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Neighbours Episode 3790 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3790
Australian airdate: 15/06/01
UK airdate: 01/08/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Pat Miller: Matt Norman
Nathan Tyson: Luke Hemsworth
John Dye: Ralph Marsden
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew and Libby's landlord double checking that they don't have a dog
Paul saying that the team could get suspended from the league due to failed drug tests.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is swithering about turning up for training because of the drug tests. Karl comes in for him and they both leave. Harold asks Tad if Paul has been in touch with Larissa lately, and if he's told her who has been really sending the emails.
Drew and Libby's Place
The landlord is checking for evidence of a dog - Libby is hiding Audrey under the quilt. The landlord wants to check the bedrooms and after priming Libby, he comes in and sees Libby in the bed. He thinks he spots dog mess on the carpet but they cover it up with a lie. As he leaves, he tells Drew that as soon as he gets any evidence of a dog living there, they will be evicted.
The Coffee Shop
Tad says he's not doing anything wrong by email Larissa and he is doing Paul a favour but Harold doesn't see it that way and again suggests he tells her the truth. Lou comes in to invite himself round for dinner and he'll bring the ingredients. When he leaves, Tad suggests to Harold that he doesn't want Lou to come round and of course Harold can't answer as it is a case of double-standards.
Drew and Libby's Place
Libby and Drew are arguing over Audrey. She suggests that the slightest little hitch comes along and he chucks a hissy fit. Drew says he isn't like that and tells her to grow up so Libby leaves for a long walk taking Audrey with her.
The players are all gathered for training and the coach gathers them to tell them the outcome and effects of the failed drug tests. Karl rubs Pat up with his comments and as they resume training Nathan tells Paul he'll never be part of the team.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Joe are talking about Flick running off when Lyn comes in asking Joe if he's heard from Flick, he hasn't. Harold gives them some words of advice and Tad tells Harold that perhaps he should resume Madge's 'Agony Aunt' column in the paper.
Drew and Libby's Place
Steph calls round looking for Libby and picks up on the tense atmosphere. He invites he to stay for the footy until Libby comes back.
The team is being picked and Paul is on the bench. Paul asks why he's been benched and Pat tells him that he's went with players showing more "team spirit" and for the indefinite future he will be on the bench. Karl challenges his decision and Pat tells him to speak to the committee instead.
Drew and Libby's Place
Drew asks Steph if he is a "stuffed shirt" and she says no but why. Drew says that Libby thinks that but doesn't want to talk about it but later adds that Libby called him boring and that he spoils her fun. Steph tells him it is just a tiff and that they'll laugh about it tomorrow.
Karl is telling Libby that she's just had a tiff and that she should sort out her problems within the marriage not outside them, and adds that he is here for her but she can't run off at the slightest hint of a problem. Libby tells him that she doesn't like fighting and asks him what to do - he says go home and make up since that is the fun part.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn return home to an empty house still worrying about not hearing from Steph. They hear the door, but it is just Steph arriving home. The phone rings and Steph answers - it's Flick wanting to talk to Joe. First off Joe wants to know where she is, but from the tone of the call she isn't telling and Joe is getting angrier which results in her hanging up on him.
No. 24
Paul is telling Harold, Tad and Lou what happened in training. Tad suggests he changes clubs but Paul says it isn't that easy and he is going to stick it out being on the bench. Tad is impressed with the meal and Lou brings up the subject of the emails between the boys and Larissa and wants to make a bet on how long they can keep it up but Harold wants them to change the subject. Lou suggests bringing round his Monopoly board for later on and Harold says he can stay in by himself (Paul and Tad are going out to the movies) and tells him that he likes spending time with him, which doesn't exactly please Harold.
Drew and Libby's Place
Libby comes home and they kiss and make up. Libby retails what Karl told her and they both agree not to fight in the future. Everything is going well until Drew mentions talking to Steph about them when she called round earlier and Libby locks Drew out of the bedroom.
No. 26
Steph is trying to reassure her parents that Flick will be ok. Joe says he's to old for her but Steph replies that age doesn't matter. Joe adds that whilst she is under his roof she'll obey his rules and Steph says that is why Flick left in the first place! When Joe goes to the garage Steph tells Lyn that if Joe had let Flick go out with Joel in the first place they wouldn't be in the mess they are just now as they'd have probably split up.
No. 24
Paul is arranging a date with Larissa and Harold again tells them when they're going to tell Larissa the truth, so Tad says they will when he tells Lou about him crowding Harold. Harold tries to deny this saying Lou is a dear friend helping him through a bad patch and unlike them his intentions are honourable!
Drew and Libby's Place
Libby wakes up by herself in the bedroom and Drew likewise from the couch. He heads in the bedroom and they both say they missed the other person and agree to come up with a plan so this doesn't happen again. Drew notices that Libby doesn't look too well and suggest phoning for a doctor until Libby says she knows what is wrong with her - she's pregnant!
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