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Neighbours Episode 3924 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3924
Australian airdate: 24/01/2002
UK airdate: 20/02/2002
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Elly Conway: Kendell Nunn
Summary/Images by: James/Karen (Katie)
Joel asks if Dee trusts him and to give them a chance.
Zack wants Michelle to take their relationship to the next level. He is going camping and wants her to join him.
Outside No 26
Tad lets Michelle in and says to be quite before leaving quietly with Elly.
No 30
Joel cartwheels in, Toadie warns him that being active can cause damage, Joel says that it is OK as they have a nurse in the house.
Dee walks in carrying an ironing board. She wants to know what the other two are up to.
While putting up the ironing board Dee asks Toadie if she is that repellent. He says maybe it is because she is so unattractive, Toadie grumbles then she leaves.
Joel asks why it is like he is invisible to her it is because he is so unattractive said Toadie. He wants to know what to do for Joel's going away, so he leaves Joel and Dee alone to work one out.
No 24
Harold is doing exercise, Tad laughs at him. Harold says that Tad does not exercise as walking to and from the fridge does not count.
Harold asks how the rave went, Elly told Tad that she thought his set was the best.
Harold answers the door to Lou and asks if he wants to go for a power walk, Lou tells Harold that Drew has asked him to be the babies godfather. Harold thinks that it is a wonderful choice, and that he is sure Lou will do it marvellously.
No 32
Emily is feeding Audrey, Evan asks Maggie to back him up as Emily does not want the Mice to go to school, he notices she is not listening so says that Leo had his nose pierced to get her attention from the Alchemist, a book about filling your destiny.
Maggie does not have it in her heart to repeat Law at university. Emily puts two mice in her dungarees and won't give them back. Maggie keeps reading.
The Street
Toadie and Joel are throwing a frisbee, Toadie is asking Joel if they are going to give him a send off, Joel does not care.
Toadie through the frisbee to Harold and asks if he wants to join. Harold is working hard to re-change the name back, Joel says that Harold can sort out the naming issue.
Toadie is worried about the emotional mess Joel will leave, Joel shouts that Dee is not going to care when I am gone. Dee walks out and asks she who? Joel lies and says Emily as she has never liked him. Dee wants to join but argues with Joel whether she should, until Toadie asks why it has to be so complicated between the two of them.
Coffee Shop
Elly is in the coffee shop, Darcy joins her and says when he was her age he would never had been allowed to party all night, she says his parents cared what happened to him, he says Karl and Susan care for her that's why she left the note as she knew they would say no, he says she could get on well in that house if she respects them then then they will respect her, before standing up and giving her some money for the coffee.
Michelle walks in and says she got away with it but her Mum thinks she is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome as she is so tired. Elle asks what is up with Michelle and Zack, Michelle says he wants to take her away camping next weekend, Elle says he is a fast mover but could be a good fast mover, she also says that she cannot say weather she should go as it could go wrong, if she does not want to go that far, Elle warns Michelle that when you go camping with a guy that you do more than talk.
No 30
Dee helps a limping Joel in, he lifts up his trousers and she laughs that the injury is so small. Toadie asks if he needs an amputation. Toadie asks when Dee is going to talk to him and to say that she was pregnant, Dee is scared that he will still go away. Joel walks in and Toadie goes to get some lunch.
Coffee Shop
Harold is on the phone, he wants to talk to the Mayor's office.
Maggie is ordering a coffee as Toadie walks in she asks him if he wants to tell her his problem, he does not know where his life is going, as he has spent ages working on a career and it blows up in his face, he says he cannot take advice from someone who is too chicken to go to Uni, Toadie makes chicken sounds as she explains she cannot spend a whole year doing constitutional law, Toadie tries to convince her that as she failed on a technicality she can fight it, he also claims that if she looses she feels she would be a dud layer, she says that he is very clever and that she will give it some thought, some serious thought and thanks him.
Toadie says he saves the day but who saves the Toad. Harold walks in as asks Toadie if he is talking to him self, he says it is the only way to get an intelligent conversation, Harold agrees and he has been trying to get some sense out of the blooming numskulls at the council, he says he suggested to rename the community gardens Ramsbottom instead of the street but they asked what community gardens.
Lou enters and asks if it is starting to become a lost cause. Harold says the spirit of the street is Madge Ramsay, not just Madge's memory.
