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Neighbours Episode 3939 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3939
Australian airdate: 14/02/02
UK airdate: 13/03/02
UK Gold: 13/04/06
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Serena Lucas: Ruth Callum
- "Taking Back Whats Mine" by Leah Haywood
- "Back To Me" by Stella One Eleven
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Darcy thanking and kissing Serena and commenting that rules are meant to be broken.
Drew and Libby panicking because they can't get Ben to stop crying.
Drew and Libby's place
Ben has now stopped crying but they can't get him to sleep. Drew suggest some music and he starts grizzling just as Stu comes home. Libby says she is worried that Ben is at a higher risk of Ben suffering from SIDS because he is a premature baby and Drew tries to stop her thinking like that.
The Coffee Shop
Dee and Steph gush about Libby and the baby as they have something to eat and Steph laments that one day she'll be like Libby too and I predict she'll have to wait another 987 eppys to achieve that. Back to 2002 and they both decide to see who has the worst lovelife just as Darcy comes in. Steph offers to go elsewhere but Dee says no, she's put Darcy into the past now before going to get some more cake.
Serena admits to Darcy that with Karl being away she can relax a bit more. Darcy offers her a reward - dinner tomorrow night and she accepts.
Drew and Libby's place
It's all quiet bar Stu snoring as Drew and Libby do the dishes instead because both are trying to keep awake to watch over Ben just in case something happens. Libby suggests sleeping in shifts and offers Drew the first shift but he says if he sleeps now struggle to get up in the morning.
The Coffee Shop (next day)
Joe and Lyn chat to the exhausted Drew about Ben but Drew disappears before Joe can ask for his help in spreading the word about his campaign to get elected. Evan comes in and overhears it and tells Joe to hurry up and get the support while he can because he's just submitted an application to run for council too. Joe isn't impressed and thinks Evan is winding him up but Evan states there are issues he's concerned with hence why he is running.
No. 32
Toadie gives Maggie a piece of paper which could change their lives - it has details of a firm wanting 3 people to do their articles with and Toadie nicked the info to limit the competition.
Drew and Libby's place
Darcy comes round to visit his cousin brings a present of singlets instead of a cute teddy! Libby admits her fears to him over SIDS and with a bit of persuasion, promises to return in a couple of hours with something that can help her with her peace of mind.
No. 32
Evan does his research for ideas to help him run for council as Maggie finally gets through to the firm looking for people and tells Toadie that the Senior Associate, Keith Cox wants to see them that afternoon! Evan thinks it is a bit surprising but Maggie's take is that it is weird but Toadie couldn't care as he's off home to get changed!
The Coffee Shop
Serena tells Darcy she's re-arranged his schedule so he can go back and see Libby. They confirm their dinner date and Serena pleads with him that she would like to stay on full time but isn't looking forward to Karl coming back.
Lou's Place
Matt clears the table and wishes Toadie and Maggie all the best. Joe and Lyn come in and talk about Flick's job with Lyn hoping that she sticks in with it. The Hancock's and Toadie start to leave but they have to pass Joe and Lyn, which results in Joe and Evan talking politics whilst trying to rub each other up at the same time before Maggie finally shoves her husband out the door followed 2 seconds later by Lyn when she remembers she's something urgently to do.
The Coffee Shop/Drew and Libby's place
As Stu brings over some more coffee, Drew phones home to see how Libby is going and to inform her Stu is moving out! Lib asks if Drew is coming home soon and he tells her that he is going to do some overtime to help pay the bills. Drew mentions that they should discuss a budget before too long.
Lib hangs up and is looking forward to having 40 winks when there is a knock on the door - it's Steph, Lyn and Dione round to hold an overdue baby shower.
No. 32
Maggie and Toadie return home with the news that they got the articles place and hold a group hug with Matt. Their hug is interrupted though when water starts spraying around the room.
Drew and Libby's place
Lyn takes a photo of the girls and bubs before they start handing over their gifts including more singlets from Lyn! Dee lets Darcy and Serena in and she drools over the baby before the original guests decide to leave. Darcy gives Libby something to put her mind at rest - an acme monitor which will monitor bubs' breathing and sound an alarm if he stops breathing.
No. 32
Joe is round fixing the water problem and tries to engage Matt in politics chat. Evan comes home to find out about his water problem and can't resist the temptation to enter into a political discussion with Joe over their different POV's. Joe however decides he's heard enough from Evan and leaves him to it literally to fix his own tap!
Drew and Libby's place
Darcy explains how the monitor works to Libby before he and Serena decide to leave. While she leaves to get the car, Libby wants to know what is going on between the two of them before he too leaves.
No. 32 front door
Maggie and Toadie arrive home and she invites him in for coffee but he stalls before rejecting her suggestion but seems to enjoy the hug they have instead.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew helps Stu to move out and they accidentally wakes up the sleeping Libby. She apologises to him for kicking him out and asks that he visits often. Lib spots Drew with the bills and offers to talk about the budget but he says it can wait, so Libby heads off to try and get some sleep.
Lou's Place
Darcy tells Serena his life story before admitting that they can't do without her at the surgery and will tell Karl that when he comes back from the conference. She moans about them talking shop and the fact he took his briefcase into the pub but Darcy explains it contains too much vital things. Darcy then heads to the bar to get some more drinks and while he chats with Stu and argues with Dione, Serena enters Darcy's briefcase and removes some blank prescription scripts and puts them into her bag.
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