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Neighbours Episode 3923 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3923
Australian airdate: 23/1/02
UK airdate: 19/2/02
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Elly Conway: Kendell Nunn
Stuart Parker: Blair McDonough
Mitch Foster: Hugh Sexton
Zack Shaw: Owen Lee
Summary/Images by: James/Karen (Katie)
Stuart introduces himself to Lou.
Libby, Drew, Karl and Susan adore the baby.
Steph rejects Woody she says there is too much history and she did not want his money. She is not choosing Mitch she is just not choosing him.
The Garage
Drew tells Stuart what he can and cannot do. Stuart wants to know if Flick is single. Drew warns Stuart not to think about Flick as she would eat Stuart for breakfast . Stuart does not have anywhere to live but gets to sleep on Drew's couch. Stuart does not like the nickname Chooka, he wants to be called Stew, Stewy.
No 26
Joe asks how Steph she is holding up, he says she has made the right decision about Woody and she deserved better. Steph thought he was the one.
No 28
Susan moans about Ellie being dumped on them for 6 months. Harold asks Susan if they have though of a name for the baby, Susan says the nurses in the hospital call him the baby. Ellie walks in, she likes the name captain as in Captain Kirk. Harold like the name William as the founder of the Salvation Army was called William, Susan will pass the suggestion on. Susan says Drew is exhausted and he should go home and sleep, he wants to be there for Libby. Susan wants them all to move into their home as she thinks that they do not realize how much hard work is involved in the first few weeks.
Hospital corridor
Karl wakes Drew up and says he should go home and get some sleep as he look terrible.
Drew says he wants to be there for Libby. Karl asks who is there for Drew, Karl remembers with Mal where does the dad fit in, as everyone else has a role what does the farther do. Drew admits that sometimes the thought of being a father freaks him out a bit, he wants to get her out of the hospital. Drew admits that there are money problems, Karl asks why do they not have money left from the chronicle win. Drew says there are lots of financial pressures, launching the magazine cost more than they first thought and lent some money to a friend, Scotty, and he cannot get the money back as he is also having financial problems.
No 26
Steph and Joe are watching TV, when Steph hears Mitch's motorbike, Joe convinces Steph that she will know what to say, Joe says to be true to her self and everything will work itself out. Steph greets Mitch and invites him in, she says she told Woody to go because she does not love him. Mitch wants to know where he fits in but Steph does not know, her head is spinning all over the place. Mitch says that he knows what he wants and that Steph needs to work out what she wants and they will go from there.
No 24
Leo and Tad walk in, Tad says if they cannot have it in the forest then they will bring the forest to them, hire a couple of pot plants. Harold says maybe they had their reasons for banning the event, damaging the environment, Tad says they wanted to use a scout camp, Leo asks if people will still turn up, Tad says they should still come to Hemisphere, Harold is anxious as he has heard so many ugly things about illegal parties. Tad complains he is on at 11:50, Harold says not to worry about it maybe they will put you on earlier next time, Tad explains the later you are on the better the DJ you are, so the headliners usually kick on around dawn. Harold asks if they are popular and Leo makes a fool out of himself.
No 26
Michelle asks what Joe thinks about raves, Joe does not think much about them he is glad she does not hang around with those glassy eyed no hopers that go to them. Michelle says the skater kids he liked went to them, she says it is a normal thing kids her age do, to go and dance. Joe doesn't think it is dancing they look like they are trying to file things in fast motion. Joe feels a generation gap, Michelle leaves.
Steph enters. Joe asks how her head is, Steph says it hasn't stopped, Joe says she has to stop running her self into the ground and that there is not need to make a decision but she says there is as she does not want to loose Mitch. She does not know if she wants to commit to Mitch, Joe says that one day the right man will walk though the door and sweep her of her feet, but right now it is like making the decision between the lesser of 2 evils and think about what she really wants. Steph leaves to go on a ride.
No 28
Susan is happy Ellie is making friends with local kids, she does not know why she is bothering as she thinks that if the baby moves in she will be kicked out. Susan says that it is Ellie's home now and she has a place to stay.
