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Neighbours Episode 3941 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3941
Australian airdate: 18/02/2002
UK airdate: 15/03/2002
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Morris Bormann: Reville Smith
Terry Hinkley: Simon McSweeney
Joy Baxter: Bernadette Schwerdt
Summary/Images by: Lisa
Maggie tells Toadie to give the job a chance.
Flick looking horrified at the grappa girl outfit.
The Scullys
Lyn is asking Flick about her new job (It's advertising the drink populare grappa). Flick shows her the very skimpy grappa girl outfit that she has to wear (doesn't leave much to the imagination). Flick is upset as she didn't appreciate being ogled by men, and nearly freezing to death in the marquee while serving drinks. Lyn tries to cheer her up, but even she is surprised how skimpy the outfit is. Flick thinks she looks like a tart; Lyn reassures her that she doesn't. Lyn tells her just to give the job up. Flick however points out her lack of qualifications and training. "You told me to use my looks to get in the door, but then to use my brains to get the career I want". Lyn tells her that was then, and she can do a lot better than this.
FLICK: No one is going to hire me for my brains, or for my ideas, or for how hard I can work. Their only going to hire me for my 'assets'
Flick goes off to have a shower as she feels revolting.
Number 30
Toadie is telling Dee about his new office that he is sharing with Maggie. Apparently it's the size of your average dunny. Dee enquires if he met any clients. He says no, and that he hasn't actually met the associates, this makes Dee rather suspicious. Toadie tells her that Maggie had begged him to stay though. Dee is curious as to what he is going to do. He grabs the book she is reading for some inspiration. The chapter she is reading is called impossible choices. Reading from the book Dee suggests going through the pros and cons of his problem.
TOADIE: It's a job.
DEE: Yes, and there's not many of those.
Dee says that Maggie doesn't seem too worried. Toadie says "Maybe what Maggie wants and I want are two different things". Dee thinks it would be a good idea if he stayed; then they could support each other. He doesn't seem convinced though, it has Dee wondering if he is keeping something from her.
The Kennedys
Karl has just returned from a medical conference (the sort that meant having to stay in a luxury hotel). Susan is teasing him about it. She says he was just telling her how much he enjoyed it, he corrects her by saying he was amazed at how much he learnt. Elly comes through to get an apple. Both Susan and Karl say hello, she only answers Karl and walks back to her room. Susan tells Karl that Elly has hardly mentioned her mum, and she thinks that she is in denial. Susan suggests they just persevere and try and make her happier. There is a knock at the door; its Libby, Drew and Ben. Karl and Susan make a run to the door, Karl gets there first. Ben is sleeping, so they tell Karl to be quiet. Karl tells Libby he has a surprise for her, she looks intrigued. He goes out the front door, and tells her he will be two minutes.
The Scullys
Flick is still discussing her job problem with Lyn. Lyn is happy to discuss it all night, but she reminds Flick that the decision has to be hers. Flick says she knows, but it is hard. She is aware that everyone else is doing so well. Paul has his footie, and Tad got into the exact course that he wanted. Despite Lyn's desperate attempts to get her to chuck it in, Flick feels she has to get something right.
The Kennedys
Karl is showing everyone the cot for Ben (It's a very colourful one).
KARL: Made with my own surgeon's hands.
SUSAN: Karl!
KARL: Well, assembled with my own surgeons hands.
Libby and Drew think it is great. Although Elly thinks it will give Ben nightmares. Karl assures her that babies like bright colours. They both tell Karl it was a lovely thing to do, but from their faces he can tell they already have a cot.
KARL: It's better than this one isn't it?
LIBBY: Well, Drew made it himself.
KARL: (Looking slightly upset-bless!) Clever Drew.
However all is not lost. Karl declares that the cot can stay at theirs for when Ben sleeps over. Everyone agrees that is a great idea. Ben wakes up and Elly asks if she can have a cuddle. Libby doesn't seem to keen at first; but she agrees. Meanwhile Karl and Drew start to carry the cot towards the spare room-Drew is a little worried about getting it through the door "Maybe we should take it apart". Karl would rather not; it took him ages to put it together!
Grappa Girl's HQ
Flick's boss Joy is giving the grappa girls a pep talk. She is telling them to make sure people think they are enjoying themselves, and to smile a lot. She sends them off to do their job. Flick stays back; she wants a chat with Joy. Joy guesses that Flick doesn't like parading around in next to nothing. However Joy tells her that is what she gets paid for, and that Flick has sixty seconds to tell her why she shouldn't sack her.
Joy's Office
Flick is explaining that she thinks the campaign is only appealing to guys; which she thinks is a bit 'tacky'. Flick tries to tell Joy how she thinks it should be done. Initially Joy is annoyed with Flick's comments, but she does eventually tell her she likes her ideas. Joy suggests that Flick becomes the face of grappa; it will mean a lot of extra money for her. She also offers Flick the job of her assistant. Flick ecstatically agrees.
