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Neighbours Episode 3783 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3783
Australian airdate: 6/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 23/7/01
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Simone Pike: Amanda Levy
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe approves of Flick's friend Luke.
Libby begs Drew not to allow the little dog to be put down.
Joel sees Flick and Luke talking and from a distance it looks like they're an item. He does not look happy.
Ramsay Street
Luke kisses Flick and Joel looks even less happy. He goes into the house. Flick wants to take things slowly with Luke because of the Joel factor.
Joel is ranting about Flick and Luke to Toadie. Toadie says that Flick has moved on and now Joel must too. Joel agrees - he needs to start a new chapter in the Samuels Saga! He's still thinking about it though. Toadie tells him to concentrate on his girlfriend Simone.
Leo can't find his swimming goggles. Maggie can't find her essay. Evan finds the essay. Leo finds his swimming googles. (Such excitement!). Evan isn't looking forward to the school sports day.
Harold is polishing his tuba. They tease him about his tuba playing but they both think that he should get back into it. Tad tells Paul that he fancies Alyssa Milano. They leave for school, leaving Harold holding his tuba wistfully.
Evan is talking to Tess about the sports day. Luke is raving to Flick and she tells him to calm down a bit. She looks a bit worried.
Simone comes round to see Joel. She enjoyed her holiday but missed Joel. She says they should go on holiday together some time. Joel is late for his dive class so has to leave quickly.
Simone goes into the kitchen to talk to Toadie. She asks Toadie if she has a chance with Joel. Toadie says he doesn't know. He says she might have a chance because he's worked out that it's over with Flick and is moving on. Simone decides to go and watch Joel at his scuba class.
Tad pushes Paul into the pool(!). Evan introduces the swimming competition. Teresa is competing for the teachers, Flick is competing for the students. Joel comes up and sees them getting ready to dive. Flick sees him and gets distracted, so Tess get a head start on the race. Everyone cheers as they swim and Tess wins the race. The students are disappointed.
Flick tells Luke that she lost concentration. She asks if he'll hang around while she gets changed, but he says that he'll see her at the Coffee Shop later. He eyes Joel and does not look pleased.
Harold is chatting to Drew about married life. Drew says it's a bit strange to be living with someone, but it's going fine. He says life is all about being with the person you love. Drew suddenly realises he is being insensitive and apologises to Harold. Harold tells him to cherish his time with Libby, it's a very special time of his life. Harold drops a spanner on his foot. He says it's probably Madge telling him to stop feeling sorry for himself!
Libby and Drew's flat
Audrey has wrecked the flat. Drew starts to berate her, but then tells her she's really cute and starts stroking her!
Evan is still introducing the events. Leo is sad that Maggie hasn't been able to make it, but she runs up at the last minute. Leo is chuffed. Everyone cheers. While they are swimming, Tad and Paul tease Flick about Joel. Leo wins the race. Flick goes over to say hello to Joel, but at that moment, Simone arrives and hugs Joel. Flick does not look pleased.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie tells Drew about his new woman. Toadie also says that Drew looks cute with little Audrey in his arms(!) Harold starts sneezing and asks Drew to take Audrey outside.
Maggie is raving about Leo's swimming win. Evan tells her that he's glad she made it to the race. Evan tells Maggie about Lolly's accident in the pool. They think Leo will find it hard when he finds out. Maggie starts to cry and says that the grief over their daughter Francesca hasn't gone away. They still haven't found the missing box.
Paul finds a page that Tad has printed out about a girl called Marissa. He asks Tad for an explanation.
Conversation is stilted between Simone and Joel. Eventually she pins him down and asks if they have a chance together.
The Coffee Shop
Luke tells Flick that it isn't working out between them because Flick isn't over Joel.
Simone tells Joel that he's not over Flick. He admits it's true. He wants to be over her but he isn't.
The Coffee Shop
Flick admits that Luke is right. But she won't get back with Joel because he's wrapped up in Simone.
Joel thinks Flick is wrapped up in Luke. Simone tells him that they could have been great together, but she's not into baggage. She tells him he's letting himself in for hurt with Flick. Then she says goodbye to him and leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Luke tells Flick to ring him if she ever gets over Joel.
Joel looks depressed.
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