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Neighbours Episode 3934 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3934
Australian airdate: 07/02/02
UK airdate: 06/03/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tom Peterson: David O'Reilly
Gladys O'Grady: Adair Stagg
Summary/Images by: James/Karen (Katie)
- Lyn tells Joe that everyone is on his side, if he can swing the Kennedys he can have the whole community eating out of the palm of his hand. Joe just wants to change building regulations.
- Michelle tells Ellie that her mother dumped her, and Susan said she is staying for at least 6 months and her life is fake like her fake friendship.
Coffee Shop
Lou asks Harold what is up, Harold says that Tad had a friend stay over from uni, he made up the sofa as a bed but when he got up in the middle of the night she wasn't on the couch. Lou takes the mickey saying maybe she was in the bathroom or in the garden looking at the stars. But Harold does not know what to say, Lou says Harold should bend his principles.
No 26
Joe is putting his name down for the public meeting. Lyn says he will be great and Joe is looking forward to meeting the other candidates but not answering questions from the public. Steph says he should get used to it and has to go, answering the door as she leaves.
Evan wants to ask Joe about council, and wants him to bring up a couple of issues, like the appalling state of public sports grounds locally, and keeping cats in at night as the ring tail possum population is almost extinct. Joe says he wants to help everyone but is new to the game, and may not even get elected. Evan thinks he will do great and really wants to help a neighbour get onto council, he also wants to know what his main platform is, Joe says builders rights.
Susan tells Ellie not to hide from the truth, and that her mum made it clear that she wanted to care for Ellie for at least six months, but Ellie does not believe her as her mum hates being away from her. Susan says she is sorry and she should look at her Mum's actions not words and even when she was a kid she was not good with responsibility, Ellie says she is not a responsibility she is her daughter. Susan knows but she is going through a transition, Ellie says so she does not love me, Susan says no and being a single parent is hard and she needs some time out and her mum loves her.
Coffee Shop
Harold asks Tad if he should be studying, Tad says after a coffee or 6. Harold wants to talk about relationships with the opposite sex and that women are special, they are different.
Lou arrives as Harold compares women to food, by saying that you would not consume the whole meal together, and women are the same, women should be respected and find out their secrets. Tad asks if they are talking about food or females, Harold says both.
Harold asks Lou what he wants with all the milk, Lou says his delivery has not arrived and he will bring him some later, Lou stays as he is fascinated by the conversation. Harold hopes he has been understood. Tad says that he understands he should enjoy women, Harold agrees saying treat them with consideration and respect and a sense of morality.
Tad leaves and Harold asks Lou if he got through to Tad, Lou thinks he did.
Evan wants to talk to Joe, he wants to know if Joe can really justify building a housing estate, Joe says people wouldn't be buying houses if they didn't need them. Evan says there are better ways than wrecking the environment, and Warratah Creek is very fragile ecosystem and a housing estate would destroy it, Joe cares about the creek but thinks putting a few toads before families that need housing is not a good idea. Evan wants a balance, but Joe wants common sense. Evan has to withdraw his offer of support as he cannot go against his principles.
No 28
Ellie is on the phone to her mum, she says she is missing her heaps. Susan told her that she got her apartment and wonders if she can ..., but gets cut off and says she loves her.
No 24
Ellie is selling some CD's and is offering Tad first refusal, he wants to know why she is getting rid of them, she needs the money as her credit card is full and wants some independence, he says she has a pretty good collection and goes to get his wallet to buy a couple.
The Pub
Joe asks Lou about spirits, weather it is the drinking kind or the other, Lou says he is running a pub not a church fellowship. Joe says it is a pretty good deal and what is the catch, Lou says its old stock and Joe agrees to buy in for $30. Lou says the sign is going outside, which Joe says will get up Harold's nose as he would think it is unethical. Lou says he is lucky as he cannot afford ethics, Joe agrees as you cannot eat ethics and you should try to tell Evan Hancock that, Joe and Lou leave.
Steph tells Lyn that she is no good at it, Lyn asks if it is the sense of danger that attracts her, but Steph says she thinks it doesn't but doesn't know why she makes the same mistakes over and over again, Lyn says things will change. Steph says she thinks she should leave men alone. Lyn suggests a man at the bar, but Steph is not impressed. Lyn wants to know what he does for a living, Steph says he works for Cinilink, a bank manager. Lyn says he came in for a haircut and is a helicopter pilot.
Joe walks in as Lyn asks what he does to Steph, which she says a builder or a cab driver. Joe arrives with two bottles of spirits. Lyn says he will be fine, but he does not believe her, he knows he is not stupid, but is not ready for the council stuff. Lyn says to be honest and say he has not had time to consider all the details and not mislead them with the wrong information, and to take a folder full of papers and explain that you have to get back to them on some details.
