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Neighbours Episode 3940 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3940
Australian airdate: 15/02/02
UK airdate: 14/03/02
UK Gold: 14/04/2006
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Keith Cox: Geoff Brooks
Genevieve Murdoch: Julie Campbell
Toby Frances: Mark Nicol
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Genevieve is talking to Evan and he puts his hand on hers.
Toadie thanks Maggie for a good night and they hug.
Hancock's house
Emily says that Maggie has to eat her cereal. Maggie says she can't eat a thing. Emily says it's not for her (it's for Emily's invisible friend, we can assume). Evan asks Maggie what's wrong and Maggie says it's just nerves.
EVAN: At least you're not on your own. You've got Toadie for what it's worth.
Maggie asks him what he means and he says that Toadie's scene is more corporate, isn't it? Maggie says Toadie doesn't know what he wants, but whatever it is she's sure he'll get it. Evan makes some comments about Toadie some more and Maggie says that Toadie has real integrity. Evan wishes a good first day. Maggie then phones Dee to organise her to look after Emily. When she asks Emily who's going to look after her, Emily guesses Sindi. Maggie says no, Dee, but they're going to go and see Baby Ben and Libby. Emily responds with "Goody! We can't wait can we?"
Maggie gets ready to go and Matt walks in asking if there's any coffee. Evan asks if he's called his mum yet and Matt says he's gonna wait until she calls him. Evan argues with him for a bit and so Maggie decides it's a good time to say goodbye. Once she leaves, Evan says to Matt that his mum might have something important to tell him. When Matt questions what, Evan doesn't know. But tells him to 'just call her' and leaves to have a shower.
Libby's place
Libby fusses over a sleeping baby Ben, before sighing and walking to the couch. She sighs again, closing her eyes and trying to get some sleep. But, hey, guess what? There's a knock at the door! Libby lays there for a moment, still with her eyes shut, probably hoping they'll go away. Nevertheless, she gets up from the couch anyway. She lets out another sigh and opens the door. It's Dee and Emily. Emily shouts 'boo!' making Libby jump back. Libby then reminds Emily they have to be quiet. She then looks to Dee and explains it's taken her an hour to get him asleep. Dee offers to go, but Libby insists they stay because "it's so good to see a grown-up" and then adds "and a big girl of course" (that's to Emily).
Dee closes the door and Emily asks if they can see the new baby and when Libby agrees, Emily explains to her imaginary friend that they have to be quiet. Libby offers Dee a coffee, but she declines. The three of them head into the bedroom to see Baby Ben. They all peer into the cot and Dee asks how things are going. Libby says it's amazing. The both go and sit on the bed, whilst Emily stays looking at Ben. Libby explains to Dee that she had under-estimated how much her life would totally change. She jokes that she used to just be. able to walk straight out of the front door, and now she can't even have a shower without planning it. She also adds that she's tired. Dee suggests that Libby should talk to the Health Visitor. Emily then asks where babies come from, cue awkward looks between Dee and Libby.
Hancock House
Matt is fixing something whilst Evan is trying to persuade Matt to contact his mum. Matt argues that the time he tried to arrange for coffee she cancelled and Evan says there may have been a good reason. Matt shouts "Come on!" they argue some more and would you believe it, in walks his Mum. It's no coincidence though as it would appear Evan has set Matt up.
"The dump" (Law Firm Office)
Toadie and Maggie walk into the law firm place (which Maggie comments is "a dump") and shakes hands with Keith. Keith then cracks a few jokes which Maggie and Toadie laugh along with. Toadie tells Keith to call him, well, Toadie (as opposed to Jarrod). Keith points them in the direction of the office and asks how they like their coffee. Toadie ignores the question about coffee and asks if there is only one office between the two of them. Keith cracks another joke about a mahogany table and asks again about coffee. This time Maggie responds to his question (her coffee is white with one and Toadie's is black with three) and Keith says he'll be back in a sec.
Toadie and Maggie step into the office. Maggie's smile quickly dissolves into a surprised look when she sees the room and Toadie comments that it's "a dump" (they must like that phrase!) they look at the room and Toadie raises his eyebrows to Maggie.