Drew rubs the babies head, Steph wants to know who he looks like. Drew says he is really alert like his mother he says she has been so amazing through this so strong, he wants to show the baby its cot. Drew is proud to be somebodies dad, Steph says Drew will be a great dad.
Coffee shop
Harold is discussing the renaming of streets, as the mayor wants all of his grandfathers children to be commemorated. He wants Michelle to hand out cocktails, Harold says if he is to retain the name Ramsay Street he will need fighters will full stomaches. Michelle goes to talk to Zack, she says apparently when Harold gives them their cue they are supposed to sing oh captain my captain. Zack hopes the meeting does not go too late as he wants to get change to go to the rave tonight, and arranges to meet her out the front at about quarter to. He asks if she has asks her parents yet, she says she will ask them this afternoon and it will be fine. Michelle says she wants to be home before dawn, he agrees to have her home before dawn, they will have a good time no matter how long they are there for.
The Pub
Steph and Mitch discuss drew and the new baby, an awkward silence is broken by Mitch asking if he should say something, he asks if Steph wants him to be a family man, she is not sure what she is saying, he says he cannot fit into the perfect family life she wants, Steph is sorry. Mitch says we are having the break-up chat, he asks would this conversation be having a different slant if Woody hadn't come back, Steph says that he did and it's that simple. Mitch wants to know how Steph can be sure he is not the one if she does not give it a try. Steph has to do the right thing for her, Mitch's feeling for her have not changed, he loves her and because he does he does he would be a mug to stand in the way of Steph being happy, he kisses her hand and says good luck in finding what you need. Mitch leaves
No 28
Susan asks Karl where Ellie is, he says she must be gallivanting around with the local boys. Susan says thanks that's comforting. Karl gives Drew a check until Scotty pays him back, while Darl wanders across his shoulders. Susan reads a note from Ellie saying she is not coming home tonight, Karl argues Ellie is laughing at them, Susan argues back her behaviour is a direct result of her appalling upbringing. Karl reads that she has gone to a party and will be back in the morning, he grabs the phone and rings her mobile number, much to Susan's annoyance.
Ellie and Tad say hello to each other.
Ellie answers her phone to Karl, she tells Karl she is at a rave, she says they shouldn't worry as she is there with Tad and she will see them in the morning before hanging up.
Karl is annoyed saying she comes into their house and starts dictating the rules, Susan says that Karl should have a heart, Ellie expects to move on at any moment that's what she won't settle down, she hasn't even unpacked her bags. Drew starts snoring very loudly.
Tad is DJing. Michelle and Zack go to have a drink, she really wants to dance, he wants them to enjoy each others company, he is really glad they are properly together, so is she, he wants to take their relationship to the next level. He is going camping on his own with no other people and her if she wants to come so they can be together.
No 26
Steph sits staring as Joe walks in and says I know this may seem bleak now but he thinks she made the right decision as she needs a bloke that makes her life simple not more complicated, she says it still hurts Joe says at least she know what she wants, but she is worried what she wants is the worst thing for her, Steph wants Drew, she is not over him. She won't do anything she never would.
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Stuart Parker, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3923
Stuart Parker, Drew Kirk

Joe Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3923
Joe Scully, Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3923
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3923
Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Mitch Foster in Neighbours Episode 3923
Mitch Foster

Harold Bishop, Leo Hancock, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3923
Harold Bishop, Leo Hancock, Tad Reeves

Joe Scully, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3923
Joe Scully, Michelle Scully

Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3923
Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy

Michelle Scully, Zac Shaw in Neighbours Episode 3923
Michelle Scully, Zac Shaw

Steph Scully, Mitch Foster in Neighbours Episode 3923
Steph Scully, Mitch Foster

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3923
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Tad Reeves, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3923
Tad Reeves, Elly Conway

Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 3923
Elly Conway

Michelle Scully, Zac Shaw in Neighbours Episode 3923
Michelle Scully, Zac Shaw

Zac Shaw in Neighbours Episode 3923
Zac Shaw

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