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Neighbours Episode 3772 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3772
Australian airdate: 22/05/2001
UK airdate: 22/06/2001
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Simone Pike: Amanda Levy
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "What Now My Friend" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Emily
Maggie tells Lyn and Karl about the idea for a street tennis match.
Flick finds out Joel is going to a beach party with Simone.
Ramsay Street
Joel tries explaining to Flick that Simone is just a friend of his who he is going to the beach party with. Flick tells him not to bother, and that he should get going or his champagne will warm up. He tries to tell her that it's not about the champagne, but she doesn't listen. He decides in the end it's not worth arguing his case, and returns to his ute. Flick goes inside followed by Luke. Toadie gives Joel the champagne, and he drives off to the party.
Number 26
Luke shows Joe the article about the skate park and talks about looking into a carpenters apprentiship, whilst Flick goes to get ready to school. Joe offers her a lift, but Luke says he's happy to walk with her. Lyn leaves Luke to grab some coffee and follows Joe into the front room. Joe suggests that maybe Luke has a crush on Flick. He asks if Lyn is going to work, but she tells him she has a half day, as does Steph who has joined them. Joe leaves for work, and Lyn pulls off her dressing gown to reveal biker leathers underneath. She and Steph head off.
Coffee Shop
Darcy bumps into Dee who has just spilt her coffee, she explains how she is a little stressed, so Darcy suggests she hums he old school song. Dee tells him that it was supposed to stay secret, like the other topics they discussed that night. Darcy tells her that he hasn't told anyone else, and invites her to have her coffee with him.
Erinsborough High
Luke and Flick arrive at the school, he hands back her books and she thanks him for carrying them. Tad arrives and tells Luke he saw the article Lib wrote on the skate park. He suggest a fundraising night with some music to help raise money.
Coffee Shop
Dee tries to explain to Darcy how their night was a lovely brief romance, but that she'd rather they left it has a happy memory and move on as friends. Darcy agrees, but instantly invites her around for dinner as friends that night. She agrees, and goes to get some rest.
Number 30
Matt returns Bob to Toadie. Toadie tells him that he's decided to enter Bob in a dog obedience competition for the prize fund of a grand. Matt tells him he used to have a friend who trained dogs and could pitch in for a share of the prize. Dee arrives back and asks if they do the dog training elsewhere, before heading off to bed.
MATT: Ah, man, even in a bad mood, that girl rocks.
Erinsborough High
Tad points out to Flick how Luke would be a good match for her, he has a car, he's a stable guy and her dad likes him. Flick tells him to stop butting into her love life and let her make the decisions. She tells him just because he and her dad like this guy doesn't mean she must go out with him.
Darcy tells Joe that although his cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped since last time, they could still come down some more. Joe tells him it's because Lyn's been feeding him rabbit food. He mentions the tennis game to Darcy, and hopes to pry some info about Karl's game out of him, but fails.
Joel joins Simone on the beach, who tells him that she thought he may not be able to make it. He tells her that he's finally managed to sort himself out and that it's nice to be sitting with a girl who doesn't make him emotionally unstable. He gets out the champagne and they start to drink.
Number 30
Matt and Toadie come through to the kitchen to try and teach Bob some tricks. Toadie sits on the floor with Bob and tries to get him to beg, however it fails, so he gives him the treat instead. Toadie ends up lying on the floor to try and get Bob to lie down, but that also doesn't achieve anything. Matt mentions how on his VCE course last year he learnt about horse whispering and how it can work with dogs, so suggests they try it. Dee realises just how desperate they are for the cash. It then clicks with her that if Matt did his VCE last year he isn't 23 like he claims but 19!
Erinsborough High
Tad approaches Flick in the corridor and asks if they are still friends. She tells him it depends on whether he wants to discuss her love life or not. He decides it's not the kind of thing a DJ would do and so they make up. Tess comes over and asks Flick how the training is going - for the swim race. Flick wonders if she's really serious about it, and Tess leaves giving the impression that she is.
TAD: That my friend, was the sound of the gauntlet being slapped down right in front of ya.
Joel and Simone talk about the favourite parts of travelling around Thailand and Cambodia. She asks if he's alright as he's not as relaxed as he was when he was travelling. He tells her it's a bit different now he's home, but as she's still on holiday they are going to have fun. He agrees to do a tour with her the next day, and then persuades her to go into the sea.
Number 30
Toadie and Matt are trying to teach Bob to catch a tennis ball, but not succeeding very well. Dee arrives and Matt makes an excuse to leave. Dee comments how he'd gone bright red, so Toadie reminds her that he has the hots for him. Dee however is still strung up on Darcy and tells Toadie about their friendship meal that night. Toadie tells her that there is no way it's a friendship meal if it's at his place, and tells her to get her feelings out into the open as it's clear she has feelings for him.
Coffee Shop
Tad proposes setting up hemisfear with ramps and skating demos and the music going to help raise money for the skate park. Luke agrees that it would be a fantastic idea and thanks Flick and Tad for their support. He tells Flick that if he hadn't met them or her dad, he'd probably still be nicking wood off building sites. Tad gives Flick a meaningful look as Luke leaves, but she tells him that although he's a nice guy she's not interested. Tad agrees to drop it.
Number 28
Dee arrives but immediately starts dropping things, and so Darcy offers he a drink. She remembered she was going to bring a bottle but forgot. He tells her not to worry and offers her a drink. There is a silent tension between them, which Dee eventually breaks by telling him that she gets nervous around him because she has feelings for him. He asks about what they said in the Coffee Shop earlier, but she tells him that it was all junk, or at least she thought it was. He agrees.
DEE: You see we only said that 'cause we're scared. The time I've spent with you has been the best of my life. What are we waiting for? Why don't we give it a chance? Why don't we give us a chance?
Darcy goes quiet, not knowing what to say. Eventually he agrees that she's right. He tells her that he feels more than friendship for her, and they embrace. The phone rings, so they eventually split, giggling like teenagers. Darcy goes to answer it. It's Alice.
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