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Neighbours Episode 3782 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3782
Australian airdate: 5/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 20/7/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Steph asking Flick if she has a new boyfriend. Flick saying she hasn't.
Lolly playing with Bob and then falling into the No.30 pool.
Garden of No.30
Bob is barking loudly. Lou overhears from his garden - he has missed Lolly. He slowly walks over to No.30.
Dee is still on the phone. She hears Bob barking but carries on talking on the phone.
Garden of No.30
Lolly is floating in the pool. Darcy is fixing the Kennedys roof and sees Lolly. He runs quickly round to No.30 calling to Lou on his way. Darcy jumps into the pool and pulls Lolly out and starts to resuscitate her. Dee has appeared and he sends her to get and ambulance.
The Coffee Shop
Joel asks Flick if they can chat. She asks after his girlfriend but Joel says she's away. Also he's not really interested in her anymore. A guy comes in and Flick chats to him. Joel does not look pleased.
Garden of No.30
Darcy is still resuscitating Lolly and Lou is freaking. She eventually starts to breathe but is still unconscious. The ambulance arrives and the medics take care of Lolly. Dee looks horrified.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is chatting to her friend (Luke) and Joel still looks fed up.
Lolly is OK and Lou is thanking Darcy - he is greatly relieved. Lolly is staying in hospital overnight for observation. Lou says that Darcy was brilliant and it was lucky too that Bob raised the alarm.
Darcy tells Lou that he can't move in due to money problems, but Lou says he can move in for free! Karl encourages Darcy to accept.
Dee is cleaning the cupboards out and trying not to cry. Joel comes in and she tells him what happened. She says she feels terrible about it. Joel tells her it was an accident but Dee is very upset.
Someone knocks at the door - it's Lou. Dee apologises profusely - she accidentally left the gate open when she went to answer the phone. Lou says what's done is done, they have to be thankful it didn't turn out worse. Lou hugs Dee, gives her a kiss and tells her everything is going to be OK. Lou also kisses Bob! Dee agrees to visit Lolly at the hospital with Lou.
Lyn tells Joe that Flick's "boyfriend"(Luke) is just a friend. Joe tries to get Lyn to tell him what she wants for her birthday but she says she only wants a quiet family dinner and no present.
Flick comes in with Luke - they have been to see a band.
Joe quizzes Lyn about Luke a bit. Lyn says that Flick isn't over Joel. Joe says she'd be better off with Luke than with Joel, but Lyn tells him not to interfere.
Dee is back from the hospital. She thanks Joel for his support earlier. Joel asks Dee if she thinks many exes stay friends. He tells her about Flick's new "boyfriend" and insists he isn't jealous.
Darcy comes round. Joel goes to eat his dinner in front of the TV leaving Darcy and Dee in the kitchen. Darcy asks how she is feeling following the accident. Dee congratulates him on his actions today. Darcy said it really helped having Dee there. Dee says that she and Darcy make a pretty good team and Darcy agrees.
Karl is still bagging Darcy. Susan berates him - Darcy is a competent doctor and has fixed the roof as well! She tells Karl to give Darcy a break. Karl is glad Darcy is moving into Lou's - a bit of breathing space might improve their relationship.
Luke and Joe are watching the football. Joe says that Luke can stay over because then they can have a beer(!). Lyn asks Flick how she feels about Luke but Flick says he's just a friend. She also claims she's over Joel but Lyn doesn't believe her.
Joel asks Dee what's going on with her and Darcy. Dee says she wishes Joel would try to like him a bit. Joel asks if they are an item. Dee said she saw something in Darcy today that she could love. Joel tells her sincerely that he hopes she will be happy.
Darcy has finished packing and is moving to Lou's today. Lou comes round with a house key for Darcy. Lolly is doing well. Darcy leaves with Lou and all his bags.
Scullys, the following morning
Luke and Joe are eating breakfast. He and Flick leave to go training. Joe tells Luke that he's welcome to come round at any time!
The Coffee Shop
Dee is talking to Karl about the incident with Lolly - she is still a bit shaky. She tells Karl that she hopes he and Darcy can get over their problems - he is a good doctor and a good person really.
Ramsay Street
Luke and Flick are getting in Luke's car. Joel is getting his paper and watches them from a distance. From his standpoint, Flick and Luke look like a bit of an item.
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