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Neighbours Episode 3801 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3801
Australian airdate: 2/7/01
UK airdate: 16/8/01
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Dean Hearn: Jason Buckley
Gavin Lahiff
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tad telling Paul that he didn't make much of an impression but he will.
Lyn telling Steph to get legal advice.
Dean throwing a duster and it hitting Leo on the head.
Dean is trying to make a joke out of what happened, by telling Leo he thought he'd be a wicket keeper, but Leo is having none of it. He tells Dean he threw it deliberately at him and calls him a bully before he leaves the classroom to go and see Mrs Kennedy asking the others who will be his witness but nobody moves so Leo calls them all gutless.
Ramsay Street
Steph comes down the stairs and is handed from a deliveryman a bunch of flowers from Woody.
School - outside
Leo is on his way to see Susan with Dean in hot pursuit still claiming it to be an accident adding that who is she going to believe - him the teacher or Leo the troublemaking pupil. Leo, with a hankie over his wound, replies back that he couldn't care and Dean tells him that he is just making a fool out of himself as nobody thought it was such a big deal - until he notices Leo's classmates right behind him.
School - inside
Tad is looking for tips from Paul for his date but Paul isn't spilling. Dean passes them to enter the only classroom and angrily tells the kids to be quiet.
The Coffee Shop
Whilst waiting for his coffee, Harold tells Karl about going to a meeting with a friend - Francis. He bemoans to Karl that getting back into it isn't easy and admits to him that he is worried about what the boy's reaction will be to it too in case they think he is being disloyal to Madge. Harold cheers up immensely when Karl tells him he is doing nothing wrong, indeed he'd probably do the same if Madge were alive by sharing an interest with a friend.
Susan's office
Leo explains to Susan what happened but she sends his mates off and then him to the sickbay. This surprises Leo but Susan explains she has to speak to Dean first.
Dean is trying to tell the teachers his version of his altercation with Leo but Evan is listening and is aghast at what Dean did saying he assaulted Leo. Dean quietly says "over sensitivity", which doesn't impress Evan who firmly tells him that he has a problem with his anger is going to make a formal complaint about it just as Susan comes in wanting a word with Dean. Dean smugly tells Evan that he is looking forward to telling Susan his side of the story, saying she will listen.
Susan's office
Surprisingly, Evan is there too along with Dean (who is still being smug). She tells Evan to leave because she needs to investigate before she can take any action. Evan calls Dean a bully and that he shouldn't be teaching, which sets Dean off on a rant about Evan being over-protective towards Leo and a full-scale ding-dong begins but Susan firmly tells Evan to leave.
After a bit of jovial bantering, Paul tells Tad that after his date with Larissa, he's got a lot to live up to. Evan shouts after Leo and when they reach each other, Evan asks how he is. He says he is fine and tries to show off in front of everyone until Evan send them on their way, and then asks how he really is. Leo says he'll live and asks if Evan has seen Susan, Evan says he's just back from there, so Leo asks if she is going to sack Dean. Evan tells him that it doesn't quite work like that and adds that he is proud of him and not to brag about it before sending him off to his next class.
Susan's office
Susan goes over what Dean has said - admitting he lost his temper with Leo and that he threw the duster. She wonders if it is a personality clash between the two of them and if so, he needs help control how he reacts. Dean vigorously tells her what the problem is - he is only a replacement teacher whereas Evan is on staff and he won't get a fair hearing and therefore he feels he'd better quit now. Susan says that is his decision, do he does make a decision - he's quitting!
No. 26
Steph's mobile rings but she's in the bathroom and Lyn eventually replies but whoever it was hang up. Lyn asks the now returned Steph if that was Woody but she isn't sure and Lyn is starting to get worried. Steph tells her that he lives in a big town, leads an inconspicuous life and as far as anyone there sees is just a friend visiting him and so there is no obvious danger to either of them. Lyn isn't convinced; despite Steph says she is careful, so Lyn asks her who saw her getting the flowers? Steph replies nobody and adds that she doesn't know if the flowers were from Woody or not. Lyn tells her that she is the world's greatest liar and tells her to go and get legal advice, so Steph agrees and asks Lyn to go with her.
No. 32
Steph and Lyn call round to see Maggie for legal advice.
No. 24
Tad eventually chooses his clothes for his date with Larissa and Paul gives him stick about it but when Harold tells him that he looks nice he goes to get changed!
No. 32
Maggie gets some advice on the phone about the Witness Protection Programme for Steph but goes to get some privacy when Leo and Evan come in. Leo asks his dad why Dean hates him so much and did he deserve to get hit. Evan tells him that Dean isn't a reasonable man and logic wouldn't apply. Leo says he's never come across anyone like that so Evan gives him some advice - think before he talks.
No. 24
Tad comes back out with a new top and Harold says it looks awful. The phone rings and Tad answers - it is Larissa calling off the date and Paul starts to gloat. Harold announces his departure and Paul asks where he is going and Harold replies to a bird talk at the library with Frances and they both tell him to have a good time as he leaves. Once he's away Paul comment that Harold doesn't waste any time but Tad adds that it will just be innocent.
No. 26
Lyn is de-stressing Steph by giving her a massage as she is dreading the news that Maggie may give - that she has to give up Woody all over again. Steph comments that Lyn will be glad because she never liked her but Lyn says that isn't the case; she does just that she doesn't want her to get into trouble since he's caused enough of that already.
Over dinner and wine with Karl, Susan is glad that today is over and asks how his day was. Karl starts to tell her about his problems with Darcy when Evan comes in. Susan calls him over confirm he knew that Dean had resigned, he has, and Susan invites him to join them before she apologises to him for not listening to his concerns about Dean earlier. Evan accepts her apology then comments that having the school camp in the desert will be a breeze!
No. 26
Maggie calls round apologising for the delay in getting back to them. She tells Steph that she is walking on a tightrope, as under the law it is an offence for either of them to contribute to Woody's new identity being revealed. Steph replies they aren't doing anything to reveal it but Maggie says just meeting is cause and the penalty is 10 years in prison for either or both of them and adds further that people breaking witness protection have a nasty habit of disappearing. Steph and Lyn look worried.
<<3800 - 3802>>
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