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Neighbours Episode 3770 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3770
Australian airdate: 18/05/01
UK airdate: 20/06/01
Writer: Alison Boughey
Director: David Myles
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
Lou telling Harold he won't help him sell his house.
Michelle being interviewed for TV at the demonstration.
No. 26/No. 28/No. 32
Lyn wonders if Michelle has come home yet and Joe says no, until a piece comes on the TV - it's Michelle!
Karl beckons Susan over to watch the piece on the TV with Michelle in it.
Lyn asks Joe if he saw a note about Michelle going on to the environmental demonstration but he says no. Steph adds that at least she's defending something she believes in which doesn't go down well with Joe. He tells Lyn he wants answers.
Susan says she now knows why Michelle wasn't in school today and the school's name gets mentioned, so Susan cringes.
Looks like the whole street is watching the news and Michelle's piece as Matt calls Evan over to see it. Evan is impressed with her and her viewpoint.
In the piece Michelle says, "the school is totally behind them on this" and by the look on Susan's face she isn't.
Joe now thinks it was officially sanctioned by the school and is going to have words with Susan! Lyn and Joe leave to see Susan.
With a big sigh, Susan asks Karl to tell her that she didn't see it.
No. 26
Michelle comes home asks where everyone is. Steph says out, and explains to her about the piece on the news. Michelle thought nobody would see it and when Steph says that their parents have gone to complain about it, she runs off to find them.
No. 28
Lyn and Joe have come round to get answers from Susan. She says she didn't give permission and was as horrified as them and that Michelle skived off school to go to the demonstration. Lyn tries to shift the blame to the school when Michelle comes in and tells them that Evan gave permission for them to go to the demo, which greatly surprises Susan.
No. 32
Everyone is now round to see Evan, and all he can say is he was proud of Michelle! Joe isn't chuffed at this statement and says she should have been at school. Evan though Michelle was attending the demo after school until Susan points out that Michelle and others skipped lessons to attend it. Michelle confirms this, and adds that they wouldn't have skipped lessons if Evan hadn't suggested it in the first place. Evan tries to suggest that she twisted what they were speaking about and that he didn't give his blessing to attend. Joe and Michelle back up Michelle's version of events, so Susan tells him they will discuss it further at school the next day.
No. 24
Tad is back from training and Harold moans at him for leaving his training gear lying, as the real estate agent is coming to value the house before putting it up for sale. Tad and Paul are a bit shocked at the timescale, especially if it means changing schools this late in the session.
No. 26
Joe is on the phone to Bianca's parents with Michelle still protesting that Evan gave them permission. Lou calls round and Michelle gets a breather. He wants a quote on a new fence and Joe will do it for him tomorrow.
No. 24
Paul and Tad mention Madge's name and Harold tells them it is hard for him hearing her name being mentioned and still living in the house. Karl's arrival with Paul's fitness information for his training interrupts the discussion, but as soon as he leaves
No. 28
Susan is on the phone to the media defending the school and Michelle's piece on the news, although she is still furious when she gets off the phone. Lou calls round wanting some advice about Harold and him planning on leaving, and hopes that Karl can come up with a plan.
No. 26
Michelle is on the hunt for her escaped chook, which Lyn threatens to roast for Harvey! When she finds him, Joe tells her to get ready for school. Michelle doesn't want to go to school but they tell her she is.
No. 32
It's 'I can't find anything' at No. 32 when Lou calls round. Before leaving for work, Maggie tells Evan to stand firm during his meeting with Susan, and that he wasn't in the wrong. Lou tells Maggie about the quote Joe is going to do and wants to see the fence himself.
Evan is trying to explain to Susan about the kids skipping school to attend the demo. Susan says it is serious but Evan says the kids should be getting praised. They start arguing and Evan says he isn't sure if he can compromise his views so Susan tells him to try.
Michelle is now telling Susan exactly what happened. She says that Evan didn't exactly say to go, but that everyone knew what he meant. When Susan gets her to admit she shouldn't have gone without permission from either the school or her parents, she gets a Saturday detention.
Karl is giving Harold a check-up and asks if he is sleeping all right. Harold says it would be better if people would stop interfering in his life. Karl says that they are only caring, which Harold scoffs at saying there is caring and there is interfering, so Karl suggests that now is the time not to be making any big moves.
No. 32
Joe gives Lou and Maggie a quote for the fence ($1000) and leaves when she says they need to discuss it before going ahead. Matt suggests that he could do it for $500, which gets Lou's vote, but Maggie would rather leave it to Joe. Lou comes up with a third option - they pitch in and do it themselves.
No. 24
Harold thinks the meeting went well with the real estate agent, the boys less so when they spell it out to Harold what he meant ie. you need to do up the house first before selling it. He now tells them to think openly and that he is disappointed in them not backing him up over selling the house before heading off to TCS. When Harold leaves, Tad admits to Paul that they've got a job on their hands and comes up with a plan - a Ramsay Street BBQ to show Harold what he would miss if they moved away, which Paul thinks it would work.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle is telling her parents about the detention and they agree with her that it isn't fair. Michelle spots Susan & Karl entering TCS so she leaves. Joe & Lyn tell Susan they don't agree with the punishment either, when Evan comes in and as they discuss it further, they reach a stalemate on what to do.
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Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3770
Michelle Scully

Joe Scully, Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3770
Joe Scully, Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3770
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3770
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock

Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Susan Kennedy, Emily Hancock, Leo Hancock, Matt Hancoc in Neighbours Episode 3770
Evan Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Susan Kennedy, Emily Hancock, Leo Hancock, Matt Hancoc

Paul McClain, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3770
Paul McClain, Tad Reeves

Michelle Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3770
Michelle Scully, Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3770
Susan Kennedy

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3770
Michelle Scully

Susan Kennedy, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3770
Susan Kennedy, Evan Hancock

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3770
Harold Bishop

Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3770
Maggie Hancock

Paul McClain, Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3770
Paul McClain, Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop

Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3770
Evan Hancock

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3770
Harold Bishop

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