No 30
Dee warns Joel that his knee may hurt a bit, when she cleans it.
She apologizes if she has been distant recently but he has to, he says it is only because he does not know where he stands as she says she has feelings for him but then she backs right off. Dee says something happened to her but she cannot get over it. She admits she had a miscarriage a couple of months ago with Darcy's baby and he doesn't know. She says it is all over and done with now but Joel knows it is obviously not, he wants to know if she still loves Darcy as she is blocking him. He does not know why it has to stop them. She doesn't know why.
Coffee Shop
Harold is serving as Lou walks in with some gossip - apparently the mayors reasons for changing the names are self serving, to please his grandfather as he wants to get the inheritance. Harold believes that it is so corrupt. Lou wants Harold to tell the newspaper, Harold is worried that they sound like a load of trouble makers.
Michelle is knocking on the door urgently and wants Tad, to warn him that her dad is going over with a baseball bat. As Tad runs away Michelle admits it is a joke and laughs at him, he says she is almost as funny as Elly. Tad says that Zack is not a good boyfriend if he gets her in trouble and she should trust him as he knows boys.
Michelle wants to know what a guy does to get a girl to like them, what if the girl wants to get serious, would it make you like her more or less. Tad is worried Zack is moving too fast for her. Michelle says that he is a good catch, Tad says so is a barracuda but you wouldn't want to date one.
Coffee shop kitchen
Lou is on the phone to the paper and is impersonating the mayor to talk to the senior editor, he claims that he knows what they are going to print and it is a pack of lies and not to act dumb as he is not corrupt and not changing the street signs in Erinsborough to gain my grandfather's inheritance.
Lou says to Harold it may be unethical but it will do the trick. They both laugh.
No 30
Toadie is taking food from the fridge when Dee walks in, she says he has been listening to all of her problems so he deserves some consideration, she says she has told Joel everything, Toadie asks if he is staying but Dee has not got to that bit yet, she is happy she is over Darcy and she needs to stop pushing Joel away.
No 26
Elly and Michelle are listening to music, Michelle is tired. Elly says the day lasts even longer when you are waiting for a call, Michelle says that she is not waiting for a call, but she is - Elly says jokingly that maybe Zack picked someone else up at the rave. She says that if Michelle is that insecure with him then maybe she should not go away with him.
Lyn walks in and offers Elly a drink, who leaves to get it.
Lyn wants to know what they have been gassing on about, Michelle says boys.
Lyn says that she will be doing plenty more of that in years to come, the one thing she has learnt is they won't be talking about her half as much as she talks about them.
Boys want different things what love to a woman is lust to a guy says Elly, sometimes not always says Lyn. The important thing is not to get too serious just to hang out.
No 30
Joel walks up to Dee, he says he has been thinking, so has she. He knows what he wants and asks her but she has complications and what she wants, and she needs time, but he is short of time, he wants her to come with her. She loves him enough but she would have to give up too much and was wondering if he loves her enough to stay.
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Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3924
Joel Samuels, Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3924
Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3924
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Emily Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3924
Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Emily Hancock

Joel Samuels, Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3924
Joel Samuels, Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi

Elly Conway, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3924
Elly Conway, Darcy Tyler

Michelle Scully, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3924
Michelle Scully, Elly Conway

Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3924
Toadie Rebecchi, Dee Bliss

Maggie Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3924
Maggie Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi

Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3924
Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi

Dee Bliss, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3924
Dee Bliss, Joel Samuels

Tad Reeves, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3924
Tad Reeves, Michelle Scully

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3924
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Elly Conway, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3924
Elly Conway, Michelle Scully

Elly Conway, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3924
Elly Conway, Lyn Scully

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