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Neighbours Episode 3792 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3792
Australian airdate: 19/06/2001
UK airdate: 03/08/2001
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None
- "7 Lonely Days" by Human Nature
Summary/Images by: Emily
Steph tells Joe that Flick and Joel want to be together. Joe recons that Joel is too old for Flick, but Steph argues that age doesn't matter, and that's why she's moved out. Libby tells Drew that she knows her body is messed up, but she really wants the baby.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are shouting to have a discussion about whether Libby and Drew are making the right decision over the baby. Joe pops his head through the roof hatch and asks them if they're making enough noise, before descending his way down the ladder. He tells them there are distinct signs of mould on the beams but he's managed to replace a few of the tiles. Susan asks how things are with Flick, but Joe doesn't understand why she'd want to live with Joel and not at home with them.
Number 30
Lyn begs with Toadie to find out where Joel and Flick went off too. She tells him she saw Joel chuck the dive gear in the back of his truck, so Toadie tells her that he'll often stay with his mate Jock on Mermaid Bay. Lyn thanks him and leaves.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Lying in bed, Drew asks Libby if she ever forgot. She admits she did forget one day but took two pills the next, and it was a few months ago. She asks him if he's not even a little bit excited, but he reminds her they have to be prepared for what the doctor might say, as they may not be able to go through with it. Libby begins to wonder if they baby will have Drew's eyes, but Drew recons it'll have her eyes and nose.
Joel and Flick wake up in a tent on a deserted beach, they wander down to the water, and Joel asks Flick if she wants to go for a swim. She tells him she hasn't brought her bathers, but Joel says it won't matter, and picks her up to carry her towards the sea. He starts to run, and they fall over. Standing up they walk into the sea, and share each others company!
Ramsay Street
Lyn runs out into the street and round to the car. She asks Joe to show her the most direct way to the coast on the map. Michelle tries to tell her not to go as Joel wouldn't do anything stupid. Joe says he agrees with Michelle, but Lyn doesn't listen and insists on going. Joe jumps into the car beside her and they set off.
Joel and Flick's Beach
Flick and Joel are dancing to some music on the beach, but the batteries die on them, so they are forced to stop. Flick wonders if it's a sign that they should go back to civilisation. She tells Joel she wishes they could just continue around, and go all around Australia.
A Populated Beach
Lyn asks the lifeguard, but he has no knowledge of anyone sleeping on the beach. She goes to join Joe who has asked around the caravan park, also to no avail. Joe tells Lyn that they should accept that they may have moved on and so not be able to find them, but Lyn doesn't like the idea, and insists they keep looking.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Drew arrives back from the garage and finds Libby making lunch. She asks him if the ham has gone off but he tells her it's perfectly normal, he asks if she was able to make an appointment and she tells him she was a good girl and did. Drew tells her he'll knock off early from the garage so they can go together, but they have to face facts and listen to what the doctor says. Libby agrees, telling him he worries to much. He tells her he doesn't want to lose her.
Yet Another Beach
Lyn and Joe have reached the last beach along the stretch of coastline. Lyn looks around the beach with a pair of binoculars. Joe reminds Lyn how Joel has no family in Erinsborough and no reason to stay, and that Flick would do anything to prove a point. She tells him she doesn't believe him, but he asks if she'd believe him if he'd told her seventeen years ago that they'd be doing this. Lyn agrees it's time to go home.
Coffee Shop
Michelle wanders past Susan in the coffee shop. Susan asks if she's ok, but Michelle tells her how Joe and Lyn have been really weird the last evening about Flick going off with Joel. She asks why Flick can't see how much she's hurting the family, but Susan reminds her that she's trying to make her own decisions in life, and as a teenager it can be hard. She tells her if it was Libby she'd be out looking for her too.
Joel and Flick's Beach
Flick wakes Joel up from a doze and tells him of her dream to go travelling up the coast, fruit picking along the way. He tells her it's a lovely idea, just after she's finished school and he's finished uni. She asks if he's serious, and he tells her that he is, besides fruit picking is hard work and poorly paid. He reminds her how one of them has to be serious.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Drew arrives back to find the flat empty. He discovers a note from Libby telling him not to get mad as she's gone to stay with Grandpa Tom for a few days.
