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Neighbours Episode 3775 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3774 - 3776>>
Episode title: 3775
Australian airdate: 25/5/01
UK airdate: BBC: 11/7/01
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Helen Lucchese: Maureen McInerney
Penny: Samantha Stone
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michelle has had a detention for wagging school
Karl tells Susan that the medical commission are coming to the surgery to further investigate him. He looks a bit worried.
Drew is telling Libby on the phone that he has taken the puppy to the animal shelter. Darcy comes in and accepts Drew's offer of a beer. He says that Alice thinks that Darcy is the devil incarnate. Darcy says when he's not worrying about Alice, he's worrying about the audit at the surgery. Darcy decides not to have a beer after all and goes down to the surgery instead.
Ouside The Pub
Lyn is listening to Lou singing and then joins in. They chat about Gilbert and Sullivan. Lou invites her to go to a performance tonight - he has some extra tickets. Lyn is thrilled.
Joe is appalled that Lyn wants him to go to a Gilbert and Sullivan performance!
Maggie is trying to decide what to cook for dinner. Matt gives her some tips. He tells Maggie that he's thinking of leaving his job at the pub and go into catering. He wants to cater for weddings and special occasions.
Darcy is telling Karl that Alice refused to see his point of view when he went to see her. Karl is sympathetic, but tells him there's more bad news - the medical commission are coming to interview them. Darcy isn't pleased.
Evan is practising his tennis swing in front of the mirror. Also, he has bought a tennis video. Maggie tells him to stop being competitive - there's enough competition between Karl and Joe!
Evan tells Maggie that Matt seems to have settled in well at the pub and she tells him that actually, Matt is about to leave(!) Evan isn't impressed to hear about the catering business but sighs resignedly.
Susan comes in with the keys for the security system at the school and gives them to Evan. He's going to do a Saturday morning detention. Maggie is not pleased - if she's not allowed to work on weekends, neither is he. Evan tells her that it's a one-off.
The Surgery
Karl and Darcy are discussing a patient. Darcy thinks that Karl is probing to see if he is overbilling patients. Karl insists that he wasn't. Darcy asks Karl if he wants him to resign but Karl says he doesn't. Darcy says if Karl wants to let him go, he should be honest.
The Coffee Shop
Tess is buying a pizza. She's interviewing housemates that evening. Lou comes in. He says he's surprised that Tess doesn't have more of a social life. Harold thinks that Lou should be looking for a new partner too - Madge would agree with him. Harold says that it is the first time he's mentioned Madge's name without grieving. Lou cheers him up further by giving him a Gilbert and Sullivan theatre ticket. They start to sing a duet!
Joe and Lyn are getting ready to go to the Gilbert and Sullivan performance. Joe is still reluctant.
Drew is telling Susan and Karl that he took the puppy to the animal shelter. He hopes Libby won't be upset. Karl is a bit tetchy - he's worried about the medical commission interview tomorrow.
Susan tells Karl that Darcy needs his support - he has a lot on his plate at the moment. Susan tells Karl to stop being such a control freak.Hancocks
Evan is marking. Leo asks Maggie if they can go into town tomorrow. She says she'll think about it.
Darcy has come home and Susan is serving him some late dinner. Karl sits down with him and tells him that he won't let Darcy resign. He says when the audit business has blown over the two of them will make a terrific team. They agree to be open and honest with each other.
Lyn is raving about the Gilbert and Sullivan theatre. However, the others were clearly not impressed(!). When Harold and Lou are leaving, Lyn says they should make it a regular thing! Lou carefully says that he'll think about it(!). When they've gone, Joe says that Lyn has "done it again". Lyn is shocked, but we don't know what they're referring too.
The school
Evan is getting the detention group to write an essay on "Why is Waratah Creek worth fighting for?" The kids are unimpressed, but Evan says they have to get through the detention, even if they think they were in the right.
Ramsay Street
Joe apologises to Harold for Lyn. Apparently she sings her head off in musicals - she doesn't know she's doing it. Harold and Lou were embarrassed by her, but they don't want to hurt Lyn's feelings.
The Surgery
The medical commission representative is going through minor errors that Darcy has made. He insists that mistakes can happen in the real world. The commissioner says they have procedures to follow nevertheless.
The school
Bianca is fed up of detention. They start to ask Evan questions about the creek. Finally Evan tells them to put down their pens - he has an idea.
The Surgery
The medical commission representative is going to commission a more detailed survey of the surgery. Karl tells her that interviews can be damaging - they'll breach patient-doctor confidentiality. The rep says that can't be helped. She is also going to investigate Darcy's previous practice! Darcy is very angry and storms out. Karl apologises for him.
<<3774 - 3776>>
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