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Neighbours Episode 3859 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3859
Australian airdate: 20/09/01
UK airdate: 07/11/01
UK Gold: 16/2/06
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Rosylyn Wright: Maureen McInerney
Martin West: Greg Pandelidis
Greg Montell: Gavin Alexander
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Karen (Katie)
Maggie telling Susan, Drew and Libby that they shouldn't come down too hard on Toadie.
Steph having flashbacks to the crash/Woody proposing as she sits in the Moco van.
Matt knocks on the window to attract Steph's attention. She gets out of the van, telling him to get out of her way as she gets on her motorbike and drives away. Matt looks on concerned.
Lou's Place
Lyn wishes that they could have a funeral for Woody so Steph can say goodbye properly. Joe thinks that is a good idea but dismisses Lyn's next suggestion of Steph talking to Woody's family because he cut ties with them ages ago. Their chat is interrupted by Joe's mobile going off - it's Matt telling them about Steph taking off. Joe tells him that he'll take care of it and he tries to give Lyn the edited version of the call before she sees right though it and they both leave the pub to find Steph.
The Coffee Shop
Lib asks Drew how Steph was today and he replies that she collected her bike but didn't say anything before she took off. Lib mentions that she'll pop round to see Steph today. They comment on Lou being weird too even though Drew isn't taking the job with Jack Hastings. They then mention their plans for the rest of the day (Drew busy at work and Libby going out with some journalists) as Maggie enters. Once Libby hands over her opening statement they talk about the case and Maggie remarks that if it does go to court Libby will need to get proper legal representation.
A random kid gives Leo some money and Evan becomes suspicious when Leo drags another random kid into a classroom when he catches sight of his dad.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn come rushing in looking for Steph but she's nowhere to be seen. Lyn starts to ring round and Joe leaves to drive around as he's got a couple of ideas as to where Steph could be.
Evan enters the classroom as he is covering the class due to staff illness. More kids give Leo money and he says that he is busy atm. Evan picks up on the chatting going on and asks if Leo wants to share it with the rest of the class. Leo replies no and he tells the random kid that Thursday is the best he can do.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew is brushing Audrey as Libby comes home and says he's enjoying being Mrs Domestic before asking Libby how her chat with the journalists went. Fine replies Libby but adds nobody is talking but she has sussed out why she's been demoted at work - the editor worked with Martin West at The Chronicle. Drew doesn't think so but Libby has proof via the Erinsborough News' website and concludes with Libby that the demotion is a warning - drop the case or she'll be blacklisted from working again.
Police pound
Joe finds Steph staring at the remains of the car in the pound. She wanted to see if the police have found the chain that Woody always wore but they say there was no sign of it...that nothing was left. Steph begins to cry as she gets admits that it doesn't make sense - Woody wouldn't run away especially after he proposed and she said yes.
No. 26
Steph and Joe relax on the sofa and Lyn wishes that there was just some way that they could be certain that Woody was dead. Steph gets teary again at this suggestion because she still doesn't believe that Woody would do something like that. Lyn tells her that she'll have to get over it but Steph says she can't because it would mean that Woody had walked out on her. Joe asks that Steph doesn't disappear on them again as their chat is interrupted by a knock at the door.
Joe gets up to let Libby in and she hugs Steph relived that she hasn't lost her friend forever. Lib invites Steph over for some food and a chat, which Steph agrees to.
The Coffee Shop
Evan is miffed over the suspensions that Flick and Co got for what happened at school camp. Maggie tells him to be quiet about it as Susan has the final call at the end of the day. Two random kids come in and high-five Leo and Evan is suspicious about Leo's sudden popularity and the random kid giving him money at school too. Leo bluffs his way out of it saying the random kid was returning money that he loaned.
Drew and Libby's place
As Drew cooks supper, Steph says that she must have freaked Matt out at work with the way she reacted and Libby replies that he will understand. Steph then explains to them why she went back to work - to give her some routine again.
Libby wonders what happened for Woody to up and leave and asks what the last thing they talked about was. Steph starts to get a bit teary at that and Libby quickly apologises before saying the police will work out what happened. Steph tells them what she told the police - that it wasn't an accident because Woody wouldn't run away and tells them what the police think - that they had an argument and Woody just upped and left. Lib comments that it will take a bit of convincing for the police to change their theory as Steph starts to get more upset as she says that people are telling her to get over it but she can't because it would mean she'd have to accept that Woody left her which she will never do.
Libby then makes a comment which Steph takes the wrong way (thinking that she agrees with everyone else). Drew who has hardly said a word throughout, tries to get Steph to understand what Libby meant but she's having none of it and tells them that they haven't a clue what is going on with her atm and her parting comment is to say she'll deal with it in her own way before quickly leaving.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn are relived to hear Steph's bike pull up outside the house and wonder who is going to have 'the talk' with Steph. Joe asks Lyn to do it a she is good at that sort of things, so she patiently waits for Steph to get into the house.
Steph is surprised to see her parents still up and says she's not ready for 'the talk' but Lyn tells her that an upset Woody's mum called. Steph is taken aback by this because she wasn't there when Woody needed her. Lyn mentions that Mrs Woodhouse is planning on having a memorial service for Woody but Steph wants nothing to do with it before announcing she's going to bed because she's got work in the morning. Joe then tells her no she hasn't got work in the morning - the boss has given her some more time off on full pay but Steph isn't exactly grateful.
Conciliation meeting
Libby, Drew and Maggie arrive for the meeting. Maggie tells her to relax as they wait for the mediator to arrive. She arrives and once seated, tells the parties how the proceedings will go. First up is Libby.
Libby tells the mediator that Martin West offered her a job (which Drew can testify to) and that he was taken aback when Drew mentioned that Libby was pregnant. Libby continues by saying that when she failed to hear back from Martin she phoned him and found out someone else had got the job.
Martin interrupts to say that they don't discriminate against pregnant woman and puts forward his case - that a better candidate got the job.
The mediator asks both parties if either side is willing to drop it's stance but it is a big no from both sides.
Evan wonders along the corridor and spots Leo looking rather tired and quizzes him on it but Leo brushes off says he's got a class to go to.
Conciliation meeting
The mediator tells the parties that they have 60 days to go to a public hearing unless a deal is done in the meantime. Lib comments that by the big smile Martin has on his face, they didn't come to today's meeting seeking a resolution, rather to pacify Libby. As they make their way out, Martin sarcastically apologises to Libby about how things have ended up.
No. 26
Steph the police and suggests that Kev Kelly had something to do with the accident but to her frustration they obviously don't believe what she is saying and hang up on her. Joe hears the end of the call and comforts Steph and tells her that she isn't alone with what she is going through. He then tells her that when she decides what she wants to do, they'll do it together for which Steph is mightily relieved to hear.
Drew and Libby's place
Maggie gives Libby and Drew some numbers for lawyers who specialise in tribunals but sadly informs them that they don't come cheap! The phone starts to ring and Libby answers it and Drew asks Maggie how much it is going to cost. She explains it to them and Drew isn't exactly jumping for joy. Libby comes off the phone smiling and telling them that you'll never guess whose called but sadly the credits come up and so we'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out who called!
<<3858 - 3860>>
Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Steph Scully

Maggie Hancock, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3859
Maggie Hancock, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3859
Leo Hancock

Audrey in Neighbours Episode 3859

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3859
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Steph Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Steph Scully, Joe Scully

Steph Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Steph Scully, Joe Scully

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Maggie Hancock, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3859
Maggie Hancock, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Steph Scully

Joe Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3859
Joe Scully, Steph Scully

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