) What have you promised her?
DARCY: What are you implying?
KARL: Come on, a little transference here Darcy. Just because you find her attractive, doesn't make her right for this job. I hope you haven't told her you are going to talk me around.
Karl walks off. Darcy follows and says he won't support his decision to get rid of Serena.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy tells Serena that everything is sweet with Karl, and that there were no real problems. She heads back off to work. Elly comes in and asks Darcy when she can move in. He tells her he needs some more time, he promises her he will speak to Karl. Darcy asks her if she is wagging school; she has a free period it seems!! Darcy tells her if she moves in, it has to be ok with Karl and Susan.
No 24
Tad is on the phone to Cherry. He is telling her about the lecture Harold gave him about sex and abstinence. Harold walks in and overhears the conversation. He listens for a bit then walks off. Tad comes off the phone and Harold comes out of the room again. Tad is a little jumpy; he thought Harold was out. Harold tells him he is off to the coffee shop. Tad goes on his mixing deck; there seems to be a problem though. Looks like his work has been wiped.

Outside Shop
Steph bumps into Marc again; he drops his stuff on the floor, including his phone. He jokes about their third encounter. He says things normally come in threes so that should be it. He hands Steph her phone which she also dropped!! They both set off in opposite directions.
Ramsay Street
Tad is recording bird noises. Elly comes along and asks him what he is doing. Seems he is re-doing his assignment as his first version has been erased (Oops Harold). She offers to help him.
Coffee Shop
Steph is asking Susan how baby Ben is. Steph's phone rings; it seems it is someone looking for Marc. She then realises that she has his phone (obviously happened during the third encounter). Steph is harassed that she has to see 'idiot boy' again to give him his phone back...Susan comes over to a vacant looking Harold. He tells Susan about the problems with Tad, and how he overheard him laughing about him to his friend. Susan tries to sympathise by telling Harold the problems she has been having with Elly.
The Surgery
Karl is yet again asking where Serena is. Darcy says she has gone to get some envelopes. Darcy has an idea. He thinks it would be a good idea if they all got together and had a chat. Karl says he will if he can find a spare five minutes.
Outside Lassiters
Serena is handing some dodgy looking bloke the prescription pads. She tells him to give her a call next week.
The Kennedys
Susan comes in. It seems Elly and Tad are trying to get Dahl to talk for his assignment; although Dahl has decided to remain silent. They decide to go and hassle Cassie instead. Susan calls Tad back; she wants to chat to him about something. Susan tells him about her conversation with Harold. Tad is mortified when Susan says Harold heard him mimicking him. Tad says he was only joking. He tells Susan that Harold is overreacting and criticising the things he is doing. Tad feels he has tried talking to Harold, but it doesn't seem to be fixing things.
The Surgery
Karl, Darcy and Serena are having their power meeting. Karl is telling Serena that has found her prickly lately. She initially defends herself but then retracts and apologises. Karl accepts this. He tells her he wants to know when she goes out, and to come to him if she has a problem. Darcy seems pleased with the truce. Darcy adds that he won't let his relationship with Serena affect his work. Karl tells him to leave it at that. Darcy and Serena leave Karl's office and then hug and kiss in the reception area. She thought they were going to keep things professional. He suggests going into his room.
No 24
Tad and Elly are playing with the mixing decks. Tad is disappointed he says it's not as good as the first version; he wants to go and get some more sounds. Harold comes in and Tad decides to stay. Harold is curious as to why Tad is still working on his assignment; Tad explains it was deleted. Harold hopes it wasn't him when he turned it off earlier. Tad says not to worry. He tells him he spoke to Susan, and that he was only messing about on the phone. They decide not to mention it again.
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