The Surgery
Karl is giving Ben the once over; he has nappy rash. Libby is expressing concern about Drew's new job as a bouncer. She complains he is tired all the time. Drew tells her not to worry, but she says she can't help it. Libby tries to get Karl on her side, but he says he will leave it up to them. Karl changes the subject to Ben's nappy rash; he tells them its fine and to keep applying the cream. Karl enquires to how well they are both sleeping. Libby says she got four hours thanks to the apnoea monitor. Karl doesn't seem to approve; it was Darcy's idea. Libby says she was worried about the risk of cot death; what with Ben being premature. Karl reassures her that he really isn't at risk. Drew thinks that the monitor is an extra safeguard; however Karl thinks they make you paranoid. He tells them to relax, and that all three of them are doing just fine.
Erinsborough High
Mr Bulman is telling Elly there isn't room for two teachers in the classroom; he tells her to leave. Susan just happens to be outside, and she heard everything that went on. Elle tells Susan that he doesn't have a clue how to teach, and that she got the others to understand what he was teaching. Susan suggests she waits till after class next time. Elly however thinks he is a useless teacher, and that Susan should sack him.
Number 30
Toadie is getting ready to deliver pamphlets for the business. Dee is finding it highly amusing. "Hey it works for pizza shops". He suggests she comes and gives him a hand; she however is up to an exciting chapter in her book-Wanting what we can never have.
DEE: All I want is that drop dead gorgeous anaesthetist.
TOADIE: What's stopping you?
DEE: His wife.
Toadie gets on his high horse and tells her to stay away. She isn't serious though "married men are a no go with me, you know that". She wants to know what brought this reaction on. He says nothing. He goes to deliver the pamphlets; she joins him.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is discussing the apnoea monitor with Susan. Susan thought it was a good idea, but Karl is still insisting it is making Libby tense, even to the point that Ben is picking up on it. Susan asks him not to say anything to Darcy. Susan tells Karl about Elly's disagreement with Mr Bulman earlier. Susan does agree with Elly though, she says he is an appalling teacher, and she wishes he had resigned ages ago.
SUSAN: She's a challenge my niece.
KARL: It was the way she was brought up, or dragged up! I'm so glad I got the good sister.
Toadie and Dee come into the coffee shop; they order milkshakes-it's obviously thirsty work delivering leaflets! Dee asks Toadie if someone at work is giving him a hard time. He points out that he has only been there two days. Dee is just surprised he has lost interest in the job so quickly. She probes him for a reason, but he insists everything is fine. Dee thinks she has the answer; he has fallen for someone. She teases him "Toadies in love". She just needs to find out whom. Karl and Susan (who can't help overhearing) would like to know too. Toadie doesn't seem too impressed though!
Flick is yet again discussing her job with Lyn. She is telling her about her latest gig; apparently the clients thought they were there to strip! Lyn is horrified. Flick however saves the best bit till last. She tells Lyn that she may become the face of grappa, and even better than that Joy's assistant. Lyn is a little dubious though, despite Flick telling her it's what she wants. Lyn would feel better if she could meet Joy. Flick reminds her that she is 18 now, and she's not at school anymore.
Karl is making pasta for the family. Libby and Drew are still discussing his job as a bouncer; she thinks it is too dangerous. Karl interrupts and asks if he is doing it for the money. Drew agrees the extra money will come in handy. Karl suggests he extends the repayment date on the money he lent them. Drew declines and says he would rather do things his way. The pasta is ready so Karl goes to get Elly. Susan is suggesting that Libby, Drew and Ben stay at No 28 tonight. Drew would rather not. Karl returns from Elly's room; it seems she has gone out; she has left a note though!
Night Club
Dee is still pressing Toadie for his mystery woman's name. He says he will tell her when hell freezes over! They spot Flick doing her grappa girl gig. Dee is shocked at what a girl has to do to get a job these days. Toadie is amazed to see Susan walking into the night club. It appears she has come looking for Elly with Drew. They bump into Flick who offers them some of her promotional drink; they both decline. They head off to embarrass Elly; she however suggests they join them. Susan tells her to come quietly and marches her out of the club. Dee comments that she is glad she isn't 15 again. She teases Toadie yet again about him being in love. He would rather she gave it a break, but he does finally admit its somebody from work.- I wonder if it's Maggie by any chance?!!
With Karl listening on, Susan is lecturing Elly about not telling them where she was going. She does point out she left a note. "We need to know where you are going, before you go there!" Elle protests that they wouldn't have let her go. Susan points out the fact that she is underage and shouldn't be going there anyway. With no other choice Susan sets down some ground rules. Elly needs to ask permission before she goes anywhere, a ten O'clock curfew on a school night with weekends being negotiable. Finally licensed premises are out of bounds; unless she is with Karl or Susan. Elly 'agrees' and goes off to bed.
SUSAN: (Buries her head in her hand) How do you think I went?
KARL: Very well. You were firm, you were calm, friendly.
SUSAN: Do you think she accepted it?
KARL: Oh, absolutely.
Elly leaves a note for Karl and Susan, she then climbs out of her bedroom window. Seems the lecture worked then!
Night Club
Flick is still trying to promote the drinks. However it seems one particular guy wants something more. He grabs her and kisses her just before security steps in. She looks hacked off.
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