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Neighbours Episode 3776 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3776
Australian airdate: 28/5/01
UK airdate: BBC: 12/7/01
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Wendy Fitzgibbon:Clare Renton-Power
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Evan tells his detention class to put down their pens - he's got an idea
The commissions tells Karl and Darcy that they're going to be audited. Darcy storms out.
Ramsay Street
Karl drives up chasing Darcy. Darcy stalks into the house. Karl tells Susan what happened with the medical commission. Karl is furious at Darcy's attitude. Susan says that Darcy needs their support - he's family.
Karl comes in and asks Darcy for an explanation. Karl says Darcy must take responsibility for his sloppy bookwork. Darcy says his priority is the health of his patients - not ticking a few wrong boxes. Karl insists that it's his practice and Darcy must play by the rules. Darcy apologises and says his personal life is a mess and it's affecting just about everything he does. Karl says that Darcy will have to handle it. Darcy promises to be more careful in the future. Karl calms down and tells him to ring Alice - she's going to be audited too.
Tess tells Dee that she saw Darcy in a temper in Ramsay Street. She wonders if it's anything to do with Alice. Dee says she doesn't care. Tess says it's hard to get over someone you've been with for a long time. Dee says life is too short to take a chance on Darcy.
The Coffee Shop
Susan sees Maggie who invites her to join her for a coffee. They chat about Evan supervising the Saturday morning detention. Maggie says that Evan is a very dedicated teacher. Susan asks how they're all settling into Ramsay Street. Susan comments on the age gap between the kids. Maggie tells her quietly that they had another child - Francesca - but she died in a drowning accident six years ago. Maggie says you can never really let go of the grief. Susan is sympathetic.
Waratah Creek
Evan has taken his detention class to the creek to do some practical work. He says if they find something significant, they could prevent the building of the freeway. For example, an endangered frog species.
Tess tells Dee that she can't find a decent housemate. Dee says it's hard to follow perfection(!). Tess says all the ones she has interviewed have been nutters. Dee says that she'll ask at the hospital if Tess wants - people are fairly normal there!
The Coffee Shop
Lyn calls Susan on the mobile. Susan tells Maggie that Evan has absconded with the entire Year Nine detention class.
Waratah Creek
Evan is discussing insects with the kids. They are about to head back when Evan shouts that he just saw a platypus. He balances on some rocks trying to get a better look.
Darcy is on the phone to Alice. She isn't pleased that she is going to be audited.
Joe comes in. He has come to look at the roof. Joe mentions that Evan has taken the class off during their detention. Joe also talks about the skatepark. Finally he notices the strained atmosphere between Karl and Darcy and leaves.
Waratah Creek
Evan has found a platypus burrow. He slips and falls off the rocks and the class all clap.
The School
Lyn and Susan are frantically looking for the detention class. Susan is not pleased.
Darcy is lamenting his woes to Dee. She says that doctors can't afford to be careless. He says he was hoping for some sympathy from her. She says she's not there to be her sounding-board. Darcy goes off, a bit put-out.
When he's gone, Tess tells Dee that she was a bit harsh on Darcy. Dee says she can't feel sorry for him or she'll end up hurt. Tess says she's just caught him at a difficult time in his life. Dee says he just needs to make a decision and gets a bit upset.
The Coffee Shop
Tess sees Darcy in the Coffee Shop and joins him at a table. She tells Darcy that Dee is a compassionate woman - she's just hurt and angry at the moment. Darcy says he's not trying to patch things up with Alice. He says he won't hurt Dee - he just needs some time to sort himself out. Tess says that she will organise a picnic for a three of them.
The School
Evan has brought the class back. Susan is furious.
Joe tells Karl that he's got a lot of problems with his roof - to do the job properly would cost $6,000. Karl says he'll have to get different quotes. Joe asks Karl about his tennis gear. He snipes at Karl's old racket. Joe has bought himself a new one.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn and Michelle come in. Lyn tells her she was a bit worried about the impromtu class excursion. Michelle can't see the problem. She is suddenly quite a fan of Evan. Lyn says that Evan should have followed procedure - what if something had gone wrong during the excursion? Michelle asks Lyn not to tell Joe, but she says she has to.
School - Principal's Office
Susan is laying down the law to Evan. She tells him he acted irresponsibly and she has to put it on his record. Evan says his first duty is to his students - to nuture learning. Susan says that he has to pay attention to administration too. Evan asks her rudely when she stopped being a teacher and became a manager instead.
<<3775 - 3777>>
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