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Neighbours Episode 3791 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3791
Australian airdate: 18/06/01
UK airdate: 02/08/01
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Laura Wallace: Fiona Choi
Larissa Calwell: Leah De Niese
Jenny Forrest: Katie Erichsen
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Tad and Paul telling Harold that just as he doesn't want to hurt Lou, they don't want to hurt Larissa. Drew and Libby coming to the conclusion that she must be pregnant - she's throwing up, in the morning, and she's late.
Drew and Libby's flat
Drew doesn't think Lib can be pregnant, but she's adamant that she's never late. Drew says that they've been so careful, and Libby agrees that it's unlikely - but what if she is? They agree to check it out, and that it's probably nothing. It could be tiredness, stress, uni, the trip abroad - crossing the dateline and all that. Oh, and cabin pressure can apparently do weird things.
Oh, come off it. She's *so* pregnant.
The Kennedys' - Hurrah!
Susan is complaining that she's lost her keys and Karl is being no help in finding them, as he reads the newspaper. He picks the paper up and the keys are underneath.
KARL: Oh, here you go. Where would you be without me?
SUSAN: Bermuda.
KARL: I told Libby that marriage is about the three Cs - Compassion, Compromise and Commitment.
I could think up a much better three words to sum up your marriage, Karl...
Susan offers to go with Karl to Lou's garage to get the car seen to. She asks Karl if Libby seemed really upset about her fight with Drew, and Karl said that the first fights in a marriage are always the worst.
SUSAN: Oh, I don't know. I don't remember any real doosies when we were first married.
KARL: You've got to be kidding! What about my innocent pavlova dress comment?
SUSAN: Innocent? That was *completely* insensitive...
KARL: You looked like a pavlova...
SUSAN: I'd forgotten...you called me a pavlova!
KARL: Yes...I happen to love pavlovas, you know...
SUSAN: Oh, that was a lovely dress....
KARL: You're the one who was sullen, what about that comment about my grandmother?
Number 24
The door goes, and it's Lou! Harold is in a manic rush to get to The Coffee Shop, and Lou's on his way to the supermarket.
Tad is teaching Paul what's cool in DJing and music, and what isn't.
Harold and Lou are bickering about whether or not to go to fishing - Harold thinks it's about killing fish. Oh, just get a room!
Harold ushers Lou out the door - he won't take a no on the fishing thing, and Tad reminds Paul that the notes on music he's done for him are his bible.
Everyone's doing a lot of that today.
Lou's Garage
Karl and Susan arrive at the garage, and Karl inquires after Drew, who apparently hasn't turned up for work, yet. And he hasn't called. Lou says he has a lot on, and Drew picked a bad day not to come to work.
As if on cue - as is always the way in soap - the phone rings and it's Drew. He tells Lou that the washing machine has flooded the lounge room, and he'll be in soon.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby arrives home as Drew puts the phone down and they get the pregnancy test out. Two blue lines - pregnant. One blue line - not pregnant. Three lines and it's Twins, quips Drew.
Lou's Place
A girl turns up at Lou's Pub and is asking for Lou - she speaks to Matt. Matt asks who she is, but she won't say. They talk with French accents for a while which is annoying. She orders an OJ, and Matt asks her why she wants to speak to Lou...she wants a job! Who doesn't in Erinsborough?
Drew and Libby's flat
The test is positive, and Drew thinks they should do it again but Libby refuses. It's almost 100% accurate. Drew suggests they do it again later on that evening, but Libby says they should face facts - she's pregnant. Drew is finding it very hard to believe.
Lou's Place
Matt is serving drinks, and chats to the girl who's name is Laura, by the way. She'll wait for Lou, thanks very much. The phone rings and it's Lou who says he won't be in until midday. Matt tells Laura to come back later, and he'll see her then, as he's working a double shift.
Libby and Drew's flat
Lib said she knew all along that she was pregnant, and she always thought it was never going to happen. Drew tells her that it *won't* happen - this is not good news and they mustn't get carried away. A baby isn't an option. Lib says that she hasn't seen the specialist for months - things might have changed, and she just wants to enjoy the feeling for a while. She says she'll call the specialist later when she's ready - she needs to absorb this information first.