Libby's Place
Next scene we're with Libby, who seems to be having some kind of dream. First there's Lyn telling her to "just pick him up", then Steph telling her to take him into bed with her, then Lyn again saying don't do that, then Emily, then Dee giving some advice, then Emily asking where babies came from, then Steph again saying he feels like a prisoner all wrapped up, the Lyn (again!) saying he should be wrapped up - because then he feels safe, then Toadie! Phew! *breathes* We then see Libby waking up on the couch to the sound of Ben crying. She gets up from the sofa lazily and sighs some more (she likes sighing!).
Hancock's House
Genevieve is on her way out. She says maybe next time Evan should check before she comes. They say goodbye. And Evan walks back to Matt and says that he must be proud of himself. Matt asks what he did and Evan says that his (Matt's) mother is going through hell and matt doesn't even support her. Matt says that Evan is so sucked in and the only reason his Mum was there is because she's split up from 'Rodger the Dodger'. Evan said it doesn't matter what she's done, she's Matt's mother and she's going through hell and she needs Matt's support. Matt says angrily that "Genevieve doesn't care about you, me or anyone else for that matter". Evan thinks that Matt should find out if he has a relationship worth bothering about and should spend some time with her.
Libby's Place
Darcy arrives with some flowers. They look at Ben and Darcy asks if he's sleeping any better. Libby says no and when Darcy tries to offer advice about controlled crying Libby asks if they can talk about something else like what's going on in the real world (is that opposed to her world - which isn't real?). Darcy says he had a good night last night and he's really tired.
LIBBY: Do you want a nappy bucket tipped over your head?
LIBBY: Never tell a new Mum you're tired because you've been out all night partying.
DARCY: Sorry.
Libby asks if they're talking about Serena and Darcy says they might be. Libby says that according to her Dad she's a bit of a worry. Darcy says that if her Dad bothered to take the time to get know her...but he's cut off by Libby who simply says "OK. So, you're getting involved with your secretary." Darcy asks why not and Libby responds that things might get messy and that his track record isn't spotless. Darcy gets all defensive (which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't putting some flowers into a vase) saying that he made a few mistakes.
Libby thinks Ben is smiling. Darcy says its a bit early but Libby is convinced and get Darcy to look - who says "I think that's wind, Lib."
"The Dump" (Law firm office).
Maggie is mopping up. And when Maggie bumps into Toadie, Toadie says that the office is going to be a bit small for the two of them, to which Maggie replies that it is lucky that they get on so well. They joke about drawing a white line down the middle of the room. Toadie wonders how they ever got into this and Maggie says that life is full of surprises.
Enter Keith - who asks if everything is 'hunky-dory'. Toadie says it's beginning to get a cosy feeling. They change the subject and ask about clients, because it seems a bit quiet. Keith ensures they have come in at an excellent time because they are in a period of expansion. Keith also says that they maybe on peanuts at the moment, but there are 'lots of biccies in the biccie tin - if you get my drift'.
Libby's Place
Libby is sorting out a very cute little Baby Ben! Several clips blend into one here. First Libby is rocking Ben in his pram, then she's walking around in the kitchen and I think she's looking at a clock [maybe she's doing controlled crying - I dunno.], and then she rocks the pram some more. Next, she's settling Ben in his cot (Ben is still crying/grumbling/making baby noises.), but gives up and lifts him out of his cot and sits with him on her bed and lays down with him.
"The dump" (Law firm office)
Maggie has some tea/coffee for Toadie. He wonders if Maggie saw any 'associates' on her outing. She says she hasn't seen any. Keith is in the background with a farmer-style client. Once the client has gone Keith wonders how it's going and Toadie says they are rising to the challenge and Maggie adds that they've tidied, cleaned and filed. Toadie says he's noticed the lack of clients. Keith responds that this is a growing area and Toadie argues that it helps if clients know where you are. Toadie continues to question Keith and Keith responds saying that Toadie must be a bit of a worrier and asks Maggie if he's always like this. Maggie says that they were both wondering and Keith looks a bit panicked before saying that Trevor O'Riley and Morey [sp?] Fineberg are scholars and he hopes they meet them soon. Toadie wonders why he can't meet them now. Keith says that Trevor is in the state and Morey is in the city.
Lou's Place - Pub
Matt is talking to his mum in the pub (at a table) who says she was surprised to hear from him so soon because Matt seemed so angry this morning. Matt doesn't really respond to that comment and asks about Roger (the Dodger). She says that Rodger thought life was better without her and Matt says that that's a bit black - to which Genevieve replies 'but true'. Matt apologises saying it must be horrible and asks that there must be more it that that, right? (Hmm...I'm getting a little suspicious here!). Genevieve says of course there is but changes the subject, but Matt quickly gets back to Rodger. Genevieve says "oh look". And the camera cuts to Toadie, Maggie and Keith.
