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Neighbours Episode 3773 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3772 - 3774>>
Episode title: 3773
Australian airdate: 23/5/01
UK airdate: BBC: 9/7/01
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nathan Tyson: Luke Hemsworth
Real Estate Agent: Michael Petrack
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad tells Paul that they could hold a party and invite everyone in Ramsay Street to it. Then Harold would realise that he shouldn't turn his back on his friends.
Darcy and Dee are laughing together. Darcy answers the phone and it's Alice.
Darcy talks angrily to Alice and says she never listens to what she's got to say. Then he tells her it's not a good time to talk. Dee looks embarrassed.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Nathan are back from training. They order some orange juices. Nathan says that Paul is looking good on the field and will definitely make the team. Paul asks Nathan if he's still taking the "stuff". Nathan says he's stopped - Dr.Kennedy was getting a bit stuff. He says that Dr.Kennedys doesn't know the frill yet about turning a blind eye.
Darcy apologises to Dee for the phone call. Darcy is frazzled. He's upset that Alice has ruined their dinner.
Tad is trying to organise some music for a fundraiser. Harold rants about the mess the boys have left around - they've got an inspection tomorrow. Paul tells Tad that Harold is OK outside, but becomes very tense when he's in the house. Lou comes in and Paul tells him they are getting ready for the inspection. Tad, Lou and Paul all think Harold is making a mistake in selling the house. Tad tells Lou about the barbecue they're thinking of organising to show Harold that everyone loves him and he shouldn't sell the house. Lou thinks it's a great idea.
The Coffee Shop
Drew and Libby are having lunch. They've been kicked out of their flat by Darcy so he can entertain Dee in peace(!). Libby says she doesn't think Dee knows what she wants and Darcy has a lot of baggage. Libby says that she likes her and Drew having her own place - it's tiring living with her parents.
Darcy is still upset about the phonecall. Dee says to talk about it - it's better than sitting there strained. Dee says they're good friends and he can talk to her. Darcy tells her that Alice has been thinking about why they split up. She has thought it through and realises that she wants children too. Darcy says he should be happy that she's come round, and also Alice wants him back.
Tad can't work out how they will fund the barbecue. He suggests they charge $5 a head. Harold comes out - he is disposing of the remains of Madge's medication. Lou leaves.
Toadie comes in and rants that his date went badly. Dee is looking depressed and Toadie asks her what is wrong. Dee rants about men that change like the wind. Toadie guesses that her date with Darcy went wrong. Dee tells Toadie that Alice wants Darcy back. She is upset that Darcy can't make up his mind.
Ramsay Street
A For Sale sign has been put up outside Harold's house. Harold is still getting ready for the inspection.
Toadie is trying to train Bob. Paul and Tad mock him. Dee comes up and says the key to having a clever dog is having a clever owner(!). Bob runs off.
Dee waves to Libby and Drew who are leaving for work. Libby comes over and says she's heard about her date with Darcy. Dee says that it was a disaster. Libby tells Dee that Darcy is making a phonecall right now, so she shouldn't go into the Kennedys right now. Dee says she won't chase Darcy - if he wants her, he knows where to find her. She goes back into the house.
Toadie comes up. He tells Libby that Dee and Darcy are both nuts about each other.
KennedysLibby comes in and asks Darcy how it went. Before he can answer, the phone rings and Libby answers it. It's Alice. She tells her that Darcy has left for work.
Darcy tells Libby that he didn't ring Alice after all. Libby says he can't keep avoiding her.
Ramsay Street
People are inspecting Harold's house to a musical montage. Harold looks a bit torn to see people wandering around his house.
Lou comes in as the people are leaving. Lou tells Harold that he doesn't look very well. Lou goes to make him a herbal tea. Harold tells Lou that the inspection was a disaster - he said he could tell from the looks on people's faces. Harold says he didn't like people walking through his life accompanied by uncaring remarks. There apparently has been an offer made on the house though. Lou says he shouldn't accept it - if he's got one good offer, he'll get another better one. Harold wants to sell quickly, though. Lou tells Harold to just take the house off the market - he wants him to stay.
The Garage
Drew comes into the garage to find a whimpering cardboard box. He opens it to find a very cute puppy!
Toadie is trying to train Bob again. Dee asks him if it's all he's done all day! He tries to get Bob to roll over and fails.
Darcy comes to see Dee. Toadie makes himself scarce. Darcy tells Dee that he's going to go and see Alice. Dee tells him to make up his mind and to stop messing both her and Alice around.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad are discussing music for the barbecue - something that Harold likes. Nathan comes in. Nathan's bag falls open and they see some needles in his bag. Tad says he's obviously still on the drugs and that Paul should dob him in before he does himself some serious damage.
<<3772 - 3774>>
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