Drew leaves, and Lib assures him she's fine. Oh - and by the way - don't let her mum and dad know cos they'll just *freak*, man.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is talking to Larissa and doing his best to talk music and sampling, and he's seemingly doing well. Tad is overhearing some of the conversation and helps him out a bit with some technical stuff!
Is it wrong that all the time they're talking all I can focus on is the fact that Karl and Susan are enjoying each other's company in the background?!
Harold serves the Kennedys with their coffees, and Lou appears, asking Harold to come and join the fishing team. Karl overhears and wants to join in!
LOU: Now here's a man with a sense of fun.
SUSAN: A sense of competition more like it.
KARL: I resent that.
SUSAN: Oh, if that tennis match is anything to go by, the fun part will never come into it.
I thought Lou was really busy down the garage? Obviously not.
Karl's beeper goes off.
KARL: Well, I'd love to hang around here and be insulted by my wife, but sadly duty calls. (He gets up to leave)
SUSAN: (to Lou) "And I once caught a fish *this* big!!!" (extends arms to show bigness of fish in manner of Karl)
KARL: Actually, it was *this* big (extends arms wider than Susan's)
I am SO in love with the Kennedys. Do I say that enough in my summaries?
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby is playing with Audrey, who is playing with an annoying squeaky call. She calls the specialist, but puts the phone down whilst she's on hold.
The Coffee Shop
Larissa and Paul chat music and then she has to leave, but Tad comes over and tells Paul to make Larissa one of his mix tapes, because they're wicked!
Tad wants the gossip once Larissa has left, and Paul says it all went well! Harold thinks that the boys are being stupid by Paul pretending to be something he's not. Tad says he will go and make the mix tape for Paul, now - something that makes a statement about how he feels.
Libby comes in and sees Susan - Susan offers her a coffee which was Karl's, but Lib quickly makes an excuse and leaves. She sits by Lassiters Lake on The Bench (4772 Shout Out!). She sits next to a pregnant woman. What a clever plot device!!
They chat about when her baby's due and the woman leaves.
Number 24
Paul and Tad are making the tape when there's a knock at the door - it's Larissa who's early. She wants to see Paul make the mix tape, so Tad quickly makes an excuse for him, saying he thinks he broke some of the equipment last night.
Lou's Place
Laura asks Lou about doing a trial shift, but he has no work at the moment - she leaves her resume with him and goes, but leaves her number with Lou to give to Matt.
The Kennedys'
Joe is mending the roof of number 28, and Susan and Karl are being driven mad by the noise. Susan would pay a lot of money for him to stop, and Karl reminds her that it was her who wanted a professional to fix it. Karl massages her back and shoulders in the kitchen.
KARL: Come on, relax, I've had enough tension for one day.
SUSAN: Really? Who else is tense besides me?
KARL: It just seems to be in the air. Drew was very snappy when I called in at the garage.
Susan wonders if their fight was worse than they thought, but Karl isn't sure, so Susan tells him that Lib came into the Coffee Shop, said six words and left. But hey - Susan says she has plenty of other things to whinge about anyway.
KARL: Whinge away.
SUSAN: Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, and EVAN!
KARL: Oh, what now!?
Susan tells Karl about the Year 12 camp he wants to do, but Karl likes the idea! Susan tells him he's never supervised a year 12 camp!!! Karl thinks he may have watched too much reality TV.
The phone rings and it's Drew, wondering if Libby's with them, but she's not. Susan takes the phone - maybe she went to a lecture? Drew puts the phone down, and Karl and Susan are left wondering why he's so jumpy.
Libby and Drew's flat
Lib returns home and Drew tells her he was worried - she apologises, she should have reminded him about the lecture. Drew asks if she spoke to her specialist. She says that despite everything, this is still happening. They put up every barrier possible, and yet this baby still got through, and it's the most amazing feeling.
Drew tells her this isn't a normal pregnancy, and whatever course the doctor advises, they have to go with. Lib admits that they may run into trouble - life-threatening trouble, Drew reminds her - but she wants this baby more than anything end of.
Drew looks worried, so quick quick....
End Credits
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