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Neighbours Episode 3793 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3793
Australian airdate: 20/6/01
UK airdate: 6/8/01
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Laura Wallace: Fiona Choi
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou saying to someone there may be a job at the pub due to staff ignoring customers.
Flick saying she is going to move in with Joel.
No. 26
Lyn asks the important questions - how are they going to get enough money to live on and how will it affect her final year at school. Flick replies that Joel has his job and she'll get her old part-time job back at Grease Monkey's and reassures her they've thought it through and they'll manage. Lyn wants to talk about it more but Flick says that Joe's reaction was to suggest he couldn't care less, so Lyn says he does cares for her. Flick and Joel stand up to leave and Lyn and Michelle plead with her not to do this but Flick says that Joe isn't going to change. Flick goes to get their things despite Joel saying they can collect them later.
Ramsay Street
Joe is standing by his ute as Lyn runs out to him to get him to come back inside and talk to Flick but he says it isn't his scene and besides she's made up her mind and if she play by her rules then she's got to live by them too.
No. 26
Whilst waiting for Flick to appear with her things Joel apologies to Lyn for the way things have turned out and tells her that she'll only be living across the road and she can see Flick every day. Flick comes out and he leaves with some of her things and Flick asks if Joe has come in yet, he hasn't, so she says goodbye to Lyn and is reminded that she is welcome home anytime. Michelle tearfully says goodbye too and Flick leaves.
Lou's Place
Darcy and Dione listen in as Matt gets himself a date with a lady but he doesn't know her name! A despondent Joe comes in for a bottle of wine as Dione gets a call on her mobile - Toadie wants her home asap, and tells Darcy and Tess that she'll meet them at the club.
No. 30
Dione and Toadie aren't happy at Flick moving in with them. Toadie says that Joe will be on the warpath and make like difficult for them all. Joel now thinks this means that they want him out and Dione and Toadie say that isn't true and it is nothing personal with Flick. Joel now says that he'll move out to somewhere where he and Flick can be together.
No. 26
Joe watches the football on the TV trying to spot Jack playing for Barnsford when Lyn tries to talk to him about what Flick has done but he isn't interested in that, just in the football.
The Coffee Shop
Joel and Flick assess their options on where they can live (caravan park and a motel) but dismiss them all. She asks if he is having second thoughts about her after what has happened and he says no. Flick wonders how Lyn is coping and that she misses Lyn and home but he tells her that they'll work it out.
No. 30
Toadie asks Dione if they are doing the right thing and she immediately says yes, despite Joel's emotional blackmail but Toadie is feeling guilty for not standing by them. Dione says she feels guilty too just as Joel & Flick come back to get some things. She tells him not to leave with anything as they've changed their minds, Flick can stay. They are both grateful.
Ramsay Street (next morning)
Joe is tinkering with his Ute, as Flick and Joel leave No. 30. Flick goes over to speak to Joe, telling him that she is on her way to school but he basically blanks her. They leave as Steph comes home on her bike from her trip wondering why Flick is leaving with Joel, so Joe tells her to speak to Lyn as he is off.
No. 26
Steph enters and receives a warm hug from Lyn. They talk about Steph's trip until Steph asks what gives with Flick and Joel. Michelle says that she has moved out to live with Joel, which shocks Steph. They fill her in about Flick moving into No. 30 before Michelle and Lyn leave but before Lyn does, she asks Steph if she really was by herself on her trip and Steph confirms that she was.
No. 30
Darcy and Dione talk about Joel and Flick when Joel comes into the kitchen. Darcy leaves as Toadie walks in asking how dropping Flick off went, and he says they got a few stares. She tells Toadie about Matt's lunchtime date with the mystery woman, and they agree to have lunch at the pub so they can observe!
No. 26
Steph tries to make a call when Flick enters, surprised to see each other. Flick says she wanted to get some more things with nobody in so she didn't get another guilt trip and Steph says she should feel guilty, as she has hurt their parents. Flick says she hated to leave and Steph comments that she hopes it is worth it and she'll talk to them and work on them for Flick.
Lou's Place
The mystery woman arrives wanting to know the plans for today and he says they could go canoeing. He asks her to wait whilst he gets ready.
The Coffee Shop
Tess and Darcy talk about their evening out and how Dione coped following her earlier drama. Tess comments that Dione looks after everyone else but doesn't like it in return so Darcy says he'll have to do something about that.
Joe is in a world of his own and Lyn says it isn't a crime to talk to each other but he says his mind is on other things. Lyn tells him that he's got to talk about it and Joe says he'll do it his own way.
Lou's Place
Dione and Toadie enter the pub and spot the mystery woman, and Toadie recognises her straight away as Laura. Dione wants introductions and goes up to speak to her and introduces herself and says she is pleased to meet Toadie's girlfriend. Laura is shocked at this comment and Dione wonders what is going on.
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