Coffee shop
Lou is annoyed that Harold is offering free spirits, Harold says if he is offering alcohol he can offer values, and that as a Godfather he should lead little Ben by example. Lou says there is nothing wrong with his values, they have been good enough for him all his life and he will not change them. Harold says a Godfather should be a child's moral guardian. Lou asks if he will take it down but Harold says no, but offers him dinner, which Lou accepts.
Leo asks Evan what is up, he says he has a few things to think about, he agreed to help Joe run for council, but he wants to reverse the ban on the land development project and he phoned the council and for that to go ahead a lot of the land at Warratah Creek would have to be cleared. Harold thinks it would be a pity as lots of rare species habitats there and that Evan should stand up in what he believes in. Evan says he couldn't stand another public stout with a neighbour. Evan wants a frog in a pond so Harold leaves to get one.
Evan tells Leo that it is a good point, Leo says he always says what he thinks and that the developers are planning on covering over all of the creek. Evan says Joe never said that and he cannot let them get away with that.
No 24
Lou arrives and Harold introduces him to some people. Gladys says he has just become a Godfather, he will learn lots tonight as it is a prayer meeting. Lou said he was invited to dinner, Harold says that is right dinner first then meeting. Tad says hi but has to go as he is late for a gig at Hemisphere.
No 28
Susan is proud of Ellie as it must have been hard to hear what she had to say earlier, Ellie says she was just fooling her self, and her mum said she was missing her when they spoke earlier, then offers to help with dinner. But Susan says to continue with her school work and explains she has to open the school for a public meeting, but later they could go and see that movie, but Ellie is busy and thanks Susan for everything she has done.
No 26
Steph is talking to Joe about public speaking, Lyn arrives and offers him encouragement telling him to remember his tactics to speak slowly, and look 1 or 2 people in the eye as if he is talking to them.
As they leave they bump into Evan, who wants to tell Joe something but Joe is too busy to talk and says it is not the right time.
Lou is playing poker with Harold's friends and winning, Harold wants to ask Lou to stop gambling as it is against his principles, but Lou cannot as it is out of his hands. Lou says he would stop the game if Harold takes down his sign, but Harold does not agree.
No 28
Susan asks Ellie if she will be ok on her own, Ellie says she will be and has lots of homework to do. Susan tells Ellie that they can talk about anything she not happy about.
Susan leaves and Ellie phones an airline about flights to Stockholm.
Joe says he lives in Erinsborough so of course he cares about the people of Erinsborough, and he would like to think he could support small business in the area without harming anybodies quality of life. Joe asks any other questions and Evan stands up, and asks how he stands on the land development project. Joe supports it in principle, he would defend the rights of appropriate builders in the area and the new development is a good idea as it affords appropriate housing for young families in the area and that is something Erinsborough needs. Evan says at the expense of the environment, Joe says he has not had a chance to study all the facts in detail, but he does have them at hand if he wants to talk later. Evan says the project will destroy a very precious and fragile ecosystem, Joe says the development will be done with real and practical care for the environment. Evan says like filling in the creek and that Joe is working for one of the developers working there, therefore he has a vested interest in making sure the project goes ahead.
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Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3934
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Evan Hancock, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3934
Evan Hancock, Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3934
Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Harold Bishop, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3934
Harold Bishop, Tad Reeves

Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3934
Elly Conway

Elly Conway, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3934
Elly Conway, Tad Reeves

Joe Scully, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3934
Joe Scully, Lou Carpenter

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3934
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3934
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3934
Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Gladys O
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Gladys O'Grady

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Gladys O
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Gladys O'Grady

Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3934
Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3934
Joe Scully

Steph Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3934
Steph Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Evan Hancock

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