Grandpa Tom's
Libby is on the phone to Drew, she apologises for running away to Grandpa Tom's but tells him she just needs a few days to relax and sort things out. Back at the flat, Susan pops over, so Drew tells her that Libby is out having a few drinks with friends. She asks if Libby is feeling OK, but Drew informs her that everything is fine, she's just had a bit of an upset stomach. Once Susan leaves, Drew picks up the phone again. He asks Libby why she keeps running back to Tom's whenever time gets tough. She tells him once she's had a few days to calm down she'll be able to come back with a clearer mind. Drew tells her that she's married now and he'd rather they talked it through together, but she tells him she'll be back in a few days and for him to enjoy himself with a beer meantime.
Number 28
Susan and Karl are attempting to fold a sheet. Susan recons that something is definitely going on between Drew and Libby as Drew was hiding something from her. Karl asks how she can tell, so she tells him it's her teaching initiative. Karl reminds them that they are both over 21 and so can sort out their own problems. They hear Dahl calling, and wonder where she's got to. It turns out that Joe left the roof hatch open and Dahl has managed to make her way into the roof. Karl tries whistling to get her to come down and uses some seed to tempt her. He tells Susan to go and get him the ladder, but she isn't all that impressed.
Number 26
Joe and Lyn arrive back from their quest. Lyn recons that they should call the police, as Flick said she'd only been gone a couple of days, and it has been a couple of days. Joe tells her there is no point as they are both of legal age, and they will have to just sit and wait. Michelle asks Joe why Flick is doing this to the family, but he tells her it's not for her to worry about, and that they will sort it out as civilised adults when she returns. Joe leaves and Michelle peers out the window to see Joel and Flick have returned.
Number 30
Toadie is on the phone to his friend Laura, who has told him that she has found herself a nice man. He asks if she's able to find a nice sister for him, as all he's after is a straight woman after a straight bloke. Joel and Flick arrive back. He asks them how the trip went and if they had any visitors. He tells them how Lyn came over the previous night and Toadie ended up telling them about Jock's place.
JOEL (to Flick): Well, we should probably go and talk to your scary mother, and your scary father.
FLICK (to Toadie): You'll probably hear the screams from across the road.
Joel tells Toadie to call the emergency services if they're not back in five. He asks which one, and Joel recons all three. He quickly mentions that Flick is going to be moving in, before heading out the door.
Number 28
KARL: Oh come on you mongrel bird, look, Seeeeeeeeed. You love seed. You live for seed! Come on. Owww!
Karl is up in the roof, trying to tempt Dahl down with some seed, though he is failing. He manages to hit his head against the roof. Susan is standing at the bottom of the ladder.
SUSAN: Don't hurt her!
KARL: Alright, you Galah, no more Mr. Nice Guy! Susan, sling me up a pillow case, will you?
SUSAN: Karl, if we just leave the man hole open, she'll come down when she's ready.
KARL: Pillow case, please.
SUSAN: I don't think that shoving the bird into a bag, is the solution to the problem.
Karl's face appears at the hatch, lit up by the torch he's holding.
KARL: Thanks for the input, could I have a pillow case?
SUSAN: You'll traumatise her, she'll think she's being kidnapped.
KARL: I'm in the roof of my own house, being accused of kidnapping the family pet, the world's gone mad. I'm coming down.
SUSAN: Good idea Karl, takes a big man to know when he's been beaten by a small bird.
Karl climbs down the ladder and starts dusting himself off, raving on about how they shouldn't have hired a builder who leaves the hatch open. Another squawk from Dahl causes them to look around to find her sitting on the top of the ladder!
Number 26
Everyone is gathered around the dining room table. Lyn starts telling Flick that she shouldn't be making such big decisions without discussing it with everyone as a family. Joe gets her to stay quiet and asks Flick what her decision is. She tells them that she is going to move in with Joel but continue with her school work. Joe gets up from the table, announces that it no longer has anything to do with him, and leaves.
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