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Neighbours Episode 3938 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3938
Australian airdate: 13/2/02
UK airdate: 12/3/02
UK Gold: 13/4/06
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Joy Baxter: Bernadette Schwerdt
Gillian Renshaw: Hilary Henshaw
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joe telling Gregori he can leave if he wants to but he wants to hand himself into the police.
Susan rushing to catch Elly from leaving but being too late.
Susan informs someone at the airline that if Elly isn't brought off the plane there will be hell to pay!
No. 26
Michelle tells her dad that Gregori will be sent home to die if he hands himself in but Joe doesn't think so and lays into Michelle as Flick tries to get their attention over what she should wear.
Elly is taken off the plane and led towards where Susan is waiting.
No. 26
Michelle gives up on trying to convince Joe and he takes Harvey out for a walk to cool down. Lyn helps Flick to decide what to wear for her new job. Michelle reappears and tries to make Lyn see her POV but isn't getting her point over to her mum.
Elly is annoyed at being taken off the plane and tries to tell an airline official that Susan had no right to have her removed from the plane and she wants to fly to see her mum. The official wants clarification and Susan explains Elly has been left in her care and since Elly doesn't want to accept what her aunt is trying to say, Susan suggests a call to Stockholm for clarification, promising Elly she'll be on the next plane if what she is saying isn't correct.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew tries out the baby monitor in the living room and then Libby tries out his response time and is impressed at the 4 seconds it takes him to get into the bedroom. They are both a bit nervous of Ben coming home but at the same time looking forward to being a real family.
No. 24
Michelle is trying to get Harold onside over Gregori but isn't convincing him either. Harold tells him that Gregori has got a lawyer and Michelle suggests trying to get the press is involved but he puts her off of that and says they should put their faith in the legal system.
No. 26
Lyn tells Joe that Michelle is over seeing Harold about Gregori and Lyn reminds him that Michelle is just like himself over the council business too. He then puts his foot in it by saying that the man is dangerous just as Michelle appears at the back door and she tells her dad that Gregori isn't dangerous and is in danger because of him! Joe decides he's heard enough and tells Michelle that she isn't to know if what Gregori has said is true and so he's dealt with it the right way. Joe doesn't appreciate Michelle's lecture back at him so she storms off.
Elly talks to her mum and despite her pleas, is to remain with her aunt in Australia and apologises to the airline official for the trouble she's caused.
Flick's interview
Joy Baxter finishes interviewing Flick and is given a job and Flick seems pleased.
No. 28/Drew and Libby's place
Elly is sulking and Susan tries to get her to talk but Elly clams up. Susan tries asking about her mum but is given one word answers, so she tries to tell her niece her mum does care but she strops off just as the phone starts to ring.
Elly answers the phone to Libby and asks why they aren't round yet since Ben is now home. Elly hands the phone over to Susan and Libby asks why aren't they round at their place. Susan replies that something came up but they'll be round soon.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew is enjoying the new baby smell that is now in abundance when Ben starts crying. Drew and Libby aren't sure what bubs wants and Stu comes to their rescue by saying that he needs feeding.
No. 26
Joe is after a slogan for his campaign and tries out some suggestions with Lyn. She suggests a family picture as Michelle comes through for her lunch and offers her own slogan - refugees out! Naturally, this doesn't impress Joe one little bit and he tells her he wants respect from his family as he works hard to put the food on the table.
Flick's interview
Joy and Flick discuss past promotions of popular grappa and Joy asks Flick if she can start tomorrow at Fusion nightclub. Flick is told the job will start at 10pm and involves giving everyone over 18 a sample of the product. She now isn't exactly keen on the job and less so when Joy shows her the uniform she will be wearing - a skimpy top and shorts. Flick mentions to Joy that she thought she was going for a job in PR and Joy replies that she is - the coalface of PR and the most important part of the chain too!
Drew and Libby's place
Libby takes a pic of Susan holding Ben and wishes Karl was there to experience it too. Drew and Libby are amazed at Susan keeping Ben quiet and add that they are amazed at the help Stu's been putting in too via two younger sisters (no word of Neddy though). Speak of the devil, Stu arrives home with supplies and is introduced to Elly. Susan offers Ben to Elly and Libby snaps away before Elly sits down with Ben and makes a pact with him - he'll never be able to get rid of her.
No. 26
Flick is telling Lyn about what her job entails and how it wasn't what she thought she was going for. Lyn gives her a pep talk as they finish re-arranging the livingroom, telling her that she needs to stick at it, to get it to turn into the career she wants it to be.
Drew and Libby's place
Elly stands and watches as Ben lies in his cot while listening via the baby monitor to Susan telling Drew and Libby what happened at the airport. Elly hears the truth - that her mum has abandoned her in Australia.
No. 26
Joe sets up the camera to take some pics of the family for his campaign and as he is laying down the law to Michelle and Flick over the type of photo he wants, the phone rings. It's Harold with news of Gregori, which Joe relays to Michelle - he has been sent back to his own country. Michelle doesn't take the news calmly and storms off to her bedroom telling them she's not going in the photo.
Drew and Libby's place
Lib and Drew sit listening to Ben on the baby monitor and subtly offer Stu money so they get the house to themselves. He turns the money down but goes for a walk instead. Lib asks if they should involve Elly in Ben's upbringing and Drew replies that it would be nice especially as Elly is smitten with Ben.
Libby begins to panic though as she can't hear Ben on the baby monitor and rushes through to the bedroom to pick him up and thankfully bubs starts crying but now they panic because they can't get him to stop crying.
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