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Neighbours Episode 3716 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3716
Australian airdate: 05/03/01
UK airdate: 30/03/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: None
- "What Is Happening" by Violetine
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Harold telling Madge the newspaper is running a poll about the Agony Aunt.
Joel asking Flick if it is necessary to have their photo taken.
Lyn and Joe returning home and heading up the stairs.
Flick and Joel getting their photo taken and then hearing a noise outside.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn come in and Joe wants to know what is going on as the table is set up for a meal (Joel has hidden behind the sofa). Conveniently Paul comes over and Flick pretends that he is the dinner date. Paul is very surprised.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is intrigued by Madge's phonecall because she won't tell him when Steph comes in. Madge thanks Steph for helping out at Lou's. She tells them about her job offer at Moco and her dilemma since they want her urgently and might get someone else in if she can't. While Steph is waiting for her order her mobile phone goes asking her to work instead of going on her night out.
No. 26
Flick is starting to panic - Joel is still behind the sofa and Paul has to go - but Jack has just phoned for a chat with his parents.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is wondering why Paul hasn't turned up for his shift so they can go see Lou. Madge phones home and Tad says he left ages ago and tells Harold to go on ahead without her to the hospital.
No. 26
Joe eventually gets off the phone to Jack. Lyn and Joe leave (again) and Joel comes out of hiding and Paul wants an explanation.
Harold asks when Lou is getting home, he says tomorrow but he feels he won't be able to do much when he gets home. Harold says he and Madge will lend a hand.
No. 26
Paul is annoyed at Flick for the trick she pulled and all for a bet. He tells her she should tell her parents about her relationship with Joel. Joel wants to know about the bet.
Flick is trying to deny details of the bet but eventually she tells him and he isn't initially impressed but after a bit of sweet-talking from Flick they kiss and make up.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is cutting the results of the poll about the Agony Aunt when Harold comes back from seeing Lou still wondering why Paul hasn't turned up. He eventually turns up and in a round about way tells them about Flick's dilemma without mentioning names. Harold discovers Madge's book of Agony Aunt messages. He isn't pleased and Madge tells him to write to the Agony Aunt for advice!
No. 26
Flick and Joel are doing the dishes when Harvey alerts them to someone coming in. Joel quickly sneaks out the back door but it is Steph that has come in. She wants to know what is going on and eventually gets it out of Flick that it was Joel who was around and that Steph is jealous because she is in a relationship and Steph isn't. Just as they are about to argue Joe and Lyn come home. They discuss their night out and Lyn's boss. Lyn and Steph want to know from Flick how her dinner with Paul went and she gives a curt "fine" back in return before leaving.
No. 22
Lou is back from hospital to a warm welcome from Lolly. Madge asks how the journey went and he says fine but a look from Harold suggests otherwise.
Ramsay Street
Joel is jogging home when he goes over to lend Joe a hand putting the trailer on the ute. Joe asks Joel if he wants to go to the footy using the hospitality tickets he got from Lyn's boss but he turns him down. Paul passes them and Joe asks how his meal with Flick was. He is looking for an answer when Flick comes out and rescues him with a non-committal answer.
No. 22
Lolly gives Lou the cake "she" has made. Lou gives her a hug but he winces with pain so Madge says she will make a camp bed up in the living room and take down anything he needs from upstairs.
The School
Flick is going on at Paul about their English assessment. When he eventually gets a word in he has a go at her for getting him involved in her mess with Joel and tells her she should tell her parents about Joel since they are the only people who don't know.
No. 22
Steph calls round to see how Lou is and give him some flowers from the staff at work. She gives him orders to be phoned in and she tells him about her job offer at Moco and her dilemma. He tells her to take the job and they will somehow manage.
The Coffee Shop
Joe is talking to Harold about his meal with Lyn's boss and how he still isn't keen on him. Harold moans to Joe about Madge and her scrapbook of cuttings from the Agony Aunt column. Joe tells Harold the only time he kept clippings from newspapers was when it was about him. The penny eventually drops and Harold begins to wonder if Madge is the Agony Aunt. He asks her outright but she fobs him off.
No. 22
Lou wonders if Steph has looked into using agency staff to solve the staff shortage at the pub. She tells him Toadie ruled it out and that she can stay for another week. Lou then "sacks" Steph so she can take up her job with Moco but she tells him he has to go give her a week's notice. He goes to reach for something and again winces with pain so she reminds him he can't go back to work yet and offers to get him some painkillers but he needs to wait another hour yet. Lou thanks her for all her help and when Steph leaves goes into his pocket and takes some painkillers.
Flick is trying to apologise to Paul for what she did. Flick goes to show him the photo she took last night but when she takes them out they are of Lyn's at her business trip away!
<<3715 - 3717>>
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