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Neighbours Episode 3771 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3771
Australian airdate: 21/05/01
UK airdate: 21/06/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joel admitting he still loves Flick.
The discussion about Michelle's participation in the demo coming to a stalemate.
Ramsay Street
Joel is on the hunt of an escaped chook, which he eventually catches.
Maggie is in for a check-up. They chat idly during the examination and Karl tells her that her blood pressure is high, but isn't unexpected given their recent move. Maggie asks what the street is like for parties as she wants to hold a housewarming party, which she also hopes will sooth over the tension in the street following Michelle's attendance at the demo.
No. 26 backyard
Joel has brought round the escaped chook and as he enters the backyard, he sees Flick. She doesn't notice him at first as she is listening to music until Steph does.
Karl is finishing off Maggie's check-up and asks what exercise she does. Maggie mentions the sports she does including tennis, which Karl says he enjoys too, so she suggests they have a tennis match.
No. 26
Flick doesn't appreciate Joel bringing round the escaped chook; she thinks he was spying on her. He pleads his case, and Steph ends up thanking him on Michelle's behalf.
No. 26/No. 30
Steph comes in and has a go at her for having a go at Joel!
Joel is moaning at Toadie for Flicks lack of appreciation in returning the chicken. Toadie says the time they spend apart when he was in England didn't work since they are still sniping at each other. Joel tries to suggest that he is over her now.
Flick is telling Steph that she's over him and wishes he'd leave her alone, and when Steph wonders why she gets upset when she sees him. Flick says that she wouldn't understand, and then adds that she hates him.
Toadie is telling Joel it is probably just hurt teenage pride and tells him to go to Simone for fun. Joel says she isn't interested and that she is just friendly, so Toadie tells him that it can lead to other things.
A knock at the door interrupts Flick and Steph. She hopes it isn't Joel, but it is Luke Dawson and Flick cheers up.
Toadie is pointing out to Joel the plus sides of Simone - she's friendly and a babe - and tells him to make a move.
No. 26
Luke and Flick play a video came when Joe and Lyn come home still talking about Michelle. Luke talks to Joe about ramps for the skate park whilst Lyn heads into the kitchen - she tells them about the argument in TCS over Michelle's detention. Steph and Lyn head to the garage much to Joe's bemusement.
No. 32
Maggie is home and gives Evan the results of her check-up with Karl. She tells him about the tennis match she's organised to break the ice. Evan isn't at all keen on the idea.
No. 28
Karl is telling Susan about the tennis match. She too isn't keen on it, and has a rant at Karl about Evan.
No. 26
Joe and Luke are discussing money for the skate park or the lack of it. Luke suggests sponsorship, so Flick gets the phone book out for names.
No. 30
Joe is moaning to Toadie about Dee - the soya milk she's bought and her undies drying in the bathroom. He asks if Joel's phone Simone yet, no is the reply and he will when he's ready to. Conveniently the phone rings - its Simone and Joel cheers up. She's called to invite him out.
Ramsay Street
Maggie tells Karl about Evan's lack of enthusiasm for the tennis match, and him likewise about Susan. They spot Lyn and they tell her about the tennis match and she agrees to the match (without asking Joe).
No. 26 garage
Steph is looking through some old mags, but Lyn wants help with the questions she'll be asked in her bike test. Steph shows Lyn some articles in the magazines when she spots a familiar looking face - Gino, but under the name Ray Murphy! Lyn thinks it is a mistake but Steph says it is ammunition and to think of what she can do with it.
No. 26
Steph and Lyn are showing Joe and Flick their discover in the magazine. Joe says she should tell Gino right away, but Lyn wants to tell him when the time is right. She tells Joe about the tennis match, and Joe isn't keen on it initially but he too has a plan!
No. 28
Karl now isn't keen since Joe has become involved but Susan talks him round when she suggests that Joe will beat him.
No. 32
Evan eventually gives in to Maggie and agrees to participate in the tennis match, even though he thinks it will be a disaster.
No. 30
Joel is telling Toadie the positive things about Simone but he isn't interested - he's too busy reading about Tom & Nicole in Dee's magazine as a way of putting off doing an overdue essay.
No. 26
Flick apologises to Steph for overreacting around Joel and that she hates him. Steph suggests staying out of his way and to get involved in the skate park project as a diversion.
Ramsay Street
Luke skates round to show Flick the article Libby has done in the paper. She tells him to go into see Joe when she spots Joel leaving the house. Flick goes over to him and apologises for her behaviour yesterday, which he accepts. Toadie runs out telling him he's left his champagne, so Flick assumes that he's off to a party but he says no, then she twigs and tells him to have a nice time with Simone before turning and walking off.
<<3770 - 3772>>
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