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Neighbours Episode 3781 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3781
Australian airdate: 4/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 19/7/01
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Celia Jennings: Angela Quinlan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Matt finds Emily's doll
Alice is going to take Darcy for everything he's got in the divorce settlement.
Susan and Karl don't think Alice is being very reasonable.
Maggie's address book is in the missing box. Maggie sends the kids off to bed. Evan is still banging on about Susan being strict. Maggie suddenly realises something else was in the missing box.
Darcy is going to sell his assets to stop Alice getting them. Susan suggests he stay on with them to save on rent at Lou's. Darcy says he won't be able to pay for his share of the surgery computers either. He needs a couple of months to get things sorted out.
Toadie comes in. Tess and Dee quiz him about his date but he won't tell them anything other than that she is the answer to all his dreams(!). Dee asks him if that is true, what is he doing home so early? Toadie says she has a history exam tomorrow so had to go home early to study. Toadie doesn't know what sort of history she is studying and Dee scolds him. He teases Dee about Darcy and she retorts that she might give Darcy another chance.
The Hancocks' tax receipts are in the missing box. Evan scolds her for putting the tax receipts in with the recipe books. Maggie is not happy. Evan says they'll just get duplicates, but Maggie says it will take ages. Maggie says at least she did the tax receipts - Evan never lifted a finger. Evan pacifies her by praising her intelligence and looks.
Dee answers the phone to Toadie's date, Laura. She quizzes her about Toadie as Toadie tries to grab the phone. Dee invites her over tomorrow night. Toadie finally gets hold of the phone.
Dee said that Laura sounded surprised to hear someone else answer the phone.
Susan notices that the roof is leaking. Karl is cross that Susan was so sympathetic towards Darcy. Karl says Darcy is giving him loads of grief at the surgery and he's sick of Susan being an apologist for Darcy. Susan says Karl can sleep in Libby's room tonight. Karl storms off to have a bath.
Emily is talking about someone called Sam - Maggie doesn't know if he's imagined or real. Emily has lost her doll, Lizzy. Maggie finds her in Leo's bag. Leo says he wants to sell the doll because it's valuable - Emily can get a cheaper doll.
Karl is banging around on the roof. Susan tells Darcy that Karl has become an expert tiler(!). Darcy says that he doesn't want to get between Susan and Karl but Susan won't hear of him leaving. Karl comes in - he has been unable to fix the roof. Susan tells him to face the fact that he just isn't a handyman and they should call in a professional. Darcy says he'll have a look at it - he's done some roofing before. Susan tells Darcy to get a lawyer for the divorce proceedings, but Darcy says he doesn't want to make things nastier than they already are.
Toadie is working out. Dee says that not all girls are impressed with bulging biceps and she could give him some exercise tips. Toadie is cross with what she said on the phone with Laura last night. They toss a coin and Dee has to clean the pool. Toadie is going to cook dinner. Dee reminds him that Laura is coming over tonight. She makes kissy-kissy actions at him and Toadie kisses her playfully on the lips. Dee runs off to brush her teeth(!)
Karl is cross that Darcy's paperwork is not up to standard. Darcy says the patient has forgotten her card - she's just gone to her car to get it. Karl apologises.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is ranting to Dee about Karl. Darcy says he's got enough on with his divorce never mind Karl being rotten. Dee tells him to stop being so self-centred. She says he never shuts up complaining and if he doesn't stop he'll strain their friendship. She says she's sick of playing agony aunt.
Laura has rung to say she's not coming for dinner tonight. Dee is in a bad mood. She rants to Toadie about men and how self-centred they are. She says Darcy thinks no-one else in the world has any problems.
Toadie tells her they'll make a deal - they won't talk about their respective relationships any more. They shake on it.
The Coffee Shop
Emily puts her doll on the seat while she goes to the counter with Maggie. When she comes back, the doll has vanished.
Ramsay Street
Evan is happy that a platypus colony has been confirmed at Waratah Creek. The school is being given the credit for it - they'll be interviewed in newspapers and on TV about the discovery.
Maggie asks Leo if he took Emily's doll. He says she didn't.
Louise is in the garden when Bob comes up. She goes to take him home.
Dee is cleaning the pool when the telephone rings. She runs to answer it, leaving the gate open. While she's indoors, Lolly and Bob come into the garden. They play at the side of the pool. Lolly slips on some leaves and falls in.
<<3780 - 3782>>
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