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Neighbours Episode 3800 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3800
Australian airdate: 29/06/01
UK airdate: 15/08/01
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Laura Wallace: Fiona Choi
Larissa Calwall: Leah De Niese
Dean Hearn: Jason Buckley
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Tad thinks he has a chance with Larissa and Paul is annoyed.
Matt kisses Laura.
Dean Hearne - Leo's PE teacher - tells Leo he's a wimp...and Evan witnesses the event.
The Coffee Shop
Harold asks Toadie if he has ever had a good friend who makes you so cross that you want to throw something at them. Toadie asks what Lou's done now!! Toadie suggests that he and Lou get together and share a drink or scones and sort things out.
Matt comes in and Toadie asks what's happening with him and Laura. Matt says they're going out tonight, but he doesn't seem too happy about it; Matt asks Toadie if he's ever had a stripogram...
Erinsborough High
Tad says to Paul that they should leave it up to Larissa to choose who she wants to be with. Paul thinks it's too easy, and he and Larissa have history. Aha - but Tad has more in common with her. Tad accidentally backs into Dean Hearne, and drops his books. Dean loses it with Tad - and Susan overhears. Susan approaches Dean and asks what's going on. Dean blames it on Tad and his attitude before walking off. Susan looks concerned.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie tells Matt that being a stripogram is a job, and it's better that she was doing that than being a gorilla-gram! Clive shout out! Matt doesn't agree, particularly as he thinks his parents will be really annoyed, and if his real mother knew what Laura did for a living, she'd go into meltdown!
Karl is purchasing something at the counter and Drew comes in; Karl asks after Libby and Drew says that she's fine...blooming in fact. Karl leaves and Drew buys a sandwich from Harold. He asks if Harold's sorted things out with Lou, and Harold admits he hasn't. Lou won't back down and Harold wonders if Drew would have a word with him.
Drew says he'll try.
Lou's Garage
Lou thinks Drew's been talking to Harold, because Drew wouldn't have brought the subject up unless Harold had asked him to. Drew admits he has talked to Harold, and he's concerned about Lou. The phone rings and it's Libby, so he passes it to Drew.
Lib tells Drew that she'll be home late, and he's not too happy about it - she needs to rest, and he's concerned. He thinks she should be concerned, too, and why doesn't she just tell her boss she can't stay? The answer's obviously 'no' and Drew puts the phone down. Drew tells Lou that Libby isn't well enough - actually, she's pregnant.
Erinsborough High
Susan comes down the corridor and finds Leo half-sitting, half-laying on the ground. She asks what he's doing; he's been sent out for talking by Mr Hearne, and will get detention next time he does it. Susan knocks on the classroom door and Dean comes out - he lets Leo back in and Susan asks him for the keys to the sports shed.
Dean claims he doesn't have them, but Susan maintains someone else saw him put them in his pocket. Dean is irrationally annoyed that Susan has interrupted him, and thinks it could have waited. He hands her the keys and Susan tells him that if it could have waited she wouldn't have bothered him.
She leaves, and Dean goes back into the classroom and lays into a pupil for having his feet on the desk.
Lou's Garage
Lou is pouring a drink to Drew, Libby and It! He wants details! Drew apologises for not saying anything earlier, and explains that it's all difficult. Lou asks what Karl thinks - Drew says he's worried and pleased, and Susan's worried sick and pleased! Lou asks if Drew's happy, and he admits that he is, but he wishes he could be ecstatic about it.
Drew asks Lou not to say anything, and he agrees - he thinks it great news and it should all be fine. He drinks to little Louis!
Number 24
Larissa sits down with Tad and Paul. Paul admits they've been deceiving her; Tad sent the emails, not Paul; Paul's into football, not Tad; Tad's into music, and he started it all. They've both been emailing her, and they both really like her. She doesn't know what to say - except that she'll date both of them! They don't want that, but they don't have a choice. She'll date them both til she decides which one she really likes.
They feel like they're being used - but hey, she doesn't care. They treated her badly, too.
Number 32. Yawn.
Maggie wants some help in the kitchen and Leo won't help because he's playing chess with Evan. Evan said that washing the kitchen windows could have waited, anyway. Matt gets the door and it's Toadie who asks Maggie if he can have the case studies that she has to study from. She goes to get them. Evan asks Toadie what Matt's new girlfriend is like, and Toadie thinks that she's cool.
Number 24
Larissa will date Paul first, and Tad can't believe it. He wanted to take her to Lunar Park and Hemisphere, and Paul's only going to have a pizza and movie with her. She wants a quiet night, so she's chosen Paul first, and she'll see him tonight.
Larissa leaves and Harold arrives home. He asks if everything's okay, and they tell her that she now wants to date them both, starting with Paul. Harold thinks it's great that she's giving them a taste of their own medicine.
Number 28. Hurrah!
Karl is mending a vase. Susan wants to show Karl something - she found some baby suits when she was clearing up. They were Libby's old things, and Karl thinks they're probably out of fashion. Karl thinks it's too soon to be getting excited.
Susan wishes they could celebrate, and is sad that they can't. She asks Karl how this will all turn out, but he doesn't know. Karl thinks Susan's a little edgy, and she admits she's having problems with Dean Hearne - he lost his temper with her and Tad today, and Evan might be right about him.
Susan said she dealt with it coolly, but she doesn't know what to do. Karl's vase mending isn't successful, so he suggests they go and see Drew and Libby - right now.
Number 32. Yawn.
Stuff happens. It makes me sleepy.
Seriously, Evan is telling some funny story about Matt in front of Laura, and they talk briefly about work. When Evan asks Laura what she does she tells them she's a stripogram...and they don't seem to mind. Evan actually thinks it's funny.
Emily has put make up on her doll.
Does it get any more boring than this?
Ramsay Street
Larissa tells Paul she had a nice time but she won't come in - she doesn't want to see Tad.
Number 24
Tad knows that Paul and Larissa are kissing on the doorstep and asks Harold to stop them, but he refuses. Paul comes in and Tad says he knows he just kissed Larissa. Paul said he had a great time, and Larissa will see Tad tomorrow night - at which Tad is very pleased.
Harold thinks it's so funny that Larissa has both the boys where she wants them.
Libby & Drew's Flat
Karl and Susan turn up and Drew tells them Libby's working late. Karl gives them a present he bought them - a juicer. Drew's really pleased as they were going to get one anyway. Karl asks if Libby stayed on at work or came home and went out again. Drew said that Libby stayed on, and Karl is displeased, but Susan tells Karl that none of it's Drew's fault. Drew tells Karl he's preaching to the converted.
Karl thinks he should talk to Lib but Drew and Susan tell him not to. Susan thinks they can trust Libby to know her limitations.
SUSAN: Women can do that, you know, Karl.
Smack down!
Lou is taking a very large ladder towards the pub and Harold tells him off for carrying something so heavy. Harold takes the ladder from him and Lou isn't happy for the help. Karl and Susan come up behind them and Karl tells Lou off for not being more careful - he'll do his back in again.
Lou says that he and Louise are going to visit Lauren in Queensland as soon as possible, and that's that.
Number 32. Yawn.
Still sleepy.
Matt tells Toadie that Laura admitted her job in front of Maggie and Evan - and they didn't care. Matt has a problem with it, though - he likes her, but he doesn't like her job. He has no plans to dump her, though.
Erinsborough High Classroom
Dean is teaching a class with Leo in. Leo's chatting at the back and Dean tells him to keep quiet. He doesn't, and Dean throws the board rubber at him, hitting him in the face and cutting him.
You know, I could actually be on Dean's side.
End Credits
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