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Neighbours Episode 3717 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3717
Australian airdate: 6/3/01
UK airdate: BBC: 2/4/01
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Pat Miller: Matt Norman
Nathan Tyson: Luke Hensworth
Teacher: Keiron O'Leary
Colin Rogers: John Tarle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad tells Jess that Mrs K is one of the good guys.
Flick has got the wrong photos from the photo shop - Lyn has got the ones of her and Joel. Flick says she's dead!
Flick rants about the carelessness of the photo shop. Flick says she's got to get home and get the photos before her mum sees them. Flick steals Tad bike to get home quickly! Tad runs up - he asks Paul if Flick knows about the brakes, he was about to get them fixed.
A road
Flick can't work the brakes on the bike, falls off and rolls down a hill.
The School
Jess asks Susan for an extension for her assignment. She says that her sister has had a baby and she hasn't had time to do it. Susan says she's sorry, but she had plenty of time before the baby was born. Susan tells Jess she'd get an awful lot more out of school if she'd just start using her brain.
Michelle is on the phone to Bianca's mother trying to find out why she can't see Bianca. Bianca's mum says that Michelle can't be trusted and Lyn and Joe aren't good parents! Lyn tells Michelle that they just have to rise above that sort of person. Michelle says that when they make a million from Beauty Tree that'll show her. Lyn says that she mustn't judge families by how much they earn.
Lyn starts to get out the photos. She goes to put the kettle on. Michelle looks at the photos and sees one is of Flick and Joel.
Ramsay Street
Flick is pushing the bike up the road as quickly as she can.
The Coffee Shop
Jess is telling Tad stroppily that she's sick of her parents. Also her sister is Miss Perfect. Tad suggests that they get on with the assignment. Jess says she can't do it and they'll fail. Tad tells her it will be fine.
Flick comes in and asks about the photos. She says she can explain everything.
Training Field
The coach is shouting at the trainees (including Paul). Karl is looking on. The coach tells the trainees that no-one is trying except for Nathan. He rants at them. Karl comes up to the coach and says he doesn't want to interfere, but he could do easier on some of them - one of them, Johnson, has a knee injury.
Flick is confused as to whether Lyn has seen the photo of Joel. Michelle holds it up in the background - she's retrieved the photo before Lyn could see it. Lyn thinks something is going on, but she doesn't know what. Michelle quietly gives Flick the photo and tells her that she's going to get caught out soon.
Tad is trying to get Jess excited about the assignment. He says she is very negative. Susan calls by. Jess is frosty to her about checking up on students, but Susan has only brought over a note for Madge. Jess mocks Tad for being nice to Susan.
Training Field
The guys are practising their kicking. Paul gets knocked down by Nathan. Karl says he's just a bit winded. The coach says that Paul has skill, but he needs strength - he wants him to start bulking up. Karl tells the coach that he wants to have a chat with the coach about some issues, like bulking up etc - it's too much for someone of Paul's build. The coach brushes Karl off.
Karl thinks that the coach is pushing steroids on to the trainees - or maybe just turning a blind eye. Karl says that maybe the coach wants them to win a lot of games to he can move on to a bigger team.
Lyn is on the phone to Beauty Tree man. He rants at her. Joe is mad about it - Lyn is doing the best she can and then some - people just don't want to by the product. Lyn says she'll just have to do better. Joe despairs.
Paul comes in and sees Tad working alone. Apparently Jess has left early. Paul says that Jess needs to chill. Tad says that he knows Jess better than Paul and not to be rude about her.
Flick comes in and asks Tad what happened to his brakes. Tad is mad with her for stealing his bike. Flick says that Jess is a nutter but Tad says she's much cooler than Flick.
Training Field
Nathan says that the coach is right - Paul should bulk up. The coach is very hard on Paul and finishes by sending him to wash his car. Karl witnesses this from a distance. The coach tells Karl that Paul has a bad attitude. He yells at the trainees and makes them run even more laps. Karl says that the coach doesn't have to run the team into the ground to get them fit. The coach rudely tells him to back off.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is incensed that the coach told him to back off. He says to Susan that he will complain to the club president. He can't understand why the previous team doctor didn't do anything. Karl says he can't leave though - he has to help sort out the situation.
Michelle asks Flick if she can borrow her new top for a party. Flick refuses. Michelle says Flick owes her and blackmails her into it by threatening to show the photo of Flick and Joel to Joe and Lyn.
Lyn says she feels really motivated about the Beauty Tree. Joe thinks the Beauty Tree man just wants to make money and doesn't care at all about Lyn. Lyn is irritated and leaves for work. As she leaves she finds some flowers on the doorstep. It's from Richie, the Beauty Tree man and the card with the flowers is praising her work.
Tad and Jess get up to do their assignment. As they're about to start, the bell goes - there's been a bomb threat against the school. As the kids leave - Jess tells Tad that she told him they wouldn't have do the assignment. Tad is shocked.
<<3716 - 3718>>
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