Keith is going to get the champagne. Maggie says that Genevieve is a cow, and Toadie guesses that they're not going to go and say hello, then. Maggie says "No." And we go back to Matt and Genevieve's table.
Matt has now got to a more direct approach and is asking why Genevieve is involving Evan in this. Genevieve says that she just wanted to see and talk to him.
MATT: Yeah, maybe just lean on him a bit. Eh? Just a bit?
GENEVIEVE: A bit I suppose.
MATT: Personally I think you're way out of line.
We're still in the pub, but we've now joined Toadie, Maggie and Keith at a table who are talking about football (Toadie supports 'the doggies' and Maggie supports the crows). Keith leaves them to get another. Toadie says he's weird and Maggie replies that he's just having a drink with his 'mates'. Toadie asks since when has she been such a bloke, and Maggie says she's doing pretty well isn't she. Suddenly, out of no-where Toadie asks what he's doing with his life. Maggie punches him playfully onm the arm and tells him to lighten up. Toadie says 'ow' and Maggie says he's a big woos. Toadie says it really did hurt and Maggie says playfully that she thought that's what blokes did to each other t let each other know they're there for them.
And we're still in the pub! But now we've joined Lyn, Drew and Darcy. Drew says happily that he's just been offered a job and says that Toadie just offered him some part-time work (hang on, I thought Toadie was with Maggie? When did this happen? oh, hang on, I think he said Toby.). Anyway it's as bouncer at a night club. When Lyn asks about Ben, he says it's best to have it now, because Ben needs him Mum. He also adds that he hasn't told Libby yet before leaving.
Hooray, a change of scenery! Hancocks' house
Evan has just got off the phone. He turns to Matt who is washing up and says he need a favour - to pick up Emily. He says it's because Genevieve needs to see a lawyer for the divorce. When Matt asks what that has to do with Evan, Evan says that she needs some support. Matt says "of course!" sarcastically and Evan asks if he "can pick up Emily or not." Matt shouts back "Yes!". Matt asks if Evan is going to tell Maggie. From the look on Evan's face, I think the answer is NO.
Libby's Place
Drew has just finished telling Libby about the job. Libby says he can't but Drew says it's only for a few hours a night. It's from 10pm-2am three nights a week. Libby says she needs Drew then, but Drew says it'll earn him a few more extra dollars. Libby says she thinks Drew has an obsession with money. Drew says its just short-term until they get back on their feet. Libby says with a shaky voice that she has enough to worry about without worrying if Drew is "alright at all hours of the night and trying to keep a bunch of clubbers in line". Ben finally drifts off to sleep in Drew's arms and Drew puts him back in his cot slowly and as quietly as possible. When Ben is safely down, Libby lets out a sigh, saying that the silence is heaven, before flopping back onto the bed. Drew does the same next to her. They both agree that they are tired. And after 2 seconds of silence ben begins to cry...
Lou's Place - Pub
We join Toadie, Maggie and Keith. Toadie looks very bored. When Keith begins to pour some champagne into Maggie's glass she declines - so, she must bored too! After talking about some corporate law firms, Keith goes to get another bottle of wine. But, he suddenly remember he has to be somewhere else, hw goes to leave but toadie reminds him he needs to pay. Keith looks in his wallet and forgot to go to the bank, leaving Toadie to pay. Maggie questions if that actually happened and Toadie picks up a gambling receipt that Keith left behind.
TOADIE: So, we're working for a man who has: a filthy premises, who has associates that are invisible, who bets on the greyhounds and obviously has a money problem, hence the lack of credit cards.
MAGGIE: And we're articled to him for a year.
Toadie says he's out of there. And Maggie wonders what he'd do. He says he'd forget about articles and got back to uni. Maggie say he cant walk out on her now because he's the only one that makes him laugh (Toadie says she should buy some comics.) and that he's strong and sure of himself. SHe says she wouldn't have gone back to uni without him.
MAGGIE: This is gonna sound really selfish. But, I don't see how I could get through the year without you. Please don't back out now. See the year through with me. Please.
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